How to Handle an Arrest Warrant and Bench Warrant in Louisiana

The video above provides information on the difference between arrest and bench warrants and how to handle these warrants.

Carl Barkemeyer has helped many clients avoid obtaining bench warrants by appearing in court for the client. He attends court for clients that live out of town and cannot appear in court for misdemeanor charges. He has also been able to get bench warrants recalled, therefore, keeping his clients from going to jail.

Question:  I have a warrant in Louisiana. What do I do?

Answer:  It depends what type of warrant it is. If there is an active arrest warrant for you, that means there has been an investigation concerning illegal activity involving you.  Law enforcement detectives will obtain an arrest warrant, signed by a judge, after providing an affidavit of probable cause which outlines the alleged criminal conduct.  If this is the case, you need an attorney to step in and walk you through the process.  The warrant will likely not go away until you handle it. 

If the warrant is a bench warrant, it is likely that you failed to make it to court, so the judge issued a bench warrant. This warrant will not go away until you handle it. Depending on the type of charge and the specific circumstances of your case, Mr. Barkemeyer may be able to handle the warrant for you. In many other instances, you will be required to go back to court to answer the warrant. An experienced criminal attorney will know what steps to take and how to proceed in recalling the warrant and minimizing your exposure.

If you have an arrest warrant or bench warrant, contact Carl Barkemeyer, Baton Rouge bench warrant lawyer at 225-964-6720.

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