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In movies, we get to see a lot of the manipulation of documents and records so much that it seems cool and somewhat easy to do, but here is the thing, forgery in the state of Louisiana is a felony crime. In the state of Louisiana, there are 2 forms of forgery and it is also against the law of the state for an individual to forge a signature or any part of important writing or document which can be used for legal efficacy.


In order for it to be considered a crime, an individual must first forge the documents with the intention of defrauding another individual. The crime of forgery can also include a lot such as possession, transfer, issuances and so on of a forged piece of writing which is made with an intent to defraud. For it to be considered a crime, an individual must know that the writing in possession is a forged one.


Under the state of Louisiana, writing isn’t just described as a piece of paper. It is also described to constitute coins, tokens, credit cards, stamps, badges or even money. It can also include writing as well as printed materials. It can also be other forms of recording information and this can include writing.


Any prosecutor who accuses any person of the crime of forging information is thereby alleging that that individual has altered, authenticated or even execute writing and has also tried to pass it off as something that it is not or an entirely different thing than the original.


It can also take several forms and a good example is when an individual is accused of writing or faking a document with the intent to defraud. Or they passed a document as the copy when in fact such as original doesn’t exist in an actual sense.


The conviction of such a crime of forgery related cases can carry a fine of up to 5000 dollars and can also spend a prison sentence of about 10 years. When it comes to the complexity of forgery, it is vast and can come with various complications as the case may be. Some penalties can be harsher than others depending on just how the case is and what level or extent of crime has been committed.


What is a forgery in Louisiana?

Forgery is basically the falsifying of legal signatures or documents with an intent to defraud either the original signed or the document as the case may be. There are a number of ways where forgery can take place and an important thing to know is that whatever the case is, it is a serious crime heavily persecuted in court. According to state law, forgery is defined as the following:


1.     Issuing and transferring or even retaining forged writing with an intent to defraud while knowing this writing is forged.

2.     Forging with an intent to defraud signatures or any document that can be used for legal efficacy.


In the state of Louisiana, other things are involved in the law and that is where the need of a criminal defense attorney comes in as they can explain everything about forgery and how it can relate to your own case.


Forgery is considered to be a felony crime both in the state of Louisiana and also in the United States of America. That means that the penalties attached to them can be a lot harsher and can also be part of your criminal record forever if something is not done about it. Another part of forgery law states that the possession of forged signatures while knowing it is forged is also a crime and ignorance is usually not the best line of defense. What does that mean? It basically means that if you attempt to use a document you knew was forged even if you weren’t the forged, you stand the chance of going to jail as well.


Forgery Punishment

Due to the state that forgery is a felony crime, It can lead to harsh and heavy blow punishments which are really strict and can incriminate a person more in the future with a lack of adequate defense. When you are charged with a felony crime such as forgery, it can limit a lot of things in your life such as employment or school admission or scholarships. Some of the penalties include;


1.     Individuals found guilty of commuting a forget crime shall face nothing more than 5000 dollars or can be imprisoned for a period of nothing more than 10 years which could be with or without hard labor and in some cases, both.


The fine might be large and prison time can seem maximum and they aren’t taken lightly by the law so you shouldn’t take them lightly either.


Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney In Alexandria, Louisiana

The next best thing to do after being charged with a crime such as a felony and in this case, forgery is to hire a criminal defense attorney immediately. You need a strong understanding of the forgery law and that can only be given to you by your criminal defense attorney.


Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal defense attorney has this knowledge that can help you and your case and we are willing to represent you in the court of law in the state of Louisiana. Carl Barkemeyer is here with his legal team to defend you in the most aggressive manner you can ask and to either get your case dropped entirely or dropped significantly. It is important to seek legal assistance In a situation like this as all persons are entitled to legal representation in the court of law. Deciding to defend yourself is never the best option and that should not even cross your mind.


Penalties of being convicted for a crime such as a forgery can drastically affect your life and your life choices so it is something that should be taken seriously. So, if you or your loved ones need a criminal defense attorney for a case of forgery, contact us today.


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