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In the state of Louisiana, it is considered a crime to hit and run under any circumstance and individuals found guilty can face serious criminal penalties which could be fines, jail sentences or even both. The best thing when you are charged with a case of hit and run or you stand a chance of being charged, Is to call your lawyer immediately so they can begin working on your case as soon as possible.


What is the Penalty for Hit and Run?

Various hit and run penalties await people who are found guilty of a crime or can’t find a way to prove themselves innocent. So that means penalties all depends on all the facts of the crime laid out in court and by witnesses as well as the prosecutor. A person can either be charged with a misdemeanor hit and run or it could be more serious such as a felony hit and run. No matter which it is, hit and run is taken very seriously in Louisiana, prosecutors follow it up and penalties are harsh.


What Is A Misdemeanor Hit and Run?

A misdemeanor hit and run can be considered when there is no death or serious bodily injury involved and if found guilty, such a person shall be fined no more than five hundred dollars or they can be sentenced to jail time of nothing more than 6 months. In some cases, an individual stands a chance of facing both.


As long as there is no death or any serious bodily injury, then the judge would then find such a defendant a maximum of 500 dollars plus they can face a jail sentence of nothing less than 10 days or less than 6 months as the case could be. They can also face both if it is discovered that they consumed alcohol or drugs which might have contributed to the said accident especially when the driver should have known that it could affect his actions but ignored protocols.


What Is A Felony Hit and Run?

It is considered a felony hit and runs even there is a death involved or a serious bodily injury which is caused as a direct result of the accident. A serious bodily injury is one where an individual can suffer permanent damage or one that could lead to death. An offender can be charged when he should have known such a thing had occurred but refused to stopped regardless. Such a person shall be fined no more than 5000 dollars and can be sentenced to prison time with or without hard labor for a period of nothing more than 10 years. Defendants also stand the chance of facing both.


 It is considered a serious felony hit and runs in a situation where some of there conditions mentioned below are met. If these conditions are met, the judge can order the imprisonment of such an offender which can be with or without hard labor for nothing less than 5 years or nothing more than 20 years. These include;


1.     When there is death or bodily injury as a result of the hit and run accident.

2.     When a driver should have known that the vehicle he was driving was involved in an accident but chose to ignore it and take off. In a situation where it is the direct cause of the accident.

3.     Situations where a driver has been previously convicted of some of the following which in life driving under the influence one more than one occasion in a period of 10 years prior to the present hit and run offense. Others in life vehicular negligent injuring on a first-degree scale, vehicular homicide, etc.



Misdemeanor Hit and Run In Alexandria, Louisiana

In the state of Louisiana, a penalty for a misdemeanor hit and run driving can be fined for an amount, not more than five hundred dollars or an individual can face a prison sentence of nothing more than six months and in some cases, both. This is only for a misdemeanor hit and run. An individual can face both fines and prison time if it is found out that:


·       If there is any evidence that the operator of the vehicle had alcohol or mind-altering drugs.

·       The driver fails to stop and give out his identity to the people affected by his motor vehicle.

·       The consumption of alcohol or drugs also contributed to the accident knowingly or indirectly.



Felony Hit and Run in Alexandria, Louisiana

As mentioned above, this only occurs when there is death or a serious bodily injury due to the direct cause of the accident and when the driver knows or should have known this but refused to stop and give out his information. Penalties for this offense are usually fines of not more than five thousand dollars or/and prison sentences of nothing more than 10 years. Such an offense can lead to probation for a number of years if the judge decides on that.  


Criminal Defense Attorney in Alexandria, Louisiana

In the state of Louisiana, it is considered a serious crime to be involved in a hit and run offense and the need for criminal defense attorney cannot be overemphasized. That is why immediately you notice this has occurred, calling the lawyer is the best next action so they begin working on your case as soon as possible because time is quite an essential factor.


Such an offense can lead to a permanent criminal record which can make it hard to get jobs or emolument or so much more and such a crime is heavily frowned upon. With that being said, we here at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal defense attorney are here to represent you in the court of law in the most aggressive manner possible to either get your charges dropped completely or reduced significantly. We understand how difficult it can be for someone in this situation and that is why we handle it with utmost care and precision. Contacting us immediately you or your loved one is in this situation is the best way to go.


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