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Obscenity in Louisiana is a felony offense. If you are arrested for obscenity, you’ll need a lawyer to defend your innocence in court. The crime of obscenity is the willful exposure of your private organs in a public environment to arouse sexual desires or prurient interest in another.

You may also be arrested for committing this crime if you are caught promoting, distributing, participating, sponsoring, or engaging in hardcore sexual activity that the average citizen might find offensive or appealing to prurient interest. Regardless of whether the promotional material that you are caught circulating or promoting is between humans or animals, you could be penalized.  To avoid the potential punishments associated with an obscenity charge, call a lawyer to defend you in court.  Mr. Carl Barkemeyer has acquired a wealth of experience in this subject and can provide the insight needed to stir your case in a positive direction.


How Louisiana defines Obscenity 

Simply put, obscenity is the commission of indecent acts where the pubic hair, breasts, vulva, genitals, or nipples of participants are exposed to arouse prurient interest. It can also refer to the stimulation, animation, flagellation, or torture of these parts in a public environment. You may also incur the harsh penalties purported for offenders of this crime if you are caught masturbating, or performing other lustful acts (as specified in the RS 14:106 of the Louisiana law) in public to arouse sexual or lustful desires in others. But that is not all.

You may have to deal with the potential consequences of an obscenity crime if you are caught selling, allocating, advertising, exhibiting, or displaying obscene materials for manufacture, electronic communication, promotion, allocation, printing, or publication of indecent materials.

Obscene material, in this case, refers to any touchable thing or work that has been determined by the trier of facts to arouse sexual desire in an average person applying modern community standards. If you are caught distributing these indecent materials or acquiring them for resale purposes, you’ll be filed for obscenity violation. Without the help of an aggressive lawyer in court, you may incur the harsh penalties of this crime. It should be known also, that anyone caught in Alexandria soliciting or enticing an unmarried person under the age of 17 to participate in the behaviors described in the first three paragraphs of the RS 14:106 of the Louisiana law will face the chastisement of the law.


Sexually violent materials and Obscenity 

Another thing that can make you culpable of the Obscenity crime, is if you are caught advertising, distributing, publishing, or reselling sexually violent materials within the surrounding areas of Alexandria. “Violent materials”, as defined by the RS 14:106 of the Louisiana law, is any touchable thing or work that has been determined by the trier of facts to depict or stimulate patently offensive acts of violence in an average person applying modern community standards. That is; demeanors promoting Sadomasochistic abuse, torture, whipping, or mutilation of the genitals. If you are caught participating in any of the aforementioned acts, you’ll be subpoenaed to court to answer for your supposed participation in the act.

You should know, however, that anyone who has prior knowledge of the content of a sexually-explicit advertisement and transmits the indecent Ad without including ADV-ADULT in the subject line of the Ad will be penalized for obscenity. The “subject line”, as defined in the RS 14:106 of the Louisiana law, is the area specified for the summary of an electronic message or advertisement. Likewise, sexually explicit contents refer to the graphical representation of sex, which may include audio, pictures, or texts; portraying sexual activities; nakedness; or sex-focused languages.


The ideal defense for an Obscenity charge

When it comes to the Obscenity defense in Alexandria, the ideal thing to do is to hire a lawyer to back you up in court. If you think that your ignorance of the age or marital status of the parties involved will get you in the good graces of the judge and jury, think again. In Alexandria and Louisiana as a whole, lack of knowledge does not constitute a defense. However, if while acting in your capacity as an employee of a company involved in the distribution, production, promotion, or resale of obscene materials, you are arraigned for obscenity. Your employer will incur the full costs of your defense, including attorney fees and other tangible fees. Likewise, if you are just a movie projector operator in a fully licensed theater and you are caught on account of obscenity while acting in the scope of your contract, the court may have mercy on you. Because the reservations listed in the RS 14:106 of the Louisiana law does not apply to established and recognized quasi-governmental sponsored organizations, hospitals, medical clinics, governmental agencies, physicians, public libraries, churches, schools, museums, and the employees of such institutions.


Potential punishments for the Obscenity crime conviction 

The potential punishment of an obscenity crime conviction may vary depending on the number of times the accused has been convicted for the crime, and the parties involved in the commission of the crime. in General, first-time offenders of the obscenity crime may incur a cash fine of not less than $1000 and not more than 3 years’ imprisonment, with or without hard labor. It gets worse for second and third-time offenders. Absent the help of a well-accomplished criminal defense attorney like Mr. Carl Barkemeyer, the accused may incur up to $10,000 cash fine which may accompany up to 5 years’ prison sentence. 


What to do

Obscenity is a serious crime in Louisiana, and as such, you mustn’t treat your case with levity. If you or someone you love gets arrested for committing obscenity in Alexandria, call Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney.


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