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If you are caught using weapons in an illegal manner, it can lead to penalties such as jail time or fines and in some cases, even both. This is one of the reasons why it is important to have a criminal defense attorney at your services when a situation like this occurs as they can help you get your charges reduced significantly or dropped completely.


This is why Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorney, offers you the very best defense lawyer and team to work on your case if you have been charged with carrying weapons illegally. We have worked a lot with people who have been in similar situations and we have a lot of experience at that as well. It is very important to know when you should be carrying a weapon and when exactly you shouldn’t nor can’t be moving about with one. Those who are coming from different states to Alexandria may not understand how the law of Louisiana works and that is why Carl Barkemeyer is here to protect your rights as well as give out a good fight for the best interest in your case and get the best possible result.


Upon the first conviction for carrying an illegal weapon, it is considered as a misdemeanor. It is important to know that subsequent convictions can then lead to it becoming a felony. Carl Barkemeyer is a criminal defense attorney who fights to keep you free from your convictions relating to illegal carrying of weapons so that way you don’t have the tugging worry at the back of your mind of a possible felony case in the future.


What Is An Illegal Carrying Of Weapons?

The illegal carrying of weapons in the state of Louisiana is basically the intentional concealment of a gun as well as other firearms such can be used to cause hark and is known as a dangerous weapon. Although there are concealed handgun permits, it is not applicable everywhere as guns are generally prohibited in certain areas and even with a permit, an individual is to be careful in order to avoid others thinking they want to use it to carry out illegal activity. Guns are allowed in the state of Louisiana but in order to carry a concealed handgun, a permit is required.


 What that basically means if that for a gun to be found hiding on an individual and they do not have a permit, they stand a chance of facing a charge. It also doesn’t matter if the gun is registered in such an individual’s name or not, both cases come with penalties regardless.


Penalties For Illegal Carrying Of Weapons In Louisiana

There are quite a lot of penalties for a case of illegal carrying of weapons in the state of Louisiana. When it is still considered a misdemeanor, an individual can be charged with 6 months in jail plus a fine of up to 500 dollars. That means a defendant can be sentenced by a judge to face jail time, pay a fine and in some situations, they could face both. If it is the second conviction of the defendant, they could pay more fines and spend more find in jail. It is important to note that this isn't applicable after an individual has elapsed 5 years from his last sentence as it would be charged as a new conviction and not a subsequent one.


Is There The Option Of Probation?

There is actually an option for probation if you are caught or found guilty for the illegal carrying of weapons and you don’t have to spend jail time. This is because the judge can give off other conditions of probation and they could include community service or classes and so much more. The judge has the power to choose whichever condition would be the fate of the defendant. In a situation where this defendant fails to do as they are told and complete their probation conditions, then the judge has the power to revoke such probation and they get to complete their suspended sentences in prison which could be up to a period of 6 months.


Is Illegal carrying of weapons in Louisiana considered to be a crime of violence?

In the state of Louisiana, the illegal carrying of weapons is not considered to be a crime of violence.


How About Your Criminal Record?

You might be wondering how it would look on the criminal record that you have been carrying illegal weapons around and you might also wonder if it can be removed from your criminal record and the answer is yes. However, this depends on the case and how the illegal carrying of weapons was carried out. It also depends on how it was handled in court before the case of expungement can be brought up.


There are also a number of circumstances that must be considered before a person’s criminal record can be altered and a criminal case expunged. The process by which all these are handled and carried out is known as an expungement. For this to begin, the defendant would have to file a motion that prompts the expungement in order to remove a criminal case from the entry.


Criminal Defense Attorney in Alexandria, Louisiana

In Louisiana, the case of illegal carrying of the weapon is taken seriously and when it is a felony, it gets all the worse and that is why you need to act and fast at that. If you need a criminal a defense attorney in court to defend you in the most aggressive manner possible and either get your case dropped entirely or reduced as much as possible, Carl Barkemeyer is at your beck and call. We understand how difficult it is for a person to face criminal charges and that is why we work with a great team that begins working on your case as soon as possible.


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