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There is little difference between a Possession With Intent To Distribute charge and a possession charge in Alexandria. If the prosecution team can't prove the former, it usually falls back to the latter charge. The latter charge usually comes with a lesser penalty compared with the former.


Proving Drug Possession With Intent to Distribute in Alexandria

In Alexandria, it is important to note that this charge is not taken lightly. It is a serious one that needs a drug possession with intent to distribute lawyers in Alexandria like Carl Barkemeyer to represent you.

There is a serious crackdown on drug usage, cultivation, production, distribution, sales and so on. This is because drugs come with bad effects. They can be addictive and can leave the users in a critical state in the hospital. To prevent this, Alexandria authorities do not joke with those that have been arrested and charged for this crime. Under no condition should you try to talk your way out of this crime.

When you are arrested for this crime, the prosecutors and offers try their best to amass evidence against you. The prosecutor tries to build up a formidable case against you and ensures that he can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you possessed the drug with intent to distribute in Alexandria.

Do not buy the lies of the authorities that they want to prove you innocent of the crime. Drug cases are successful climbers for officers, prosecutors and even judges that want to advance their political ambition.

Do not use the court-appointed attorney for such a case, as he or she will be swamped with a lot of cases and may pay little or no attention to yours.

You need a determined drug possession with intent to distribute a lawyer in Alexandria to represent you. Though you may face intimidating officers and prosecutors, a defense team like Carl Barkemeyer's team can help.


What You Should Do Once You Are Arrested For Drug Possession With Intent To Sell In Alexandria



Keep Mute

Explaining yourself to an officer does nothing good for you if you have been arrested for a crime. To prove yourself innocent, you may end up saying things that would worsen the case. You may end up agreeing with them that you truly possessed the drug and had the intention to distribute, which will get them the evidence that they need to slam dunk the case. No matter how high the urge for you to explain what happened to the officer is, keep mute and wait for Carl Barkemeyer, your possession with intent to distribute lawyer in Alexandria. It is only your lawyer that you are allowed to be truthful and forthcoming too. Carl analyses the facts of the case and looks for a defense for you.


Calm Yourself

Whether you are innocent or not, you have to be calm. It is no news that once we arrested for a crime that we didn't commit, we tend to flare up, trying to break things in our wake. We may be tempted to fight off the officers and do other dumb things. Carrying out any of those dumb thoughts at that moment could worsen the care for you.

Shouting will do you more harm than good. When you start insulting or talking down at the officers, the urge they have to send you to jail increases. Instead of focusing on the possession with intent to distribute charge, they try to beat the bush to see what falls out. This goes a long way to worsen the case for you.


Avoid The Urge To Resist The Arrest

People especially the jury tend to see resisting an arrest as an admission of guilt. It could be that you panicked. It could be that you felt you were innocent. It could be that you feared for your life, but they may not see it that way.

It is like hitting more nails to the coffin that you are in. You end up worsening the situation, as it gives them the evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you resisted arrest because you are guilty. When the prosecution team can't hold you, they tend to resort to resisting an officer as a reason to hold you.


Elements the Prosecution Must Prove

Before one can be convicted of possession with intent to distribute, the prosecution has to prove some elements beyond a reasonable doubt. If he or she can't, it may be dropped to a possession charge, which comes with a lesser sentence. Why is this so? A possession crime occurs when someone is caught with illegal drugs or prescription drugs without the needed prescription. In this case, the drugs you had were for your usage and you had no intention to sell them. You are not a drug pusher or trafficker. The penalty for this may be some fines, community service, a period in a drug rehabilitation sentence or a light prison sentence.

If, on the other hand, it is proven that there is intent to distribute the drugs that you had in your possession, it is a different ball game. Judges are known to offer stricter sentences to those that fall into this league. This is why a lot of prosecution teams want to worsen a possession charge to possession with intent to distribute in Alexandria.


How do they prove this?

The prosecutor has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused had the substance that is illegal. Some defense lawyers try to poke holes into the prosecution case that the said substance is a controlled one.

The prosecutor might try to state that there existed the following when the drug burst happened:

Guns, money, business cards, packaging bags, weighing machines, paraphernalia, that the drug was in large quantities, and so on.

Immediately you are arrested for drug possession with intent to distribute charge in Alexandria, call Carl Barkemeyer to represent you immediately.


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