How to Bail Someone Out of Jail

It can be very stressful when a friend or family member lands in the parish prison. Many people do not even know the first step to getting the arrestee out. There are many factors to consider when thinking about getting someone out of jail.

Before an arrestee may be released, generally, a bond must be set to assure the court that the arrestee will appear for court. Usually, a judge or magistrate sets the bond. The judge may consider the type of charge, facts, residence, and even criminal background of the arrestee before setting the bond.  

Once the bond is set, you may post the entire cash bond yourself at the jail. After the case has concluded, you should be entitled to all the money you put up. You ensure the defendant will appear in court.

If you can't afford to post the entire bond amount, you can hire a bail bondsman. He may require a fee of 10-12% for putting up the entire amount of the bond. The bondsman's fee will not be returned. That is his fee for putting up the entire bond and the surety assuming risk that the defendant will appear in court. 

If the defendant is on probation or parole, a hold may be palced on the defendant, barring his release. You would not want to post the bond on the new charge if there is a probation or parole hold, since he wouldn't be released and that would cause him to be serving "dead time" on the new charge(s). 

If there is an active warrant for the defendant's arrest, a hold may be placed. The warrant would need to be cleared before the defendant can be released on the new charge(s). This may require the defendant to appear before the judge that issued the bench warrant. In the even of an arrest warrant, the defendant may need to be transported to the jurisdiction of the arresting agency. 

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"Bail & Post Bond: Steps to Bailing Out a Friend"