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As the world’s interest in marijuana and the numerous benefits it offers continue to increase, people are beginning to clamor for the legalization of this addictive drug. But while the use of marijuana may be permitted across other facets of the globe, it is considered illegal to possess, own, or distribute certain ounces of the drug in Louisiana. Not minding how Marijuana is widely used across many states in the United States, and how proponents of marijuana legalization hype its potency against selected diseases. It is considered a crime in Alexandria to have such a drug in your possession. If you are found guilty of this crime, the penalties will be severe.

On the other hand, not all marijuana offenses can expose you to the harsh penalties of the law; only those that you have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be guilty of committing. To put this in simpler words, it means that the prosecutor must prove to the court that you are guilty of possessing, distributing, or purchasing marijuana before you can be convicted for the crime. The good news, however, is that the state of Louisiana gives accused persons the chance to defend their freedom in court before a verdict will be passed. This is where having an aggressive attorney can work in your favor. With an aggressive and determined lawyer fighting for your rights in court, a favorable outcome will not be far away.


How Louisiana defines marijuana offenses and its implications

When it comes to the definition and implication of a Marijuana conviction in Alexandria, everything is specified in Louisiana revised statutes 40:966. Based on the definition provided in this section of the public health and safety law, anyone caught manufacturing, distributing, possessing, or purchasing marijuana will be arrested on account of a marijuana crime. Synthetic cannabinoids and marijuana both fall under the Schedule I drugs, and as such, possession to produce, sell, or dispense marijuana, will expose you to the harsh penalties purported for schedule I offenders. Unless you have been authorized to possess, distribute, or consume the drug, willful possession of marijuana in Alexandria will expose you to grievous consequences. The smartest thing to do when this happens is to contact an aggressive lawyer to take up your case. This is where Mr. Carl Barkemeyer’s experience can make a difference.

Regardless of where you are in Louisiana, the path to justice remains the same. You must prove to the court beyond a reasonable doubt that you deserve your freedom and integrity. Then and only then can you secure a favorable outcome in your case. In this way, whether you are guilty or not guilty of the crime labeled against you will be derivative of your lawyer’s argument in court.


Marijuana conviction in Alexandria

The legal ramifications for a marijuana conviction in Alexandria are vast. But while you may expect the worst-case scenario of the charge to be a term served in prison, a Marijuana conviction can be much more

grievous. Marijuana is a Schedule I drug, and as such, it will expose you to a lengthy sentence, exorbitant cash fines, and other post-prison consequences.


How is the sentence determined?

Before a verdict would be passed on an accused person, the pieces of evidence obtained from the site of arrest will be examined by the prosecutor and the defendant’s attorney. This evidence may include the quantity of marijuana found in the accused’s possession and the weapon found in the defendant’s custody at the time of the arrest. On the off chance, that the defendant was involved with a minor at the time of the arrest, it will also appear on the record. Put together, these pieces of evidence can send you to jail. Not unless you have an aggressive lawyer supporting you in court.

potential penalties for First-time offenders

If you are accused of a marijuana crime in Alexandria for the first time, you stand a better chance of escaping the reprimands of the law. With the help of an aggressive lawyer, of course. On the other hand, the quantity of marijuana found in your possession will determine the gravity of your punishment. In general, first-time offenders of the marijuana drug crime shall incur a fine of not above five hundred dollars and a prison sentence of not above 6 months.


Second-time offenders

Second-time offenders, on the other hand, will have to deal with harsher penalties. The potential penalties for second-time offenders of the marijuana drug crime may include a cash fine of $200 to $2,000 and a prison sentence of not more than 5 years. Depending on the gravity of your offense, you can also incur both penalties.


Third/ subsequent offenders

It gets worse for third or subsequent offenders. When you have two prior marijuana convictions on your record, the potential punishments for a conviction will be harsher. On the off chance that you get convicted for a marijuana offense, following your second conviction for the crime, you shall incur a cash fine of up to $5,000, which may accompany a prison sentence of up to 20 years. The prison sentence may or may not include hard labor, and you may be forced to pay the cash fine whilst serving the sentence.


Offenders on Probation

Not all marijuana convictions end with you going to jail. Sometimes the punishment is an imposed probation, community service, or house arrest. On the off chance that the court puts you on probation following a marijuana drug conviction, a court-approved substance abuse program will be imposed on you. On top of that, you’ll be forced to perform four 8-hour days’ community service. Also, all the probation-related costs and expenses will be imposed on you.


Who to call for help

Have you been filed for a marijuana drug offense in Alexandria? Don’t fret, Mr. Carl Barkemeyer and the team of aggressive attorneys at the Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney firm are here to support you. Here at the Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney, we find fulfillment in helping our clients secure the most favorable outcomes in their court case. Mr. Carl Barkemeyer is well versed in the defense and prosecution of marijuana cases in Alexandria, and he’ll work round the clock until a favorable outcome is achieved in your case.


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