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In Alexandria, you may be allowed to possess a firearm if you have the necessary permits. This is not to be seen as a crime. In some cases, you may be allowed to only carry the firearm in the open and not underneath your clothes or in your bags, if you do not have the needed permits.

When you carry a firearm and have drugs in your possession, it is a different ball game. You could be arrested and charged for possession of a firearm with drugs. This charge is not to be lightly, as it is not a misdemeanor.

Normally, only possession of drugs charge is seen as a misdemeanor and may come with a slap on the wrist sentencing, especially when you are not a repeat offender. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't take it for granted.

We have seen cases where a possession charge had been drummed up to a Possession of Firearm with drugs or possession with intent to distribute charge, which is worse.

Whether it is a possession or a Possession of Firearm with drugs, you need a criminal defense attorney like Carl Barkemeyer to represent you immediately. The earlier you have a lawyer handling the matter, speaking to the officers and prosecution team, running investigations and grooming you on how to handle yourself, there is a great chance that things may work out well. All these depend on the circumstances surrounding the case.

Though an adult may have the right to bear firearms, a felon is not allowed to bear arms. Under no condition are you permitted to have a firearm with you, as it is a crime? It is against your probation rules.


How A Possession of Firearm With Drugs Is Proven

We will analyze what a possession charge, a possession with intent to distribute charge and a possession of a firearm with drugs charge is. This allows you to know what you may be facing.

In a possession charge, you were caught with controlled substances like illegal drugs or prescription drugs without the needed prescription with you.

When you are arrested for this crime, you need a drug possession lawyer in Alexandria representing you. Many prosecutors do not fancy this type of case; hence, they look for means of drumming it up to possession with intent to distribute charge.

A possession charge could lead to fines, community service, time in a rehabilitation center or a short stint in prison. This is because the person that was arrested for this is, in some cases, treated as the victim of the drug traffickers. They are sent to rehabilitation centers to be treated instead, in most cases.

On the other hand, when it is possession with intent to distribute charge, it seems like the fight against drug sales and trafficking is winning. We have seen a number of officers, prosecutors and even judges climb up the ladder of success because of this.

They can prove that it is a case of possession with intent to distribute through the following means:


A large quantity of drugs

When you are caught with large quantities of drugs that have either been packaged in tiny amounts or not, it is seen as possession with intent to distribute.

Let's say that when you were caught, 20kg of cocaine or prescription pills were seen in your possession, the amount is more than what one would use for their personal consumption. In this case, it is possession with intent to distribute.



Let's say that you were caught with drugs and had paraphernalia like weighing machines, baggies, glassines and so on with you, there is a great chance that you will be charged with possession with intent to distribute. Sometimes, you may not have the drugs with you, but have the paraphernalia, these items may show that you had the drugs but have distributed them.



If you have a large amount of money, paraphernalia, and drugs, there is a great chance that it will be seen as possession with intent to distribute charges. It could be that you had only money and drugs on you when you were right. The fact that you had such amount of money means that you have sold parts of the controlled substances.

Whether a large amount of money is in small denominations or in the same denomination, it may be seen as possession with intent to distribute.


Constructive Possession

You must not have the drugs with you before it can be proven that you have the intent to sell it. This is where conservative possession comes in. This is when you have possession of the drugs because it is in your territory. Let us say that you have been said to run a crew. If your crew members are caught with illicit substances, if it can be proved that you had knowledge of the existence of the drugs and the fact that they are to be distributed, you could be charged for the crime too.

You may claim that the drugs aren't in your possession, but this doesn't stop the fact that you have authority over those that were with it, and you knew that they had the drugs and sold them. You also collected proceedings from the drug sales. According to the law, you are culpable too. This means that you need a possession lawyer immediately you are arrested.


What about possession of a firearm with drugs charge?

This occurs when you are caught with drugs and firearms on you, your home or car. It doesn't matter if you possessed the drugs for usage only. It is a serious crime because you had both on you at the same time. It doesn't also matter if the drugs on you were for sales, it is seen as a felony that the law frowns against.

What if you are a felon, and you were caught with firearm and drugs, this is a case that could leave you spending the rest of your life or a long time behind bars.

This shouldn't be taken for granted. Call Carl Barkemeyer, experienced possession of a firearm with drugs lawyer in Alexandria.


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