Joint Possession of Marijuana in Louisiana

The concept of joint possession arises frequently in drug cases. For instance, two or more people are in a vehicle that is found to have illegal narcotics within. Depending on the specific facts, the officer may issue a summons to all occupants for possession of marijuana or he may arrest all or multiple occupants for possession of other controlled dangerous substances. Although the illegal narcotics may be in a single form of packaging, all or multiple occupants may be facing the same possession charge. This concept is referred to a joint possession. Multiple people can possess a single item. For example, two people each put it money to purchase a case of beer at a convenience store. Arguably, that case of beer belongs to both people.

However, the specific facts must be examined to determine if the prosecutor can prove joint possession. Every case is different. Intent to possess and dominion of control must be proven to get a conviction for a drug possession charge in Louisiana.

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