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There are a lot of things that could put you behind bars in the state of Louisiana and one of those encompasses the illegal use of weapons. When a person gets convicted for the illegal use of weapons, the next best thing is to contact a criminal defense attorney to help them out in their case.


This is why here at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal defense attorney, we strive to get you the best results in Alexandria. The illegal use of the weapon is charged as a felony and that depends on all the evidence and facts surrounding a gun charge as the case may be. An individual could face up to 2 years in prison for such a case and can even be as much as life in prison. In a situation where the weapon was used to commit other crimes, they shall be charged separately and penalties can be a lot harsher.


What is Illegal Use of Weapons in Louisiana?

The illegal use of weapons can be defined as knowingly carrying and using a gun in an illegal manner. It is the discharging of any firearm or the placing, throwing or using any substance that could result in death or serious bodily injury to another human being. Whichever the case is, such a crime is seriously prosecuted in the state of Louisiana and most times, charges exist in a situation where there is shooting from the defendant when they should have to know that such an action could lead to or cause harm to another person.


An individual can get charged even if they were shooting for fun but a house that happens to be close enough to collect a bullet exists. Another case where this can happen is when an individual fires a gun up in them as they can be charged for this as well. This law created to ensure the safety of innocent bystanders and prevent the danger of anyone being struck by a bullet even as a mistake.


What are the Penalties Involved?

There are quite a lot of cases that could lead to penalties and these penalties include fines which are not up to a thousand dollars or prison sentences which could come with or without hard labor. In some cases, it could be both due to the situations surrounding crime and when it is classified as a felony. Any individual who commits such a crime of an illegal use of weapon or is found guilty for discharging of a firearm from even a moving motor vehicle in a public area or a highway or anywhere people are or would most likely be and where there is a cause to injure, frighten or even harm another human being can face such penalties such as imprisonment with hard labor for a period of not more than 5 years and also not more than 10 years without the benefit of suspension of their sentence as well as probation.


The penalties involved could also be worse if it is discovered that the defendant mage the use of weapons in order to commit a crime. When an individual gets a second conviction, the offender shall then get prison sentence with hard labor for a period of nothing less than 5 years and nothing more than 7 years and they shall not hat a benefit of probation or even a suspension of their sentence.


However, this isn’t applicable in situations where there are more than 5 years since their last conviction. After this period has elapsed, it is then considered as a new conviction and not subsequent ways. This means that they shall be charged as though it is their first crime. A good lawyer would be able to explain all of this to you in detail so you know which applies to your case and how.


Other things you should know of illegal use of weapons included the use of weapons as well as dangerous instrumentalities. This is to be intentional as well as the negligent discharge of firearms in a criminal manner or placing such substances or items in a place where they could lead to danger such as death or serious bodily harm to another individual. It is also very important to note that you have the right to a criminal defense attorney if you are charged with any of this in Alexandria and Louisiana as a whole. Getting a skilled lawyer who can help you make a difference and produce better outcomes is the best next step to take.


When approached by the arresting officers, asking to speak to your lawyer is the best as anything you do or say will definitely be used against you in the court of law and even if they insist and ask you questions, stand your ground and don’t bulge regardless.


Criminal Defense Lawyer in Alexandria, Louisiana

The stare of Louisiana has its strict laws which can lead to serious penalties. You need a criminal defense attorney to be able to represent you in the court of law. Here at Carl Barkemeyer, we have a working team that ensures you get the most aggressive representation in the most accurate way possible.


We understand how difficult it can be for a person to face criminal charges as it can prevent them from having the best quality of life due to some factors which can include the inability to get a job or can even make them lose their jobs as the case may be. This is why we also work to ensure your criminal record is expunged and you don’t have to be worried about the stigma that accompanies the crime.


Calling us immediately you’ve been charged for crime makes us begin working on your case immediately with investigators and the most efficient team you can ask for. So, if you or any of your loved one is being charged for a case of illegal use of guns or any other case in Alexandria or entire Louisiana.


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