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Our DWI Lawyers Can Help

Our DWI lawyers in Louisiana can handle your DWI and DUI charges in addition to driver’s license issues, professional license issues, and any other criminal charges. Barkemeyer Law Firm focuses on DWI and DUI cases. We have offices throughout the state. Therefore, we can represent you regardless of where you were arrested. Contact us if you need assistance with your DWI or criminal charges.

Experienced & Successful Louisiana DWI Lawyer

Our goal in every DWI case is to keep our clients out of jail, keep them driving legally, and protect their criminal record. We know how to protect our client’s criminal record and driver’s license. We are accustomed to representing clients with much to lose. Our clients have been physicians, nurses, lawyers, accountants, engineers, professors, teachers, students, plant operators, contractors, offshore operators, businessmen, salespeople, active and retired military and more.

DWI Information and Process

Arrested for DWI in Louisiana – What Happens Next?

Upon your release from jail, you will receive a white 8 x 11” paper temporary license from the police that will be valid for 30 days. You’ll also receive a summons or appearance bond sheet with a court date. Some jurisdictions do not provide court dates at the arrest. If the police officer attempts to give you legal advice regarding the complex court and DMV processes, do not take it. Wait to speak to a DWI attorney.  Seeking top-notch legal defense immediately is essential for safeguarding your future.

Within 24-48 hours following your release, it is crucial to consult with a DUI attorney to ensure timely initiation of the DMV Administrative Hearing process. Missing the critical 30-day deadline to request the hearing could result in an automatic suspension of your driver’s license. When you reach out to our firm, you will have direct access to a DUI attorney with extensive experience and expertise in effectively defending DUI cases in Louisiana. We can commence the process through phone consultations or in-person meetings. We will provide a comprehensive explanation of the process and outline the immediate steps required to launch your successful DUI defense.

It’s important to recognize that a DWI or DUI case involves two separate proceedings following an arrest:

1) DMV case

2) Criminal court case

Each of these cases operates independently, and we will initiate the necessary preparations for both. View more questions and answers here

A Tale of Two Cases

1. The DMV Case:

The DMV case demands immediate attention due to its time-sensitive nature, as any delay can lead to an automatic driver’s license suspension.

Following your arrest, our primary and urgent task is to contact the DMV to request an Administrative Hearing, secure all pertinent documents such as reports, probable cause statements, Intoxilyzer results and checklist, calibration logs, maintenance technician certifications and information, operator certifications and schedule a DMV hearing date.

When you engage our services, we take care of all these crucial steps on your behalf. We promptly initiate contact with the DMV to safeguard your driving privileges. We inform the DMV of our intention to vigorously contest the case, challenging every aspect of the DWI charge. Our lawyers conduct the hearing on your behalf.

We ensure that the DMV promptly issues you an extended temporary license, allowing you to maintain full driving privileges even after a DWI arrest and past the initial 30 days. Once we receive the police reports and discovery materials from the DMV, we meticulously examine the specific evidence in your case, formulating the most effective defense strategy. The DMV process can be exceedingly challenging, with attempts to suspend driver’s licenses in nearly all DWI-related cases. Our impressive track record demonstrates our success in preserving your driving privileges at the DMV level.

In cases where a hearing results in suspension, we provide guidance to our clients in obtaining a restricted hardship license, assisting them through each step of the process. License suspensions can range from 30 days to several years, and drivers may also be required to install an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) for extended periods.

2. The Criminal Court Case:

The second component of a DUI case is the court case, also known as the criminal case. This is where you potentially face a range of penalties, including fines, mandatory classes, and, in severe instances, imprisonment. This takes place in a courtroom at the courthouse with a prosecutor and judge.

The court case represents the primary focus of our defense efforts, given the potential life-altering consequences associated with it. In many instances, you may not need to personally appear in court for the criminal case, as we represent you. Typically, there are multiple court hearings as we vigorously challenge the DUI charge, and the legal process may span several months. Acquiring all available evidence is critical to constructing a robust defense.

Importance Of Experience For DWI Defense

Our firm has a combined over 100 years experience defending clients. During that time, we have successfully represented hundreds of clients charged with misdemeanor DWI and felony DWI in New Orleans, Slidell, Jefferson, Tangipahoa, Livingston, Covington, and all throughout Louisiana.  We know all the legal and technical defenses to a DWI arrest and prosecution and how to fight the DWI to get the best result for our clients.

Every Client’s DWI Charges Are Different

We recognize that everyone’s case is different because every individual is different.  The facts of the stop, field sobriety tests, breathalyzer and other chemical tests, and other information are all different from case to case. Also, each of our clients have different personal and work lives that the DWI may affect. We take all this into consideration when determining how to defend our clients. We speak to our clients to learn about them and their situation and so they understand the court process. This helps our clients because we can build a DWI defense strategy that works best for each client. We strive to be the best DWI lawyer we can be for our clients. See here for more information on our New Orleans DWI defense services.

Out Of State Help For DWI Charges In Louisiana

If you received a DWI or DUI in Louisiana, but live out-of-state or out of the area, our Louisiana DWI lawyers may be able to help. We have represented many clients for DWI who could not attend court dates due to living far away. Depending on your type of case, we may be able to resolve your case without you having to spend money, time, and effort on travel to handle your charge.  Hiring Barkemeyer Law Firm is easy. You do not need to come all the way to Louisiana to hire our DWI lawyers.

We have streamlined the process so hiring us is quick and easy because it is done over the internet and phone.  We accept all major credit cards. Learn more about our out-of-state defense.

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Learn about DWI first offense in Louisiana including the penalties and possible outcomes.

We Offer Two Options: Paid & Free Consultations

You may request a paid consultation if you do not plan to hire a lawyer just yet, or you need an in-depth discussion on a particular issue.

If you need to hire a lawyer, submit the form to obtain a free case evaluation. If your case is a good fit for us, we will respond back to discuss more details and provide our fee for representation. 

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Tyler NewmanTyler Newman
14:37 28 Nov 22
When I found Barkemeyer Law Firm online, it felt like everything clicked into place: they were responsive and professional. Once we got talking, it became clear that their experience and knowledge made them exactly what I needed. The best criminal defense attorney in New Orleans.Honestly, I'm so glad that I found Barkemeyer Law Firm when I did: they really did save me by getting me the help and support that I needed at just the right time.
Graham RossGraham Ross
15:27 26 Nov 22
I am never going to look for another lawyer again! Mr. Barkmeyer is the best felony lawyer in all of Louisiana. He really cared and put effort into my case. He and his team dedicated themselves to fighting for my case leaving no stone unturned. He was extremely devoted to his work and did whatever it took for me to win my case. Overall I recommend him to anyone needing a great felony lawyer.
Patrick QuigleyPatrick Quigley
23:18 18 Nov 22
By far the best law firm in Covington. I've had a few experiences with Barkemeyer , and they've been a godsend. Their team is always prompt and professional. Mr. Barkemeyer is not only a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Louisiana law, but he's personable and patient too. He always answers my questions with real concern and explains things thoroughly.I'm so grateful to have such an excellent criminal defense attorney near me. 10/10 I Cant recommend them enough for anyone in the St. Tammany area.
aubry bushaubry bush
21:13 13 Nov 22
Best experience with a lawyer yet! If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Barkemeyer and his team are well recommendable in my book. They are responsive, knowledgeable and kind. Mr. Barkemeyer and his team combine their professional knowledge of the law with compassion and responsiveness. I can assure anyone looking for a winning attorney with a great personality and true understanding of the process, you can't go wrong with Barkemeyer Law Firm. Highly recommend.
Cindy RCindy R
02:16 28 Oct 22
If you're looking for a reliable firm with approachable and receptive lawyers, Barkemeyer has got you covered. The attorneys are informative and responsive. Everything was clearly explained regarding DWI cases. Mr. Barkemeyer in particular provides a great service with his caring nature and proficient work ethic. I highly recommend this firm to anyone in need of representation.

DWI Lawyer in Louisiana

If you need a lawyer for DUI in Louisiana, we can help you. The Barkemeyer Law Firm is a DWI defense law firm. Our primary focus is defending clients charged with DWI and DUI in all areas of Louisiana. Our firm is equipped with four attorneys that defend DWI charges every day. We know DWI and DUI. And we know how to help our clients. We’re here to get you the best result possible in your case. Even if you think you have a bad case, there are many ways we can help minimize the damage.  We have to protect your driver’s license, your criminal record, minimize fines and fees, and avoid jail time. 

“I’m from out of state and got a DWI in Metairie, LA. He was able to get my case dismissed and I never even had to go to court.” Nicole P.

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Free Consultations & Payment Plans

We offer free consultations for DWI and DUI cases. If you’ve been arrested, feel free to give us a call to discuss the process ahead and our fee for the case.

If the fee is too much to handle at once, we may offer a payment plan in which you put down at least half up front and make payments on the rest.

DWI Defense is What We Do

Our unparalleled track record speaks volumes because we prioritize our clients’ success and liberty above all else. Numerous self-proclaimed “DUI defense attorneys” may make exaggerated promises to win your case out of desperation for business.

At our firm, we don’t make empty promises; we deliver concrete results. When your freedom hangs in the balance, don’t settle for a “decent” DUI defense attorney. Opt for nothing less than the finest.

Louisiana DWI & Criminal Defense

We defend clients with criminal and DWI charges in all areas of
Louisiana, with offices conveniently located throughout the state.

Protect Your Driving Privileges

Our mission is to safeguard your right to drive. DUI charges can lead to lengthy driver’s license suspensions, including for first-time offenders. We possess the expertise to extend your driver’s license and ensure you stay on the road. We vigorously contest the DMV case to shield your license.

To effectively combat and prevent the DMV suspension, it is imperative to take swift action to avoid missing the 30-day hearing deadline request. Failure to meet this deadline will result in the automatic suspension of your license by the DMV. It’s a matter of connections and expertise.

Court Appearances

We take care of all aspects of your case. For misdemeanor cases, we usually represent our clients in court, sparing them from having to personally attend. This absence from court allows our clients to concentrate on their top priorities, such as work or school.

After each court appearance, we promptly provide our clients with updates and prepare them for what comes next. In felony DUI cases where client presence is required, we stand beside you, addressing the court’s inquiries and alleviating the pressure on our clients.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Louisiana

If you need a criminal defense attorney in Louisiana, we can help you. The Barkemeyer Law Firm is a DWI and criminal defense law firm. Our primary focus is defending clients who have been arrested or received a summons in all areas of Louisiana. Some of the common cases we help with include, DWI, drug possession, theft, and more. We represent professionals, college students, and those who are from out-of-state or live out-of-state now. 

DWI and Drug Possession Defense In Louisiana

Drug Charge Defense Lawyer in Louisiana

Barkemeyer Law Firm primarily handles DWI and drug charge cases throughout the state of Louisiana. Our criminal defense team aggressively fights for clients charged with DWI, drug possession, and a variety of other criminal charges.

Arrested In LA? You Need An Experienced Lawyer

If you were stopped in Louisiana and arrested for DWI or drug charges, you will need the help of a highly-experienced drug and DWI defense lawyer. Drug and DWI charges are different than most criminal charges.  They involve many technical legal issues only an experienced crime attorney can handle. 

Barkemeyer Law Firm has focused on defending DWI and drug crimes for over 100 combined years. Our firm has successfully defended clients with drug charges stemming from possession of small amounts of marijuana to hundreds of pounds of heroin. Barkemeyer Law Firm knows the law in and out.  We know how to minimize damage in court and can help.

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Louisiana DWI & Criminal Lawyers

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Louisiana criminal lawyers and DWI attorneys at the Barkemeyer Law Firm providing legal defense services for clients in Baton Rouge, Ascension, Livingston, Tangipahoa, Port Allen, Alexandria, New Orleans, Lafayette, Metairie, Kenner, Gretna, Hahnville, Chalmette, Slidell, St. Tammany, St. Charles, St. John, St. Bernard, Mandeville, Covington, Shreveport, Bossier, Jefferson, Monroe, Lake Charles and all of Louisiana.

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