Are Jail Records Public Information?

You may be wondering are jail records public information? Here, we will try to answer this very common question about what information the public can easily access.

Many people want to start their lives over and want to begin again after having problems with the law. However, do those jail records remain open to the public? Can anyone access jail records? That is what we will be discussing in this article.

Background Information 

It is estimated that over two million Americans are incarcerated at any given point. Each inmate will be serving different periods of time for their crime. Some will serve a few months, while others will be staying there their entire life. 

Prison or jail is not a beautiful place to be. You are separated from your loved ones and your friends. You cannot do the things that you normally would do. This is extremely hard on many inmates. However, the worst part is the arrest. It is often stressful. 

In fact, many people do not know how to function outside of their cells once they leave. It is especially hard when you have a criminal record to get a job. Many people will move on with life and get their life on track. However, many people will feel like their past haunts them. It makes it hard for former inmates to get jobs, relationships, or do much of anything. 

Public Information 

Jail records are available to the public. They are public information. These records are often referred to as a criminal record. You may also hear them referred to as rap sheets. This is because it has everything bad you have done in your life in one spot. 

These records will have all the information from federal, state, and local. This includes all arrests. This information is available to anyone. It is especially easy now that we all have internet. It is as simple as going online and typing in a name. 

How Far Back Can an Employer Check?

This is a common question that is asked by those who are applying for new jobs with a criminal background. Employers in Louisiana cannot legally go back more than seven years. They cannot look at anything older than seven years. However, this does not mean that they do not see your criminal background. You do have every right to see the background check that an employer may run on you. Do not hesitate to ask for it. This should explain even more about the question are jail records public information.

Finding Jail Records 

You can easily do background or criminal checks on anyone. With the internet, life is made much easier. You will often find people looking up someone they have just met or have met online. Many people do this to ensure that they are safe to meet someone. 

When a name is typed into the web, people can see a lot about a person if they do have a jail record. It will include all the times they were arrested, mugshots, any warrants, and much more. This makes it much easier for people and businesses to determine who people are. 

How to Find a Jail Record in Louisiana 

You can go through the state police to get a background check service done. You can send the form to the state or complete this online. You may also use other third-party websites or applications that have access to this information. 

You will also be able to use the state police to look for arrest records. You will find the date that the person was arrested, the time, the officer, and any additional information such as a mugshot. 

In Louisiana, Can I Get a Jail Record? 

An act called The Louisiana Public Records Act will allow anyone to request or obtain jail records or criminal reports. These reports will come from anywhere in Louisiana where cases have occurred and any other areas. 

This act was put into place to benefit the people and help stop corruption. It also has helped many people determine who people they meet are. 

Jail Records Are Public Information

Taking the time to look at arrest records and prison records is important. You never know who you are going to meet. You also do not know who people are. It is one of the easiest ways to determine if someone has a criminal past or not. Simply look up their jail records. This can be done online very easily. Plus, no matter what, you will see all the prior crimes committed. This may help you determine if you want to go on a date or if you would rather stay at home. It may help you determine if you want to hire someone or if they are not the best fit for the position. After all, you never know.

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You should now better understand the question are jail records public information and we wish you all the best.


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