Obtaining CDS by Fraud Lawyer in Louisiana

Carl Barkemeyer is an attorney who provides legal defense representation to those charged with Obtaining CDS (controlled dangerous substance) by Fraud in Louisiana. He provides representation for this crime in all courts throughout Louisiana. He is very experienced in dealing with this charge and helping his clients defend Obtaining CDS by Fraud. 

What is Obtaining CDS by Fraud?

Obtaining CDS by Fraud is a serious felony offense in Louisiana. The most frequent cases involve the use of fraudlent prescriptions with the intent to obtain drugs.  Commonly, the offender is observed filling fraudulent prescriptions at a drug store or many drug stores. This charge can carry a sentence of up to 5 years in prison.  Often times, individuals are charged with attempting to obtain CDS by fraud. 

What if I have a Bad Case?

Although you may think the State has a good case against you, there may be ways to fight for a better result. Mr. Barkemeyer takes an aggressive approach to helping his clients seek treatment or rehabilitation which may allow for a deal to be made with a prosecutor. He is aware of the many types of treatment facilities and programs that are specific to each individual. He will discuss with you and the prosecutor to determine the best means to the best result in and out of court.

Don't Give Up

It is unfortunate when someone gets a charge for Obtaining CDS by Fraud because it is likely they have an addiction or they are close to someone who does. However, Mr. Barkemeyer is experienced in helping the accused get help and work towards a good result in the criminal justice system. He understands that his client's record is very important and needs to be protected.

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