Hit and Run Defense Lawyer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Carl Barkemeyer is a Hit and Run defense lawyer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Hit and run driving is the intentional failure of the driver of a vehicle involved in or causing any accident, to stop such vehicle at the scene of the accident, to give his identity, and to render reasonable aid.

Hit and run can either be a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding the case. Regardless, there are many consequences for being convicted of this charge. Felony hit and run includes serious bodily injury or death of the victim. This is a very serious charge that carries prison time. 

Carl Barkemeyer has protected the rights of many individuals charged with hit and run. He will use experience and skill to assert a strong defense in your case. He understands the consequences for a conviction of hit and run and how those consequences affect your life and future.

Contact Baton Rouge Hit and Run Defense Lawyer, Carl Barkemeyer, at (225) 964-6720 to discuss legal representation. 

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