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Felony And Its Classifications

A felony is an offense or a crime that is considered to be very serious and has severe penalties. To further break it down, any offense under the law which is considered to be very serious and severe is a felony. A felony could either be violent or non-violent.

Violent felony: This category has to do with violence which will probably less to bloodshed, serious injury and in most cases, death. Offenses under this category include child abuse, murder, rape and so on.

Non-violent felony: In this classification of felonies, there is no bloodshed, serious injury or loss of human lives. The offenses or crimes under this category include burglary, armed robbery, money laundering and so on.

You should know that felony classifications differ from state to state. A crime that is a misdemeanor in one state could be a felony in another. The penalties for these crimes are also different. This is exactly why you need to be well informed and know the laws of your state concerning different crimes.

Felonies are serious crimes such as:

·      Murder or attempted murder

·      Assisting in felony

·      Contractor Fraud

·      Money laundering

·      Felony Theft

·      Drug distribution

·      Arson

·      Drug Possession

·      Human trafficking

·      Damage of property

There are so many others but it all depends on a particular state.


A Misdemeanor Could Turn Into A Felony

A misdemeanor is a simple offense with simple penalties while a felony is more severe. Usually, the jail term for a misdemeanor is not more than a year in the county or local prison. For a felony, however, the jail term is usually not less than one year in federal prison.

You should know that a crime to which is supposed to be a misdemeanor can be changed or elevated to a felony. This is done depending on the circumstances surrounding the offense. For instance, simple drug possession is a misdemeanor. If it is discovered you not only possessed the drugs but had an intent to distribute it, it would be elevated to a felony. Also, public drunkenness is a misdemeanor but can be changed to a felony if you proceed to drive while under intoxication or the influence of drugs or alcohol. In essence, this means that aggravating factors could turn a misdemeanor into a felony.


Things That Influence A Felony Charge In Alexandria

Different factors could influence a felony charge. They include:

1)    The severity of the crime: Some crimes may be bloody, could lead to death and damage to properties while others may not. The court checks the seriousness and severity of your crime before passing a verdict.

2)    If you've been convicted before: The court may decide to be lenient with you or give you a reduced sentence if you are a first-time offender. However, if you've appeared in court before and have been convicted, then your case could be worsened.

3)    If weapons were used in the process: Using weapons while committing the felony offense may aggravate your case.

In the course of carrying out your crime, if there were any injuries and damages, you are expected to pay for them in full and also serve your punishment which the court would decide.


The Louisiana State Law On Felonies

In Louisiana, there are very strict rules on felonies. This is because felonies are serious offenses which are also a threat to mankind. In the Louisiana Statutes, section 14.2 precisely, felonies are offenses or crimes with death sentences or imprisonment with hard labor. In Louisiana, felonies include kidnapping, treason, arson, murder, a third DWI (Drinking While Intoxicated) conviction, sexual assault, rape, burglary, armed robbery and so on.


Penalty For Felonies In Alexandria

The general penalty for a felony is to serve a jail term with or without hard labor or a death sentence. This could be in addition to paying a heavy fine of not less than $1000. You will also pay for every injury and property damage if there are any. More so, you will have a less than perfect criminal record which will out a restriction to your fundamental human rights. This is not good at all as it could harm your image. Once you are arrested and charged with a felony, you need to do the needful as fast as possible.


Charged With A Felony In Alexandria?

If you or your loved one has been arrested and charged with a felony in Alexandria, then you need to hire the services of a professional criminal defense attorney to help you with all the judicial proceedings. As you now know, a felony has very serious repercussions as it is a serious crime. In this case, you need to get a felony lawyer in Alexandria that fully understands the law on felonies in Louisiana.

Going to jail for a felony would rob you of a lot of things. If you have a good job before your conviction, you would lose it. Also, it may be difficult to bond with your family and friends after getting out of jail after a long time. You will also have a terrible criminal record which would affect a lot of things like getting a job, applying for a political position and so on.

To avoid all these, you should strive to get a knowledgeable legal attorney who would give you legal advice, let you know the severity of your crime, tell you what to expect and also represent you in court.


Need A Felony Lawyer In Alexandria, Louisiana?

If you need a well-experienced criminal defense attorney in Alexandria, then contact Carl Barkemeyer. Carl Barkemeyer is an experienced legal attorney with years of experience in handling felony cases in Alexandria. He has a vast knowledge of the law and knows how things work around here.

With his knowledge and skills, he aims to get you reduced charges. In a situation where the court decrees that you have to be convicted, he will do all he can to give you a reduced sentence. If there's a need for a felony expungement, our team will help you get around it.

Call us today and let us handle that felony case.


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