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Construction is a tough business. Many contractors get charged with contractor fraud simply for making minor mistakes that blow up. These businesses would cause them to sign and go into in series of contracts. For many, getting into a new contract is always an exciting moment because of the large profit they would make and the fact that they have never been defrauded before. For others, signing and getting into a new contract leads to series of doubts and questions which if they are not fully answered and all forms of doubt cleared, they would rather decline because they have been defrauded in the past and they do not want to fall victim to another fraudster. Are you a contractor fraud seeking legal assistance? Did your firm engage in fraud and is now in need of legal representation? Where can you get help? This article contains where help for contractor frauds Alexandria can be found but first, it explains what contractor fraud means.


What is contractor fraud?

Contractor frauds are fraudulent acts or illegal acts carried out by an individual contracting party or a contracting firm. So, a contracting firm that engages in any sort of fraudulent activity is a contractor fraud and an individual who engages in an illegal act aimed at affecting the contract during his or her period of contracting with a firm or other members of the society is a contractor fraud.


Are there laws against contractor fraud in Alexandria?

Yes. There are already laid down laws against contractor frauds in Alexandria. These laws are made to hinder members of society from engaging in contractor fraud. The law goes as far as making provisions for years of imprisonment for persons who are found guilty of the crime. It also provides for fines which guilty persons must pay As much as possible, it is important to do one's best to avoid been found guilty of the crime due to the of the host of demerits that are linked with finding one guilty.


What are the disadvantages of being found guilty?

The disadvantages include

1. Criminal records

2. Jail term

3. Payment of large sum as compensation

4. Liquidation


Criminal Record

Having a criminal record is a great disadvantage. This is because it limits a person's privileges. For example, many developed countries do not grant persons with criminal record entry into the country. Again, many jaw-dropping job opportunities hinder a person having criminal records from enrolling for the required slot. Persons with criminal records also go through societal stigma and segregation. Amongst these few are a host of other disadvantages that having a criminal record can lead to. So, it is important to do one's best to avoid having a criminal record by getting lawyers who are willing to do all that is within their power to ensure that you are not found guilty. Get experienced lawyers that are very skilled in cases involving contractor fraud as this can save you from a lot of regrets. Sometimes though, there are some scenarios in which it would be impossible to avoid jail terms and criminal records. In times like these, after one has done all that he or she can in avoiding a criminal record and all efforts have proven abortive, the next line of action should be getting a minimal punishment. As easy as this might sound, one still needs experienced and skilled lawyers. Do not be in a hurry to throw your case into the hands of just any lawyer especially in criminal cases because your life depends on it. 


Jail Term

The law of Alexandria provides for the number of years in which a person who has been found guilty should serve in jail. The law also allows the judge to apply discretion while given his judgment. So, depending on the facts of the case and the circumstances surrounding it, the judge could grant a lesser jail term for a guilty person. Getting a lesser jail term is also dependent on the skill of the lawyer. A skillful lawyer with experience in contractor fraud would certainly know what to say and how to say it in other to appeal to the conscience of the judge so that the judge would grant a lesser jail term to his or her client. So, do not underestimate the power of a skilled lawyer in your case.


Payment of a Compensation

Firms are juristic persons. They are not physical persons that can be arrested and imprisoned. This was taken advantage of in times past because the persons who work for a company is different from the company. True, companies cannot be detained. But they can be made to pay compensations. So, if you own or work for a company that has engaged in fraud, do not be quick to conclude that your company can't be liable or held accountable for the fraud that it has committed. So, contact a skillful lawyer before it gets too late. Where an out of court settlement cannot be reached, you can be sure that the lawyer would know just the right processes and steps to take in other to ensure that you or the company does not make outrageous losses.



Many companies have suffered liquidation in times past as a result of engaging in contractor fraud. Some individual businesses or sole proprietorship businesses have also been brought to a halt as a result of the mishandling of their contractor fraud case when they were sued for it. No matter the circumstances surrounding the case, a company liquidation usually results in pain for the founders of the company, its workers, and others who benefit from the company. So, it must be avoided.

The question now is, did your company in Alexandria, Louisiana engage in contractor fraud are is now been sued for it? Are you as a sole proprietor involved and is now being sued for contractor fraud? If you answered in the affirmative to any of these questions, here is what you need to do.

Reach out to Carl Barkemeyer and his group of criminal defense attorneys and save yourself and your company.


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