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Getting arrested for a crime in Alexandria can be terrifying, regardless of the charge that accompanies the arrest. On the off chance that you have been subpoenaed to appear in front of a judge and jury for a misdemeanor offense in Alexandria, there is a high likelihood that you may incur a jail term, lose your license, get fired, or pay exorbitant cash fines, depending on the circumstances surrounding your case. But then again, these outcomes occur only during your first conviction; subsequent convictions will expose you to direr outcomes. If you are prosecuted for a misdemeanor crime in Alexandria, it’ll appear on your record, and you’ll have to deal with other life-changing penalties besides jail.


With everything at stake, you can’t afford to walk into the courtroom without securing the help of an aggressive and experienced lawyer. So if ever you get arrested for committing a misdemeanor crime in Alexandria, call Mr. Carl Barkemeyer. When it comes to misdemeanor cases, every detail counts. That’s why it is imperative to hire a lawyer that knows the law and has acquired a wealth of experience in the defense and prosecution of the subject-matter crime. Mr. Carl Barkemeyer knows the law, and you can trust him to use his law acumen to stir the case in a positive direction.


What is a Misdemeanor offense?

Misdemeanor offenses, in general, are crimes that are perceived to be lesser than felony crimes. Albeit a misdemeanor crime can send you to the four walls of the prison and expose you to other life-altering consequences that are associated with a felony conviction, the potential punishment for the crime is lighter than the felony crimes. In Alexandria and Louisiana as a whole, Misdemeanor crimes are specified in the state laws and would be charged accordingly to the reservations of the law. Nevertheless, the potential sentence for the commission of the crime will be shorter compared to the felony crime.


Types of misdemeanor crimes in Alexandria 

· DWI/DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol):

DWI crimes are generally considered misdemeanor crimes in Louisiana, and Mr. Carl Barkemeyer can help you with this sort of misdemeanor charge. You’ll be arrested for a DWI crime in Alexandria if you are caught driving whilst intoxicated. In some cases, the officer may arrest you for DWI if you are caught behind the wheel of a movable with the key in the ignition. But regardless of whether you are found driving or sitting behind the wheel of a running movable under the influence of alcohol, you’ll need a lawyer to defend the charge. That is where the brilliant attorneys at the Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal defense Attorney comes in. Here at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney, we are committed to helping clients secure the most favorable outcome in their court cases, regardless of the nature of the charge. We do this by scrutinizing every piece of incriminatory evidence filed against you, to ascertain that there are no inconsistencies in your case.

· Harassment:

In Louisiana and some other states in the US, harassment is looked up as a misdemeanor crime. Nevertheless, in some cases, harassment crime can be defined to mean a felony crime in Alexandria. In this way, exposing the offender to direr and lengthier sentences. But then again, the length of a sentence is not the main area of concern, rather the detrimental effect that a harassment conviction will have on your career and life, in general. You’ll be charged for this crime if you are caught pestering another over the phone or in-person to make the other feel uncomfortable or scared. For this charge to stick, the prosecutor must prove that the harassment was intentional. Also, he/she must provide evidence condemning you for making harsh or harassing utterances at the victim.

· Simple Battery:

Simple battery crime falls under the misdemeanor crime category, and as such, offenders of the crime will be at risk of the consequences purported for a misdemeanor conviction. A simple battery is a criminal offense committed by an individual intentionally on another, thereby inflicting unlawful physical harm on the other. This charge is very rampant in Alexandria and it’s a particular area of interest for the aggressive attorneys at the Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney. If you are faced with this crime in Alexandria, don’t fret; Call Mr. Barkemeyer for help.

· Criminal trespass

This is another misdemeanor crime you can be charged for committing in Alexandria. If you don’t make quick strides to hire a lawyer, this crime may not expose you to a lengthy prison sentence and exorbitant cash fines.

· Simple possession of marijuana

Louisiana has strict laws restricting the use and distribution of marijuana across its province. Thus if you are caught possessing, purchasing, handling, or consuming marijuana in the state, you’ll be invited to court to defend your rights. While you may be tempted to appear in court without a lawyer, Simple possession of Marijuana crime is not to be taken lightly. This offense will not only expose you to heavy cash fines, but it can also send you to prison. Marijuana cases are complex cases, as the quantity of the products found in your possession and the previous convictions on your record can increase the potential punishments of its conviction. That’s why you must hire a lawyer with extensive knowledge in Louisiana laws before visiting the court to defend your case.


Potential punishments for Misdemeanor offenders

Generally, Misdemeanor convictions are not as intense as felony convictions. However, without the help of a competent attorney, it will be difficult to escape or reduce the potential punishments of a misdemeanor offense. While you may not know this, even the misdemeanor offenses listed above can be regarded as felony charges depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest. All the more reason why you should choose a lawyer with an extensive list of accomplishments in Alexandria legal practices.

Mr. Carl Barkemeyer is always ready to help; Call us today for a hitch-free trial process and secure the most favorable outcome permitted by the law.


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