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Often referred to as official misconduct, Malfeasance in Office is a crime committed by an office or businessperson who has failed to conduct him/herself appropriately in an office environment. It is a serious crime in the state of Louisiana which makes it a grave crime in Alexandria. If ever you are invited to Alexandria city court on account of a Malfeasance in Office charge, you’ll need an aggressive lawyer to defend your civil rights. As cliché as this may sound, not having a lawyer for your court hearing, especially when you are charged with a Malfeasance in Office crime, can expose you to harsh penalties. Not just any lawyer, but a lawyer that has acquired a wealth of knowledge in Malfeasance in Office prosecution and defense.

Malfeasance in Office is no joke, and unless you get a lawyer that can scrutinize the nitty-gritty details of your case until a favorable outcome is achieved, you’ll have a hard time escaping its grievous consequences. That’s why the entryways of the Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney firm is opened for your sake at Alexandria. So, if ever you or your friend gets involved with a Malfeasance in Office case in Alexandria call Mr. Barkemeyer for help.


How the state of Louisiana defines the Malfeasance in Office crime?

Ignorance is no defense in Louisiana city courts, and as such, the state provides specific definitions for each punishable crime within its provinces. Thus, the terms of your sentence and the chance you have at winning the Malfeasance in Office case will be derivative of the definition of the subject-matter crime. In order words, you need a lawyer who understands the law and can interpret it well in court for your defense.


How does Louisiana define Malfeasance in Office?

The state of Louisiana defines the Malfeasance in Office crime as an offense committed by a public employee/officer who fails to execute his or her duties or illicitly does them. Two things stand out from this definition; “will” and “position”. Thus, for a defendant to be found guilty of the Malfeasance in Office crime he/she must willfully refuse or act illicitly at work. In this way, if the defendant finds a lawyer that can provide reasonable shreds of evidence that shows that the refusal to carry out a duty on his/her part was without intent, the court may grant him/her a favorable outcome. With Mr. Carl Barkemeyer working on the details of your case, you may secure such a favorable outcome during your hearing in court.


You are liable for the crime if an employee under your authority is caught with a Malfeasance in Office arrest

If you think your subordinate getting arrested on account of a Malfeasance in Office charge gets you in the clear, think again. You are not only liable for the Malfeasance in Office crime when it’s you who refused to carry out a task specified in your contract. In Louisiana, you also commit the office misconduct crime when you permit your subordinate to act inappropriately at work. Unless you hire an aggressive attorney to back you up in court, you can expose yourself to the same grievous consequences associated with a self-indulged Malfeasance in Office crime. At the end of the day, you may incur an exorbitant cash fine, community service, or worse get sent to prison. Yet, that is not all. When it comes to the potential consequences associated with a Malfeasance in Office conviction, the list goes on and on. Keep in mind that a conviction of any kind in Alexandria will make it difficult for you to secure a job, loan, or mortgage. Life is complicated as it is, so why expose yourself to the harsh consequences of a Malfeasance in Office conviction when you can hire Mr. Carl Barkemeyer to work on your case.


What happens to your P.O.S.T certification after a Malfeasance in Office conviction? 

As a P.O.S.T certified peace officer, you may be wondering whether or not an official misconduct conviction will affect your certification. Well, you guessed right. If you are a peace officer (reserve, part-time, or full-time), and you are convicted of the official misconduct crime, your P.O.S.T certification may be confiscated. Absent an aggressive attorney, you may also incur a lengthy prison sentence of up to 5 years. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the case, the sentence may also include hard labor. The bottom line is that there is no favorable outcome when it comes to an office misconduct conviction, save the one secured by your attorney. That’s why it is imperative to have the Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal defense Attorney firm working on your case. 


Other potential punishments for Malfeasance in Office conviction in Alexandria

Absent the help of an aggressive and determined attorney, the potential punishments for a Malfeasance in Office conviction can b grievous. Not to talk of the post-conviction consequences of the crime. This is regardless of whether the crime was self-indulged or incited. If you or your employee (after receiving the go-ahead from you) is convicted for committing the Malfeasance in Office crime, you’ll suffer the following consequences.

Make restitution for the loss caused by your refusal to perform your public office duties: If ever you get convicted for refusing to perform your duties as a public officer, the court may ask you to make restitution for the damage caused by your refusal to perform such duties. In the end, this may result in exorbitant cash fines. 
Pay a cash fine of up to $5000
Incarceration: you may be sent to prison to serve a term of up to 5 years, which may or may not include hard labor. 


Criminal Defense in Alexandria, Louisiana

When you are caught with a Malfeasance in Office arrest in Alexandria or anywhere else in Louisiana, there is only one thing you can do; call a lawyer. Not just any lawyer, but an aggressive and experienced lawyer that won’t back down from a fight until a favorable outcome is achieved.

Our doors are opened wide for your sake and we are ready to help you with your case. Call or visit us today, and Mr. Carl Barkemeyer will ensure that you get a fair trial. 


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