Your Rights as a Criminal Defendant in Louisiana

Right to a Criminal Defense Attorney - Defendants have the right to a criminal defense attorney throughout the legal process in Louisiana. If you cannot afford an attorney to represent you, the court must appoint one.

Right to a Fair Trial - Every defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty and is entitled to an impartial trial.

Right to Confront Accusers - Those charged with a crime have the right to confront their accusers. The defendant has the right to cross-examine those witnesses who testify against him or her.

Privilege Against Self-Incrimination - Every defendant has the right to testify in his own defense, and he may not be forced to do so. If he decides not to testify on his own behalf, the trier of fact may not hold that against him.

Right to Compulsory Process - The defendant has the right to subpoena witnesses and documents on his own behalf to present his defense.

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