Very detailed and knowledgable.

Great attorney. Very detailed and knowledgeable. I will recommend him to anyone and if needed I consult with him again. Posted by: H. Taylor

He Cares Very Much

I've worked with lawyers in the past who were very lackadaisical and non-chalant, and who didn't seem to care very much about me and my concerns. Carl was the exact opposite. Posted by: Brian M.

He shot straight with me every step of the way

Few months ago found myself in need of a Lawyer. Carl Barkemeyer met with me free of charge for the consultation. From the first meeting he was professional and answered any questions I had. Posted by: Troy T.

Very Professional and Pro-Active

Carl Barkemeyer worked with me earlier this summer regarding a charge I had acquired via a police trap that I thought was unfair. I found him to be very professional and pro-active in resolving my problems as quickly as possible.

Very good in the courtroom

Carl represented me and was very professional and very good in the courtroom. I strongly recommend Carl to anyone needing a civil or criminal attorney. Posted by: Michael

Excellent Defense Attorney!

Excellent Defense Attorney! From the beginning, he was eager to resolve the case. His skills and knowlege were evident as he negotiated with prosecutors to get the best outcome. I highly recommend Mr. Barkemeyer; he's the best man for the job.

Outstanding Lawyer!

Outstanding lawyer. I would recommend Mr. Barkemeyer to anyone who needs a professional lawyer. He kept me informed of what was going on with my case and always answered his phone. He was upfront and honest, unlike other lawyers I've dealt with.

Great lawyer!

Great lawyer. I was very pleased. He did a great job for me!! Posted by: north street

Excellent Attorney

Excellent attorney and just a wonderful person to do business with. Thanks again Attorney Barkemeyer, Posted by: M. Harrell

I would recommend to anyone

I would recommend Carl to anyone. He was reassuring, explained all of my options very clearly, and always kept me informed of my case. He made the experience as stress-free as possible, which is something I really needed. This guy really knows his stuff. Posted by: gretz99


Criminal Defense Attorney in Baton Rouge

Legal Representation Throughout Louisiana


If you or someone you know has recently been arrested for a crime in Louisiana, feel free to contact us so we can determine if we are willing to take your case.  In many criminal and DWI cases, time can be of the essence, so do not wait until your court date to get help.


We will defend you no matter what. We provide our clients with strategies to defend their criminal case whether the facts are good or bad. Every client’s case is different. We consider all the surrounding circumstances in a client’s case to develop the best method to protect their criminal record.  We will not question you as to whether or not you did it. We don’t judge our clients. 


Our practice is 100% criminal defense.  We spend all of our time and efforts defending clients in criminal courts. Therefore, we have developed relationships with prosecutors, judges, and court staff which helps us better represent our clients. Being a criminal defense law firm, we stay up-to-date with current criminal case law and procedures, including drug laws, DWI testing procedures, warrantless arrests, traffic stop laws, self-defense, and many more criminal law issues.


Experience matters if you want results. If you wonder if we have experience in your type of criminal case, you can be sure we do. We represented thousands of clients charged with committing crimes in many areas of Louisiana over the past 18 years.


We strive for excellent results in all of our cases.  Unfortunately, we cannot take everyone’s case who contacts us. We recommend you visit our contact page and fill out the form or schedule a consultation so we can evaluate your case to see if we will accept it.


We are a Criminal Defense Law Firm in All Courts in Louisiana

  • We are strictly criminal defense attorneys, drug defense lawyers, and DWI lawyers in Louisiana
  • For 18 years, Mr. Barkemeyer has practiced ONLY criminal and DUI defense. All of our associates have practiced criminal defense for dozens of years.
  • Our firm has defended thousands of clients in criminal court in all areas on Louisiana.
  • Mr. Barkemeyer wrote the published book on How to Defend Drug Charges in Louisiana.
  • Our attorneys give lectures to other lawyers regarding Louisiana criminal laws.
  • We always try to get the best deal for our clients, no matter what.





Common Criminal Cases We Defend


General Information



FREE Consultation: If you need to hire a lawyer for your criminal/DWI case, feel free to call or complete the form here and we will briefly discuss your case for free to determine if we can help and to tell you our fee for representation.


PAID Consultation: Click here if you would like to schedule a paid consultation to discuss a criminal law matter if you do NOT intend on hiring a lawyer at this time. This can be very helpful to those who just want to have a good discussion about a situation.


Got a criminal charge?  Here are some answers to questions you may have:


  • I just got arrested, what do I do next?
    • The first thing you need to do is contact a criminal defense attorney so the two of you can begin developing a strategy to minimize the damage.
  • Should I wait until I get my court date to hire a lawyer?
    • No, that will not help you.  Let your criminal lawyer start helping now.  That’s what we do.
  • What happens at the first court date?
    • The first court date is the Arraignment. You will just be notified of the charge and likely be advised by your attorney to enter a not guilty plea.
  • Will my work find out about the arrest?
    • It depends if your employer runs random background checks, someone notifies them after seeing in the press, or if you have a duty to self-report.
  • Will I get kicked out of school?
    • The type of charge you’ve been arrested for is important. More importantly, is how the case turns out. If we get it dismissed, you probably will not get kicked out of school.
  • The police officer told me I passed the field sobriety tests. Why did he arrest me for DWI?
    • Because he lied to you. Officers are just trying to obtain evidence to support a DWI arrest and conviction. He figures that if he acts like your buddy, you will most likely take the breathalyzer.
  • Will I lose my license for blowing over the limit?
    • You will have a temporary license for 30 days. Be sure to hire a DWI lawyer before then because there may be ways to keep you driving.
  • Can I pay more money to get my charges dismissed?
    • Only in movies and TV shows. In real life, when defendants pay prosecutors for deals, prosecutors go to federal prison.
  • Will I have to take drug tests for my new drug charges?
    • Probably. We always advise our clients to clean up for court.


drug defense lawyer baton rouge




Our Criminal Defense Representation Includes:


Superior Experience

  • Defended thousands of clients in Louisiana on criminal charges
  • Frequent speaker to other attorneys regarding criminal law issues
  • Provided many local News interviews on criminal issues



  • We charge very reasonable fees for our legal services
  • We charge a flat fee which means one price per service. This allows the client and attorney to know exactly how much the client owes the attorney up front, before representation even begins.  Therefore, there are no unforeseen bills or charges from the attorney.


Exceptional Results

  • We get excellent results for our clients
  • High-level knowledge of current Louisiana laws
  • Savvy negotiation and trial skills developed from handling thousands of cases


We Fully Inform the Client So Good Decisions Can Be Made

Great communication between the attorney and client is key to a beneficial and successful legal representation. Mr. Barkemeyer strives to obtain the following for all of his clients:


  • You will have a clear understanding of the charges against you
  • You will be informed of the facts the prosecutor intends to use against you
  • You will have a better understanding of the legal process at every step
  • When you make a decision about your case, you will know why you made that decision
  • The decisions you make about your case will be made based on what is best for you


bail bond louisiana


Criminal Charges in Baton Rouge

Carl Barkemeyer is a criminal defense attorney devoted to practicing primarily criminal defense and defending clients with Louisiana DWI arrests. His DUI defense practice in Baton Rouge includes representing clients throughout Louisiana with DUI charges.  He has defended the rights of the accused his entire career. 

Mr. Barkemeyer provides legal representation to those who have received criminal misdemeanor charges and felony charges. He provides assistance with recalling bench warrants and handling arrest warrants. His legal representation includes helping clients who received a charge from a summons or arrest.  He can help from the earliest stages of a criminal case to the end.

Many people and their families are unaware of the road ahead when charged with a crime. Lack of knowledge can lead to great fear. Mr. Barkemeyer puts a strong emphasis on informing his clients of the Louisiana criminal process and laws surrounding their criminal case. He has been involved in presentations informing others regarding the laws and processes within the criminal justice system in Louisiana, including interviews on local news programs. However, he does not discuss his client's cases publicly.


Serving Clients That Live Outside Louisiana

Mr. Barkemeyer also represents criminal and DWI clients that aren't from Louisiana, but have criminal charges in Louisiana.  If you live outside of Louisiana, it may be a scary and daunting task to have to hire a criminal lawyer in Louisiana. You may have apprehension and wonder if the lawyer you hire really is the best criminal defense attorney in Louisiana for your case. 


We have successfully defended hundreds of clients that live outside of Louisiana. When you call, you will speak directly to Mr. Barkemeyer. You will always be able to keep up great communication with him through phone and email. You do not even have to come to Louisiana to hire him. His criminal defense firm is set up to take you on as a client without you having to drive all the way here just to talk. This is usually a huge relief to our clients.


Depending on the type of case, he may be able to handle the case so that the client never even has to come to court. Obtaining his legal services does not require that you travel to Louisiana. Many of our clients have been arrested for DUI in Louisiana but live outside the state. He remains just as accessible to his out-of-state clients as his local clients. Communication is the most important aspect of an attorney-client relationship. Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney maintains full communication with his out-of-state clients and/or their families. Our Louisiana criminal defense lawyers have handled your type of case before. We will protect you regardless of where you live.  See our reviews online from many clients that lived out of state and were extremely happy they hired our Louisiana lawyers. More Info.


Drug Possession Lawyer in Louisiana

lousiana drug possession lawyer

Carl Barkemeyer wrote the book on How to Defend Drug Charges in Louisiana. The book describes how to beat a drug charge in Louisiana. The proper defense is key to beating a drug possession charge. His drug defense knowledge and skills are superior.  Much of our practice is focused on helping clients with drug charges in Baton Rouge and throughout Louisiana.


Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney, has represented over one thousand clients with drug possession arrests in Louisiana such as drug possession, possession with intent to distribute drugs, drug distribution, trafficking, and many more.  He has successfully provided drug defense lawyer representation for drug possession, trafficking, and distribution including heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, prescription pills, etc.


Drug cases require a unique knowledge of the caselaw and constitutionality of police officers conduct regarding the stop and search. Mr. Barkemeyer spent years handling only drug cases in which he argued many suppression motions and conducted drug trials.  Click here for more about drug charges in Louisiana.  Contact us at (225) 964-6720 if you need a serious drug possession defense lawyer in Louisiana.


Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer in Louisiana


drug defense lawyer louisiana


Carl Barkemeyer wrote the book on How to Defend Drug Charges in Louisiana.  Download your free copy to learn more about the criminal process and drug defenses in Louisiana.


Call 225-964-6720


Click for Louisiana Drug Charge Questions Answered


Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney has always had a special focus on defending clients with drug trafficking charges in Baton Rouge and Louisiana. If you or a loved one caught a drug trafficking charge in Louisiana, but live out-of-state, our drug defense lawyers can help. Mr. Barkemeyer has defended clients that were arrested with very large quantities of heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine.  He knows how to examine these cases to discover issues on illegal search and seizure to see if there is a way to beat the case based on the officer violating his client’s constitutional rights.  Mr. Barkemeyer is a highly-skilled drug charge lawyer at negotiating Louisiana drug charges. He knows the ins and outs of the drug laws and how to use them to his client’s benefit. He is a drug defense lawyer that takes representation of clients a step further. He has written the book on How to Defend Drug Charges in Louisiana and he provides lectures to other attorneys on drug crime issues. Although our criminal lawyers cannot guarantee a similar result, here are some examples of outcomes in high quantity drug trafficking cases:

  • 5 pounds marijuana – negotiated from penitentiary sentence to probation
  • High quantity illegal pills – dismissed after won suppression hearing
  • 2 pounds meth – suspended sentence
  • 3.5 pounds heroin and fentanyl – probation
  • 7 pounds cocaine – dismissed


Baton Rouge DWI Lawyer

DWI or DUI is a crime in Louisiana. It is prosecuted in criminal courts. Therefore, Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney has represented many clients charged with DWI. He is an effective Baton Rouge DWI lawyer and has given numerous presentations regarding the law relating to DWI. He has spoken publicly in news interviews and videos concerning the specific Louisiana DWI Laws 2022 and the Louisiana DWI statute.  This website provides a lot of information regarding DWI. Feel free to read and learn as much as you can on DWI in Louisiana. Also, if you have need a Baton Rouge DWI lawyer, give Mr. Barkemeyer a call. You will be able to speak to him directly at (225) 964-6720.


Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated (DWI) is taken very seriously in Louisiana. Mr. Barkemeyer, Baton Rouge DWI lawyer, provides a tough defense and proactive approach to protecting his clients charged with DWI. Even if you think you have a poor case, Mr. Barkemeyer may be able to find a technical defense. He also advises his clients on treatment, classes, and community service that can be completed which may benefit them during the prosecution. Our Baton Rouge DWI attorneys take can always find a way to help you regardless of your view on the case.


DWI arrests have a lot of consequences on your driving privileges, criminal court case, work, school, time, and money. There is so much overlap between the Driver’s License Hearing, criminal court case, and personal aspects of a client’s life, that only a knowledgeable Baton Rouge DWI lawyer can really help a client with a DWI arrest. Mr. Barkemeyer spends a lot of time talking to his DWI clients, giving them excellent advice and understanding regarding their DWI or DUI.  Our clients appreciate his help because they know a DWI lawyer is in their corner who actually cares, rather than just taking a fee to support his personal injury cases. 


Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney has over 17 years of experience defending clients with DWI in Baton Rouge and Louisiana. He has protected clients in all types of DWI scenarios including misdemeanor DWI, felony DWI, DWI when you refused the breathalyzer, DWI when you submitted to the breathalyzer, DWI when you blew over the limit, DWI when you blew over .15, DWI with drugs, DUI of drugs, etc.  Click here for more of the types of DWI cases we’ve handled or if you are searching for a DUI lawyer near me. His experience as a Baton Rouge DWI lawyer has allowed him to be able to give practical and beneficial advice to his clients.  More Info.


DWI Lawyer in Louisiana



We represent clients charged with DWI and DUI in many areas of Louisiana. Mr. Barkemeyer is a Louisiana DWI Lawyer that has represented clients arrested for DWI under many different circumstances. He has seen all different types of DWI cases while fighting for his clients. Click here to see the many types of DWI cases he has handled.


DWI laws are specific to Louisiana. That means that when you are arrested for DWI in Louisiana, whether it is in Baton Rouge, Livingston, Port Allen, etc., you are subject to the Louisiana DWI state laws.  But, not all jurisdictions operate the same in every court. There are different district attorneys, judges, court staff, and procedures. Mr. Barkemeyer is a Louisiana attorney that has defended clients with DWI charges all over Louisiana. Although his office is based in Baton Rouge, he has successfully protected clients in many parishes in Louisiana including West Baton Rouge, Livingston, Ascension, East & West Feliciana, Tangipahoa, Iberville, etc.


Regardless of where you DWI occurred in Louisiana, Mr. Barkemeyer is a Louisiana DWI lawyer that has been in that courtroom and knows that system.  Some of the types of DWI arrests we’ve provided representation for include first DWI arrest, second DWI, third offense DWI, fourth offense DWI, multiple DWI cases at same time, DWI cases in different jurisdictions or cities, DWI arrests involving blood tests, DWI with hit and run, etc. See more DWI scenarios here. If you are serious about hiring a Louisiana DWI lawyer, call (225) 964-6720 to see if Mr. Barkemeyer is the best DWI lawyer in Louisiana for your case.


Serious Felony Charges

criminal lawyer for felony in baton rouge

Mr. Barkemeyer is a Baton Rouge criminal attorney that defends clients with felony criminal charges. A crime is a felony in Louisiana when it provides for a potential sentence of hard labor. Examples of felony charges that Mr. Barkemeyer has successfully handled include felony drug charges, DWI third and fourth offense, felony battery and assault, theft, malfeasance, murder, burglary, robbery, and many others. Some felonies in Louisiana carry mandatory prison time. It is important that felony charges are handled effectively. Mr. Barkemeyer has handled all types of felony cases his entire legal career. He uses his trial experience and negotiation knowledge to get the best results he can for his clients. It is important to have experienced Baton Rouge criminal lawyers to protect your rights when facing felony charges in Louisiana.


Students with Criminal Charges

We represent many clients with criminal charges who are students at LSU, Southern University, Baton Rouge Community College, and other colleges in the area. Representing a client who is a student is unlike most other criminal defense cases. It requires special attention and understanding to protect our client’s criminal record and help him/her complete school.  Alleviating the stress on the parents and developing a focused strategy for our student-client is our goal.  Our client’s parents are very appreciative of our help.  We provide many important legal services for our college clients.


Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney defends student-clients with all types of criminal arrests and summons in Baton Rouge including: DWI, drug possession, drug distribution, assault, battery, disturbing the peace, public intoxication, theft, fraud, criminal damage to property, entry or remaining after being forbidden, trespass, hit and run, and many other criminal charges.  Student-clients benefit from Mr. Barkemeyer’s advice because he has been a Baton Rouge criminal lawyer defending these types of clients on these types of charges for over 17 years. Keeping our client’s criminal record clean to protect their future is our main concern. Our criminal lawyers are usually successful at accomplishing this task. If you are serious about hiring a Baton Rouge criminal lawyer for your son or daughter, call (225) 964-6720 to speak to Mr. Barkemeyer directly.  More info.


Things to Know

1. A charge does not mean a conviction. The fact that you may have received a summons or been arrested does not mean you have been convicted. Convictions occur when someone pleads guilty or is found guilty at trial. Defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty. The prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime. Criminal defense attorneys are necessary to try to prevent a conviction.

2. You may be able to avoid a conviction.  Even if you have a poor case, you still may be able to avoid a conviction. Experienced Baton Rouge criminal lawyers can help determine strategies to help avoid conviction by helping you complete treatment, rehabilitative and educational classes, community service, etc. These factors can be used to demonstrate to the prosecution that leniency should be considered.

3. The criminal justice process. The criminal justice process may seem very confusing to someone who has never dealt with it. Basically, it involves an arraignment, motions, pretrial status conferences, trial, and sentencing.  You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to lead you through the process. For more information see Louisiana Criminal Process.


How Can a Baton Rouge Criminal Lawyer help?

criminal lawyers baton rouge

Every area of the world with people has rules and regulations guiding them. Every state has laws that the citizens need to live and abide by. Louisiana is known for having a tough criminal justice system due to its conservative values. Although many of its criminal laws are outdated and pointless, those charged with crimes must deal with them. Carl Barkemeyer has made a career of helping those charged with crimes in Baton Rouge and Louisiana. He is a Baton Rouge criminal lawyer dedicated to ensuring the State and prosecutors don’t run over his clients. Many prosecutors don’t understand that defendants are people too. They don’t understand that defendants may have others who care for them and need them in their lives. Mistakes happen. As a Baton Rouge criminal lawyer, Mr. Barkemeyer helps his clients get past this and helps prosecutors get past their short-sided way of thinking.


If you are faced with a criminal charge, a Baton Rouge criminal lawyer can help in many ways. First, your Baton Rouge criminal attorneys should explain to you the elements of the charge and the sentencing range. Then, the attorney may inform you of the criminal justice process and what to expect. Experienced criminal lawyers will be able to tell you possible outcomes for your case if you are convicted. Your lawyer will then discuss the facts of your case with you. All possible defenses should be explored. In the event you have a poor case, an aggressive criminal attorney will work with you to develop a plan for treatment and/or other mitigation to provide to the prosecutor and/or court in hopes of reducing the impact of the prosecution. Baton Rouge criminal lawyer, Carl Barkemeyer, believes it is highly important to always keep the client informed of their case. Communication is paramount to a successful attorney/client relationship. The best attorney in Baton Rouge for your case can't help his client if he doesn't have good communication with the client.


Difference Between a Misdemeanor and Felony Charge

In Louisiana, a felony is a charge that may be punishable with hard labor. Typically, but not always, misdemeanors carry shorter sentences of up to six months in parish jail. Felonies have much longer sentence ranges. Misdemeanors do not include a right to jury trial, unlike felonies. Louisiana law does not provide for "classes" of misdemeanors. 


Lawyer in Baton Rouge

There are many benefits to hiring a lawyer in Baton Rouge if you have a case that will be in court in Baton Rouge or surrounding areas.  However, you must hire an attorney that you feel comfortable with and that you communicate well with.  Hiring who you’ve heard is the best lawyer in Baton Rouge or the lawyer your friend used doesn’t mean that is the correct lawyer for you. Lawyers are people too. Not all people get along with each other.  Often times you’ll hear someone say that they were unhappy with their lawyer but used him because the attorney did a good job for his friend or relative.  That’s because everybody communicates differently and every case is just different.  So, when you need a lawyer in Baton Rouge, talk to him/her about your case to see if you and the lawyer are a good fit.  Contact us at 225-964-6720 to see if our Baton Rouge lawyer is the right fit for you.


Lawyer for DWI in Baton Rouge

lawyer for dwi baton rouge

Mr. Barkemeyer is a lawyer for DWI in Baton Rouge. He defends clients charged with DWI and DUI in Baton Rouge City Court, East Baton Rouge District Court, and everywhere else around the area. He has learned all the ins and outs in the last 17 years since he has been a lawyer for DWI in Baton Rouge. He helps with the license suspension that may be looming over you as a result of the DWI arrest. He’ll help you continues to drive with a hardship license if needed. Give him a call at (225) 964-6720 if you need a lawyer for DWI in Baton Rouge.


Lawyer for Drug Possession in Baton Rouge

criminal lawyer for drug possession in baton rouge

Mr. Barkemeyer is a lawyer for Drug Possession in Baton Rouge. He defends clients charged with Drug Possession in Baton Rouge City Court, East Baton Rouge District Court, and everywhere else around the area. He has learned all the ins and outs in the last 17 years since he has been a lawyer for Drug Possession in Baton Rouge. He helps any possible treatment and/or rehabilitation necessary to get the best result in your case. Give him a call at (225) 964-6720 if you need a lawyer for Drug Possession in Baton Rouge.


Lawyer for Arrest in Baton Rouge

criminal lawyer for arrest in baton rouge

Mr. Barkemeyer is a Baton Rouge criminal lawyer for any type of criminal arrest in Baton Rouge. He defends clients charged or arrested in Baton Rouge City Court, East Baton Rouge District Court, and everywhere else around the area. He has learned all the ins and outs in the last 17 years since he has been a lawyer for arrest in Baton Rouge. Give him a call at (225) 964-6720 if you need a lawyer for an arrest in Baton Rouge.


Lawyer for Summons in Baton Rouge

criminal lawyer for summons in baton rouge

Mr. Barkemeyer is a lawyer for any type of criminal misdemeanor summons or ticket in Baton Rouge. He defends clients charged or received a summons in Baton Rouge City Court, East Baton Rouge District Court, Zachary City Court, Baker City Court, and everywhere else around the area. He has learned all the ins and outs in the last 17 years since he has been a lawyer for summons in Baton Rouge. Give him a call at (225) 964-6720 to see if he is the best lawyer in Baton Rouge for your summons in Baton Rouge.  We defend clients on all types of misdemeanor charges resulting from a misdemeanor summons.


The Best Louisiana Lawyer for Your Case

When charged with a case in Louisiana, it is important that you hire the services of the best lawyer in Louisiana for your case. One thing that most people overlook when they are asked to appear in court because of a crime that has been alleged is the need for a lawyer. Most people have had to bear the grave consequences of not hiring the best Louisiana lawyer for their case to defend them when charged with either a drug charge, theft case, domestic abuse case, DUI, DWI, etc. Some of these people have spent years in jail for crimes that they could have walked away free. Or the case is over and they feel confused and uncertain of their decisions.

To ensure that you and your loved ones are safe, it is best that you hire the services of a criminal defense attorney when charged with a criminal case. The best Louisiana lawyer for your criminal case is probably one that does criminal defense most of the time. Not every lawyer is the best lawyer for your case. The attorney/client relationship is one based on communication. A certain lawyer might be the best lawyer for one client but not good for another client. Personalities must match up so the attorney and client get along and properly communicate about the case and the objectives.


How to Know If You Need a Louisiana Criminal Defense Attorney

Being arrested or receiving a misdemeanor summons is the beginning of a very difficult journey for the accused. The charge can be burdensome and embarrassing. In the worst case, the accused will have to go to prison. Louisiana criminal lawyers may help if there is a warrant for their arrest, if they are under investigation by law enforcement, if they have received a summons or been arrested, among others.

Mr. Barkemeyer understands how a criminal issue can affect his client's life on many levels.  Many times, his client's families suffer as well. Mr. Barkemeyer teaches his clients about the criminal justice system and keeping his clients informed of all the circumstances concerning his/her case.

Simply understanding the process is a great benefit to the client. We believe that informing the clients of the criminal law process goes a long way to helping them in their case. We are not the type of criminal attorney that just gets paid then tells the client to plead guilty in court. Our Louisiana attorneys make sure the client understands everything he/she is doing and why. Mr. Barkemeyer believes that after he done with the case, the client should be able to go home and explain exactly what happened with his/her case and why. That understanding gives the client reassurance and confidence. After all, the client is paying a Louisiana attorney for that service.


How Much Does a Defense Attorney Cost?

The fees for a defense attorney in Louisiana may vary based on the type of case. Every case requires a certain level of skill and knowledge to provide effective representation. Hiring a lawyer that practices criminal defense 100% of the time like Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney, may keep costs down because he doesn’t have to put down the personal injury case to figure out how to defend your drug charge. He doesn’t have to get familiar with the criminal laws and criminal courts to handle your case. He already knows the Louisiana drug laws, DWI laws, and criminal laws like the back of his hand. He has been in the criminal courts all throughout Louisiana over and over.  The defense attorney’s experience and knowledge is the value you get when you hire a lawyer. You get what you pay for.


Depending on the facts, type of charge, and circumstances surrounding the client and their case, the attorney’s fee can be larger or smaller. The seriousness and complexity of the charge are factors involved in the fee. Our Louisiana attorney fees can usually be determined by one phone call directly to Mr. Barkemeyer at (225) 964-6720 or email him here.


What is a Criminal Defense Attorney?

There are many different types of lawyers out there. Lawyers can focus their practice on areas of law such as personal injury, wills and estates, business law, insurance law, intellectual property, divorce, etc. Lawyers that defend clients in criminal court for allegedly violating criminal statutes are called criminal defense attorneys.


Any lawyer could take on criminal cases. For instance, a personal injury lawyer might have a cousin who got a DWI. The cousin might figure he’d call his cousin lawyer to help. Although the lawyer doesn’t have any experience taking DWI cases, he could legally still do it. He may not consider himself a “criminal defense attorney.”  Nevertheless, he would be practicing criminal defense.


Then, there are full-time criminal defense attorneys like Carl Barkemeyer and our lawyers. Each one of our clients has a criminal charge. The criminal charges we defend range from DWI to murder. Since all we practice is criminal defense, we call ourselves criminal defense attorneys.


What Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

Criminal defense attorneys defend clients who have been arrested or received a summons for violating a criminal statute. Every state has criminal statutes or laws that provide for penalties if it can be proven that they violated the statute. Police are the enforcers of these statutes. They are the ones who show up after an alleged violating of criminal law occurs. The police then make an arrest or give a summons for the accuses to appear in court and answer to the allegation.


The case then goes to a prosecuting attorney who decides if he can actually prove that the accused broke the law. If he believes he can prove it, he will file a formal charge against the accused. The prosecutor represents the government and/or victims. The accused would then want to have a lawyer represent him to make it more even. Because the criminal defense attorney knows the laws and how they should be applied, he can supply a fairer process for the accused.


Criminal defense attorneys meet with the client who was accused and discuss the case. He may ask the client about his life circumstances and criminal record so he can get to see the full picture. Then, the criminal lawyer may obtain the police reports and size up the prosecutor’s case. The lawyer will look for holes in the case which may help with trial or negotiations.


Most of what criminal defense attorneys do doesn’t even happen in the courtroom. This can be confusing to most people because they watch movies and shows about criminal attorneys. Those shows are always in the courtroom because that makes for a more dramatic show. However, real life is not that way. Examining discovery responses, research, strategizing, and negotiating happens outside of the courtroom. These are the most important duties of a criminal defense lawyer. Unfortunately, it is the least glamorous.


How to Get a Consultation With a Criminal Lawyer

Our law firm offers two ways to get a consultation. The free consultation and the paid consultation. Depending on your situation, you may need to just get an estimate for representation from a criminal lawyer, in which case you’d need a free consultation. On the other hand, you may need to get deep into the facts and get real opinions about your case. Therefore, you’d need a paid consultation. You can always hire us for your case after the paid consultation.


Paid Consultation

This can be very helpful to those who just want to have a good discussion about a situation, but don’t necessarily need to hire a lawyer.  For instance, if you need quick advice about a situation you find yourself in, or you want to know if you should be worried about cops contacting you, or you want to know if you can get a criminal charge off your record, or maybe you just need help understanding the court process.  These are just examples of the many topics we can help with. Importantly, everything we discuss is confidential. The benefit of this is that since you are paying for the consultation, we will actually listen in depth and try to help you. Free consultations are offered by lawyers only to determine if we will take your case. They are not designed to give you free advice. It is very easy and convenient to schedule a paid phone consultation on our website or by clicking here. We have availabilities early in the morning and on the weekends. All consultations are by phone so you don’t have to come to the office.


Free Consultation

If you need to hire a lawyer for your case because you just got arrested or received a summons, we will be happy to discuss your case briefly to determine if it is a type of case we can help with and to give you our fee for representation. It is not a time to go into every detail of the case and give you formal legal advice. Creating a defense strategy and giving legal advice is what we do for our paying clients.  If you need a free consultation to see if we would be a good fit, feel free to give us a call or fill out the form on our contact page.



criminal lawyers baton rouge


Contact Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorney, at (225) 964-6720 if you need the best criminal lawyer in Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge, Livingston, East Feliciana, West Feliciana, Iberville, Ascension, Tangipahoa, or anywhere in Louisiana. Our Louisiana criminal lawyers do their best to ensure that their clients get justice and nothing less. Just as they have done in times past, be assured that they would do the same for you.

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