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The majority of persons today have experienced battery in one way or the other. When people get a summons for battery or get arrested for it, many do not know what the next step to take is. Some just sit back and wallow in the regret that the present situation brings. And depending on how long it lasts, they as good as, remain sad because they have allowed the provisions of the law to take its cause. Is that the best decision to take? The answer is No. Can something else be done? The answer is yes.


What can be done?

When persons batter another, they sometimes say, "this does not constitute battery because It is not grievous". Have you ever said or felt the same way? If you have, then you are making a mistake. This is because, Regardless of whether the effect of your batter on the battered appears minute to you, battery is still battery. So, It all depends on what step the battered person chooses to do after he or she has been battered. If the battered person decided to let go, then you can fold your arms and do nothing. But where the battered decided to take legal action, then you have to take actions too in other to hinder the provisions of the Alexandrian law take effect on you.  


Does the Alexandria law make provision for battery?

Yes! It does. The Alexandrian law is very harsh as long as battery is concerned. The law seeks to protect persons who might be seen as a weaker person and probably get battered as a result of it. The law ensures that all who batters another person would not go around roaming the vicinity of the society while continuously posing as a threat or even endangering the lives of close family members and sometimes, other members of the society. The law is a respecter of no one as long as battery is concerned. So, regardless of the nature of the battery which you have done, as soon as the victim starts making steps to take legal action, it is important you take steps to get yourself fully prepared for the events which yet to unfold.


What steps can I take when the victim has decided to take legal action against me?

If the victim has decided to take legal action against you, here are some important things you must do. First and foremost, ensure you

1. Get yourself a good criminal defense lawyer

2. Disclose every detail to the lawyer

3. Obey instructions


Get yourself the best lawyer for your case

The importance of a good lawyer in criminal cases cannot be undermined. This is because a good lawyer knows the law and knows where to find it and he would surely use it to ensure that you get justice. With his knowledge of the law, you can be certain that at the end of the case, you would come out smiling. It would be unwise to expect a positive result from a lazy lawyer who lacks skill and experience. You can only anticipate positivity when you get a sound criminal defense attorney. So, to get the best out of your case, ensure that you get yourself a well-experienced lawyer who is willing to use his skill and sound experience accumulated from years of practice in criminal cases involving battery to your advantage. An experienced criminal defense attorney is very important because accumulated experience cannot be taken away from a lawyer. And an experienced lawyer would know just what to do and at what time to do it in other that you would either escape the law or get a very minute or mitigated punishment where total escape is impossible. Remember that the mindset of the batterer is to make you pay for your actions. So, do well to get a good lawyer.


Are there great lawyers in Alexandria or Rapides parish?

Of course, yes! There are great lawyers in Alexandria, Rapides parish the firm known as Carl Barkemeyer is made up of many good lawyers that are ever ready to defend their clients. These lawyers are tested and trusted. Their services are top-notch in every ramification. The qualities these lawyers possess would amaze you.

Some Qualities of these set of lawyers are;

They are patient

Patience is very important in criminal cases and the life of a lawyer. A patient lawyer has a higher tendency to do better than an impatient one. A patient lawyer considers the ability of the client to comprehend all that is been said. He understands that while certain clients can speedily comprehend details, some might require more details while others would require the well-detailed explanation repeated over and over. A patient lawyer goes through the stress that is associated with the case without grumbling or flaring up.

They have good judgment and discernment:

Excellent judgment helps a lawyer to determines what the next line of action would be. It serves as foresight for a lawyer. A lawyer who lacks good judgment would certainly make mistakes borne out of his negligence and this would be detrimental to his clients.

They are skillful:

Skill is one of the most important factors which one must look out for when searching for a lawyer who would represent him. Skill separates a great lawyer from a bad one. A lawyer with vast experience and skill stands a better chance of winning cases than one who lacks them. A skillful lawyer knows when to be aggressive, when to be mild, and when to persuasive. A lawyer who lacks skill might not know when to alternate between these. The ability to discern when to alternate between any of these would give birth to a good case and in the end, favorable judgment for you. However, the inability to discern when to alternate between any of these has a high tendency to make your case. So, it is important you get a skillful lawyer when charged with battery in Louisiana.


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