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When you are battling with a theft charge, it is important that you immediately contact a Theft Lawyer in Alexandria: Carl Barkemeyer, the Criminal Defense Attorney to represent you.

It is no news that if you are convicted for a theft crime, you will lose virtually everything. Sometimes, people are convicted and given sentences that are way more than they should have. This may be because overzealous officers and prosecutors were pursuing the case. It could be because the accused had a crappy theft lawyer in Alexandria. It could also be because the judge wanted to make an example with the said defendant to dispel others from following their lane. It could be because any of the aforementioned persons want to improve their political career or climb up the ladder of success, hence, those that they feel are guilty have to pay. It could also be because the defendant handed the case to them on a platter of gold because he refused to have a defense team or he blurted things out without his lawyer present.

To prevent all these, you need a Theft Lawyer in Alexandria like Carl Barkemeyer, the Criminal Defense Attorney to represent you.

Immediately you are arrested, the first thing that you should do is contact a lawyer immediately. Under no condition should you start blabbing, trying to convince the officer that you are innocent. You may end up saying things that could be used against you in a court of law. Once your Miranda Rights have been read, the next thing you should do is request to have your lawyer present and keep mute until your lawyer comes.

Many law enforcement officers know that once the theft lawyer in Alexandria comes in, they won't get anything from the defendant. Usually, most theft cases won't have been lost by the defendant, if only, they had kept mute and waited for their attorney. The officers play mind games on those arrested, trying to get them to talk, pitting them against others to see who would talk first. This ends up digging a deep hole for themselves.

Sometimes, you may hear the officer say how they are interested in getting you out of the mess if you help them. This is usually untrue. They have no intention of making you seem innocent. They want to close an open case, and whoever seems guilty for it should go, even when there are doubts that you may be innocent.

The more cases one closes, the greater the chance that they would climb up the ladder of success. You are more or less a part of the statistics for them. It is only your theft lawyer in Alexandria that is genuinely interested in getting you out of the charge or getting you a plea deal.



What Is A Plea Deal?

Sometimes, the evidence against the defendant may be so overwhelming that even a blind man would be able to see that if it went to court, the defendant would be found guilty, and put behind bars for a long time. In this case, a plea deal has to be struck. Both sides will come together and see if they can work a deal that wouldn't end up in them spending time in court. This benefits both sides. For the side of the state, they do not have to spend a lot of money, trying to convict someone. Trials cost money, and the state loves plea deals because it cuts down on how much has to be spent in handling a criminal charge. It also cuts down on how much the accused has to spend on lawyer bills and so on.

Apart from that, the defendant tends to get a better sentence, accommodation and so on, if agreed upon.

If after deliberation nothing was agreed upon, the next line of action is to take it to court. If the prosecution team is making unnecessary demands that the defense team doesn't fancy, they can decide to take it to court and see if they can win.

Plea deals are used only in certain situations when it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty of the crime.

If it can't be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, the right action may be to take it to court and try to poke loopholes into the case.

Under no condition should you try to take a plea deal if you are representing yourself. Many prosecutors do not fancy dealing with self-representing clients in plea deals. They prefer to take the case to court because they feel it would be a slam dunk win for them. They feel that the person self-representing themselves would be clueless about what the law says, the intricacies of the case and so on.

They feel that winning the case would be like taking candy from the mouth of a baby. Why then should they waste their time on a plea deal?

Most people that self-represent themselves in a theft case are usually seen as proud people by the judges. If found guilty, they may want to use you to make an example.


What Happens When You Are Convicted

If you are convicted of stealing, there are a number of things that will befall you.

You will have to pay fines, and even spend time in jail. Your jail sentence is dependent on how much you stole if you were violent and carried a weapon during the theft. It also includes if anyone was hurt, if a kid was involved and if you are a repeat offender. The court doesn't take likely to repeat offenders, especially when they are violent.

Apart from the sentencing, there are other issues that you may face if convicted.

You tend to lose your reputation. Someone that has been convicted of a theft charge won't have any reputation amongst others. What about the fact that getting job opportunities in the future would be limited?

This is why you need a criminal defense attorney like Carl Barkemeyer to represent you. 


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