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In the state of Louisiana, guns can openly be bought and carried by adults but in the case of a concealed handgun, a permit is necessary to enable such activity. There are also people who are prohibited from the carrying of firearms and handguns due to various reasons such as a criminal record for violent and abusive crimes. If a person is charged with a case of gun-related offenses, the next best thing is to find a lawyer who can be able to represent them in court the best way possible.


When Is It Considered Illegal To Carry A Concealed Weapon In Louisiana?

For a person who has a permit, they can carry a concealed firearm to a number of places in the state of Louisiana. If you do not have a permit, it is illegal to hide any firearm or any form of dangerous weapon which includes a switchblade near your body or on it.


On an individual’s first conviction, they stand a chance of facing up to 6 months in jail and also stand a chance of being fined up to $500 and with subsequent convictions, penalties can increase and be a lot longer and harsher. In a situation where the gun was used in the committing of another crime such as a violent one or possession of illegal drugs, it can be a lot stricter with such individuals having to face both charges.


People with permits stand a chance of carrying a concealed handgun to certain areas but not everywhere and some of these areas include areas of worship except an individual is allowed to carry it, demonstrations or parade such as the Mardi Gras, another persons home without their consent and also to places where guns are banned. Such individual can be charged with a crime and if they are found to possess a concealed handgun under the influence of drugs or even alcohol in such a negligent manner that can lead others to fear that they are about to commit a crime, they can also face a gun charge as the case may be.


How About Weapons In Bars And Schools?

There are places in the state of Louisiana where weapons are banned and an example of such a place is in school or near school property as the case may be. Bringing guns on campus or college or even school as well as anywhere alcohol is served is considered a crime and a person can face gun charges because of that.


According to Louisiana law, it is illegal to carry any gun or weapon to school property and that includes schools, universities, colleges, and tech schools or anywhere a learning activity takes place and this includes school buses and 1000 feet of school properties. However, establish are some consideration for this law as some restrictions have been made to favor unique cases.


These cases include when guns are left in a motor vehicle or when a person with a permit has a property or a private home within a thousand feet of school property. School employees who need a gun in performing their duties also can carry as well as law enforcement officers. Students that require guns for a class or people who are permitted to carry these guns are allowed to carry within such premises. It all depends on the circumstances by which the law is applied as well as the situation of a crime for a person to be issued their own penalties but individuals stand a chance of facing a fine of up to 500 dollars and also 6 months jail time.


How About Bars And Restaurant?

A person can face up to 6 months in jail or even face a 500 dollars fine if it is found that they carry a gun intentionally into a bar or other establishments in which alcohol is being sold for consumption. This can be permissible if the restaurant is an establishment in question and they have a concealed handgun permit.


Louisiana Prohibitions on Gun Possession

There are Louisiana restrictions on gun possession as it depends on criminal history as well as age. A person can be charged with a felony in the state of Louisiana can stand a up to 20 years in prison plus an additional fine if they are caught with a weapon and they have been convicted of certain felonies which could include violent crimes such as drug-related crimes, assault, and battery, domestic violence, domestic abuse battery or any form of battery against their partner, dating or married.


This prohibition is applied for a period of 10 years after their completion of whatever their previous sentence could have been. It is also illegal to give a gun to a person you know is prohibited from carrying a firearm or as much as selling one to then. Anyone who is caught stands a chance of facing mandatory prison time which can go up to as much as 5 years.


How About Minors?

Minors are individuals who are under the age of 18 and they are prohibited from the possession of handguns but can carry rifles and shotguns. However, there are some exceptions such as a case where a minor can be allowed to do this with their parents' written consent or when they are legally hunting as well as target shooting. It is also allowed when they are on private property and have gotten the consent of the property owner. Although subsequent convictions could lead to harsher penalties, the first conviction is 90 to 6 months in prison with a fine.


Legal Assistance In Alexandria

The need for legal assistance if facing a gun charge in Alexandria cannot be overemphasized as Louisiana can impose strict penalties on people found guilty and they stand a chance of facing long prison sentences. So, if you or a loved one has been found wanting, you need to contact an experienced local criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Here at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney, we explain to you how the law applies to your case and give you the most aggressive representation you can ask for in the court of law to either drop your case entirely or reduce it significantly. So why not contact us today?


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