Very detailed and knowledgable.

Great attorney. Very detailed and knowledgeable. I will recommend him to anyone and if needed I consult with him again. Posted by: H. Taylor

He Cares Very Much

I've worked with lawyers in the past who were very lackadaisical and non-chalant, and who didn't seem to care very much about me and my concerns. Carl was the exact opposite. Posted by: Brian M.

He shot straight with me every step of the way

Few months ago found myself in need of a Lawyer. Carl Barkemeyer met with me free of charge for the consultation. From the first meeting he was professional and answered any questions I had. Posted by: Troy T.

Very Professional and Pro-Active

Carl Barkemeyer worked with me earlier this summer regarding a charge I had acquired via a police trap that I thought was unfair. I found him to be very professional and pro-active in resolving my problems as quickly as possible.

Very good in the courtroom

Carl represented me and was very professional and very good in the courtroom. I strongly recommend Carl to anyone needing a civil or criminal attorney. Posted by: Michael

Excellent Defense Attorney!

Excellent Defense Attorney! From the beginning, he was eager to resolve the case. His skills and knowlege were evident as he negotiated with prosecutors to get the best outcome. I highly recommend Mr. Barkemeyer; he's the best man for the job.

Outstanding Lawyer!

Outstanding lawyer. I would recommend Mr. Barkemeyer to anyone who needs a professional lawyer. He kept me informed of what was going on with my case and always answered his phone. He was upfront and honest, unlike other lawyers I've dealt with.

Great lawyer!

Great lawyer. I was very pleased. He did a great job for me!! Posted by: north street

Excellent Attorney

Excellent attorney and just a wonderful person to do business with. Thanks again Attorney Barkemeyer, Posted by: M. Harrell

I would recommend to anyone

I would recommend Carl to anyone. He was reassuring, explained all of my options very clearly, and always kept me informed of my case. He made the experience as stress-free as possible, which is something I really needed. This guy really knows his stuff. Posted by: gretz99


Criminal Defense Attorney in Baton Rouge

Having a criminal charge is stressful. Knowing the law and court procedure is one thing, but another is putting your mind at ease. I'm Carl Barkemeyer and I help clients get through the difficult times of having a criminal charge. I may be able to help you by minimizing your exposure and protect your criminal record for the future.

My Goal:  To Fully Inform the Client So Good Decisions Can Be Made

Great communication between the attorney and client is key to a beneficial and successful legal representation. Mr. Barkemeyer strives to obtain the following for all of his clients:

  • You will have a clear understanding of the charges against you
  • You will be informed of the facts the prosecutor intends to use against you
  • You will have a better understanding of the legal process at every step
  • When you make a decision about your case, you will know why you made that decision
  • The decisions you make about your case will be made based on what is best for you

Criminal Charges in Baton Rouge

Carl Barkemeyer is a Baton Rouge criminal defense attorney devoted to practicing primarily criminal defense and DWI/DUI defense.  He has defended the rights of the accused his entire career. 

Mr. Barkemeyer provides legal representation to those who have received criminal misdemeanor charges and felony charges. He provides assistance for recalling bench warrants and handling arrest warrants. His legal representation includes helping clients who received a charge from a summons or arrest.  He can help from the earliest stages of a criminal case to the end.

Many people and their families are unaware of the road ahead when charged with a crime. Lack of knowledge can lead to great fear. Mr. Barkemeyer puts a strong emphasis on informing his clients of the Louisiana criminal process and laws surrounding their criminal case. He has been involved in presentations informing others regarding the laws and processes within the criminal justice system in Louisiana, including interviews on local news programs. However, he does not discuss his client's cases publicly.

  • See a News Interview of Mr. Barkemeyer commenting on the DNA collection database.
  • See a News interview of Mr. Barkemeyer discussing a stamp tax law requiring drug dealers to purchase stamps for the drugs they sell.
  • See a News Interview of Mr. Barkemeyer providing insight on the proposed DWI conviction tracking system.
  • See a News interview of Mr. Barkemeyer discussing probable cause to arrest regarding a high-profile murder investigation.


Serving Clients That Live Outside Louisiana

Mr. Barkemeyer also represents criminal and DWI clients that aren't from Louisiana, but have criminal charges in Louisiana. Depending on the type of case, he may be able to handle the case so that the client never even has to come to court. Obtaining his legal services does not require that you travel to Baton Rouge. He remains just as accessible to his out-of-state clients as his local clients. Communication is the most important aspect of an attorney-client relationship. Mr. Barkemeyer maintains full communication with his out-of-state clients and/or their families. More Info.

DWI Lawyer In Baton Rouge, Louisiana

DWI or DUI is a crime in Louisiana. Therefore, Mr. Barkemeyer has represented many clients charged with DWI. He is an effective Baton Rouge DWI lawyer and has given numerous presentations regarding the law relating to DWI. He has spoken publicly in news interviews and videos concerning the specific DWI and DUI laws.

Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated (DWI) is taken very seriously in Louisiana. Mr. Barkemeyer, Baton Rouge DWI lawyer, provides a tough defense and proactive approach to protecting his clients charged with DWI. Even if you think you have a poor case, Mr. Barkemeyer may be able to find a technical defense. He also advises his clients on treatment, classes, and community service that can be completed which may benefit them during the prosecution. More Info.

Serious Felony Charges

Mr. Barkemeyer is a Baton Rouge criminal attorney that defends clients with felony criminal charges. A crime is a felony in Louisiana when it provides for a potential sentence of hard labor. Examples of felony charges that Mr. Barkemeyer has successfully handled include felony drug charges, DWI third and fourth offense, felony battery and assault, theft, malfeasance, murder, burglary, robbery, and many others. Some felonies in Louisiana carry mandatory prison time. It is important that felony charges are handled effectively. Mr. Barkemeyer has handled all types of felony cases his entire legal career. He uses his trial experience and negotiation knowledge to get the best results he can for his clients. It is important to have experienced Baton Rouge criminal lawyers to protect your rights when facing felony charges in Louisiana.


Things to Know

1. A charge does not mean a conviction. The fact that you may have received a summons or been arrested does not mean you have been convicted. Convictions occur when someone pleads guilty or is found guity at trial. Defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty. The prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant commited the crime. 

2. You may be able to avoid a conviction.  Even if you have a poor case, you still may be able to avoid a conviction. Experienced Baton Rouge criminal lawyers can help determine strategies to help avoid conviction by helping you complete treatment, rehabilitative and educational classes, community service, etc. These factors can be used to demonstrate to the prosecution that leniency should be considered.

3. The criminal justice process. The criminal justice process may seem very confusing to someone who has never dealt with it. Basically, it involves an arraignment, motions, pretrial status conferences, trial, and sentencing.  You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to lead you through the process. For more information see Louisiana Criminal Process.


How Can a Baton Rouge Criminal Lawyer help?

If you are faced with a criminal charge, a Baton Rouge criminal lawyer can help in many ways. First, your Baton Rouge criminal attorneys should explain to you the elements of the charge and the sentencing range. Then, the attorney may inform you of the criminal justice process and what to expect. Experienced criminal lawyers will be able to tell you possible outcomes for your case if you are convicted. Your lawyer will then discuss the facts of your case with you. All possible defenses should be explored. In the event you have a poor case, an aggressive criminal attorney will work with you to develop a plan for treatment and/or other mitigation to provide to the prosecutor and/or court in hopes of reducing the impact of the prosecution. Baton Rouge criminal lawyer, Carl Barkemeyer, believes it is highly important to always keep the client informed of their case. Communication is paramount to a successful attorney/client relationship. The attorney can only help his client if he has good communication with the client.


Difference Between a Misdemeanor and Felony Charge

In Louisiana, a felony is a charge that may be punishable with hard labor. Typically, but not always, misdemeanors carry shorter sentences of up to six months in parish jail. Felonies have much lenghtier sentence ranges. Misdemeanors do not include a right to jury trial, unlike felonies. Louisiana law does not provide for "classes" of misdemeanors. 


How to Know If You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

Being arrested or receiving a misdemeanor summons is the beginning of a very difficult journey for the accused. The charge can be burdensome and embarrassing. In the worst case, the accused will have to go to prison. Criminal lawyers may help if there is a warrant for their arrest, if they are under investigation by law enforcement, if they have received a summons or been arrested, among others.

Mr. Barkemeyer understands how a criminal issue can affect his clients life on many levels.  Many times, his client's families suffer as well. Mr. Barkemeyer teaches his clients about the criminal justice system and keeping his clients informed of all the circumstances concerning his/her case.


Law office of Baton Rouge criminal and DWI defense attorney


Contact Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorney, at (225) 964-6720 if you have a criminal charge in East Baton Rouge Parish or surrounding areas.

"Great attorney - very detailed and knowledgeable.
I will recommend him to anyone and if needed I'd consult with him again.!"