Soliciting Defense Lawyer in Baton Rouge

Mr. Barkemeyer is an attorney who provides legal defense representation to those charged with Soliciting for Prostitutes in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Soliciting for prostitutes is a misdemeanor in Louisiana. It is punishable up to six months in parish jail. This is a charge that can negatively impact a person's record, denying them of future employment opportunites. It is important that this charge is effectively handled to protect the defendant's record.  See the statute below.

§14:83: Soliciting for prostitutes

Soliciting for prostitutes is the soliciting, inviting, inducing, directing or transporting a person to any place with the intention of promoting prostitution.  Whoever commits the crime of soliciting for prostitutes shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars, imprisoned for not more than six months, or both.

Mr. Barkemeyer has represented many clients charged with Soliciting. Contact him at 225-964-6720 to discuss legal representation.

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