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A lot of people get arrested in Alexandria for illegal distribution of drugs. When caught, they face the law which has strict rules on drug distribution. Drug distribution may be called drug trafficking in most places but they mean the same thing.

It refers to the transport, sale, import or export of illegal drugs such as controlled substances, prescription drugs, and scheduled substances. They include methamphetamine, marijuana, heroin, cocaine and so on. Drug distribution isn't a new crime as it has been going on for long. It has always been a serious offense against the law in Alexandria and it still is.


Proofs To Make Before A Person Is Convicted For Drug Distribution

If a person is arrested and charged with drug distribution, certain things need to be proven before the person is convicted. Here they are:

·      That the person knows the drug in question is illegal but still went ahead to engage in distribution. This means that it has to be an intentional or knowing distribution.

·      That the person was directly or indirectly involved in the drug distribution process.

·      There has to be concrete evidence to show that you're into drug distribution.

If you were reported by a witness, he or she has to prove that you are guilty of the crime. As regards what has been mentioned, you now know that you cannot engage in drug distribution without being aware of it.

Now, also note that drug distribution is not the same as drug possession. They are somehow alike because before one can distribute drugs, there has to a possession. In other words, the two offenses are linked in a way.


Evidence To Prove Drug Distribution

You may be wondering if both are the same thing. Well, here's what differentiates them. Drug possession refers to the act of owning hard drugs which could be for personal use or distribution purposes. Drug distribution, on the other hand, needs concrete evidence that the drugs are not only for personal use but for distribution too.

For drug distribution, evidence is very vital and cannot be skipped. Such evidence may be people who bought drugs from you or know you're into it. A search would be conducted and if materials such as a weighing scale, plastic bags and a large amount of money are found with you, they could be used as evidence.


Louisiana On Drug Distribution

All states have their laws, rules, and regulations guiding its citizens and residents on drug distribution. As such, here's what Louisiana regards as drug distribution:

It refers to the production, manufacture, distribution or possession to distribute a scheduled or controlled dangerous substance. What this means, in essence, is that if you are in any category of the above mentioned, you can be charged for drug distribution.

Drug distribution in Louisiana also means the distribution, creation or possession intending to distribute a counterfeit or fake dangerous schedule I controlled substance.


Penalty for Drug Distribution In Alexandria

As in all other states, drug distribution is a very serious offense in Louisiana and is punishable by law. Before a person is given the penalty for drug distribution, the amount of drugs found is weighed. Acknowledging that, here is the penalty:

·      For drug substances less than 28 grams, the convict is to pay a fine of not more than fifty thousand dollars or to go to prison for not less than one year and not more than ten years, or both.

·      For drug substances of 28 grams and above, the convict will pay a fine of not more than $50,000 or go to prison for not less than a year and not more than twenty years with hard labor or both.

Before a person is convicted of drug distribution, it means that he or she has been thoroughly tried and with enough evidence. In the end, it should be proven that the person intentionally engaged in the crime.


Charged With Drug Distribution In Alexandria?

If you or your loved one has been arrested and charged with drug distribution, then you need to hire the services of a criminal defense attorney in Alexandria. Drug distribution is a felony in Louisiana which makes it a very serious case. Therefore, the right and the perfect thing to do is to get legal help from a drug distribution lawyer in Alexandria.

A lawyer will let you know the severity of your crime, give you legal advice and also represent you in court at Rapides Parish. You should get a professional lawyer that knows Louisiana state laws on drug distribution very well. In this way, he or she will know how to work in your favor.

Never underestimate what a good lawyer can do for your case. If your lawyer does his job very well, you may end up getting reduced charges or a reduced sentence.


Carl Barkemeyer May Help Your Drug Distribution Case

If you need a drug distribution lawyer in Alexandria, who understands drug laws in Louisiana and also knows how well to represent clients, then reach out to Carl Barkemeyer. Carl Barkemeyer is an experienced criminal defense attorney who has several years of experience in handling drug cases. He has helped a lot of residents in Alexandria to deal with the drug cases and he can help you too.

Our firm has its roots in Louisiana and so, we perfectly understand how the law works. Every year in Alexandria, a lot of people are charged with drug distribution and we've been opportune to help them. Immediately you are arrested, contact us so we can get to work as soon as possible. Tell us everything about your arrest, leaving no detail behind. This is to enable us to serve you better and also that we won't be taken unawares in court.

We aim to convince the court to give you reduced charges. In a situation where a conviction becomes inevitable, we seek to get you a reduced sentence. Reach out to us today as we have all it takes to represent you well in court.


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