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Louisiana Bench Warrants: All You Need to Know

Warrants in Louisiana explained.

Arrest Warrant and Bench Warrant Lawyer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Carl Barkemeyer has helped many clients avoid obtaining bench warrants by appearing in court for the client. He attends court for clients that live out of town and cannot appear in court for misdemeanor charges. He has also been able to get bench warrants recalled, therefore, keeping his clients from going to jail.

If the warrant is a Louisiana bench warrant, it is likely that you failed to make it to court, so the judge issued a bench warrant. This warrant will not go away until you handle it. Depending on the type of charge and the specific circumstances of your case, Mr. Barkemeyer may be able to handle the warrant for you. In many other instances, you will be required to go back to court to answer the warrant. An experienced criminal attorney will know what steps to take and how to proceed in recalling the warrant and minimizing your exposure to bench warrants.

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The Barkemeyer Law Firm helps clients get warrants recalled.

Arrest Warrant and Bench Warrants in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Warrants are a very important tactic for requiring offenders to appear in court after they have been charged with a crime and must appear for their trial. However, oftentimes, people who live far away from where the crime took place or do not have means to get to the courthouse need someone to fill in for them during the court appearance. It is important to have someone there representing you in court because if you miss out on a court appearance after being served a bench warrant Louisiana for failure to appear, the consequences could become even more dire and more penalties could get added on.

When someone is unable to make their court appearance, that is when a criminal defense attorney like Carl Barkemeyer step in to represent their clients in court. Mr. Barkemeyer is an experienced criminal defense attorney in Baton Rouge, Louisiana who has served many clients by representing them in court once a warrant has been served. Sometimes, warrants can also be recalled depending on the type of warrant, which will help you by not forcing you to go to jail right away.

Mr. Barkemeyer and his legal team have a deep knowledge of the Louisiana legal system so they can aid you in handling your warrants and working with you through the court process. If you have recently received a warrant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, contact Carl Barkemeyer for legal assistance to help you in your trial and to better understand how to handle your Louisiana warrants for your arrest.

What is an Arrest Warrant?

There are two main types of warrants that can be served to you in the state of Louisiana. The first type of warrant is known as an arrest warrant and is usually the more serious of the two. If there is an active arrest warrant for you after being charged with a crime, that means there has been an investigation concerning illegal activity involving you. Law enforcement detectives will obtain an arrest warrant and get it signed by a judge, after providing an affidavit of probable cause which outlines the alleged crime that you are charged with committing. If this is the case, you need an attorney to step in and walk you through the process.

The warrant will likely not go away until you handle it. If you attempt to evade the warrant or escape arrest than the penalties will likely be increased and you will be in more legal trouble. If you also attempt to skip out on your court appearance provided by the arrest warrant, then your punishment will be even more serious and you could be convicted of even more crimes than just the original one.

What is a Bench Warrant?

The second main type of warrant that exists in the state of Louisiana is called a bench warrant. A Louisiana bench warrant is typically known as slightly less serious than an arrest warrant because it does not necessarily mean you are under arrest when given the warrant. If have received a bench warrant, it is likely that you have a Louisiana failure to appear in court, so the judge issued a bench warrant. This warrant will not go away until you handle it.

Depending on the type of charge and the specific circumstances of your case, an experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to handle the warrant for you, which is where Mr. Barkemeyer can help you. In many other instances, you will be required to go back to court to answer the warrant. An experienced criminal attorney will know what steps to take and how to proceed in recalling the warrant and minimizing your exposure to bench warrants.

Both types of warrants should be taken very seriously because they both mean that you are most likely being investigated for a crime that you may or may not have committed. There are a couple big differences between an arrest warrant and a bench warrant, but both will require you or a representative to go to court for a court appearance about your case. It is vital that you do not try to evade the warrant or skip out on the court appearance because it can worsen your penalties as well.

How can we help?

The first step to defending yourself once served a warrant is to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. Being served with an arrest warrant or a bench warrant should not be taken lightly and should be handled with the aid of knowledgeable defense attorney like Carl Barkemeyer. It is important to understand why you are being served with the warrant and for what crime the warrant is being served for. This can be a confusing and complicated time, but this is where a criminal defense attorney like Mr. Barkemeyer can aid you in the court process and provide assistance throughout the trial.

If you attempt to evade the warrant or skip out on your court appearance, the punishment and penalties can be increased, making the case even harder to defend. However, if you cannot make your court appearance for valid reasons, then a representative like Carl Barkemeyer can appear in court for you so that you do not accrue even more penalties. These penalties can drastically hurt your future and hinder opportunities like employment and applying for school so it is vital that you or someone else is there to represent you in court when being served any type of warrant. If you have been served an arrest warrant or bench warrant in the Baton Rouge area of Louisiana, contact us at 225-964-6720 immediately for legal assistance so that we can aid you in your court case and help you through the trial process for any kind of crime that you are alleged to have committed.

If you have an arrest warrant or bench warrant, contact Carl Barkemeyer, Baton Rouge warrant lawyer at 225-964-6720.

5 Things to Know About Baton Rouge Warrants

A bench warrant in Baton Rouge and in other parts of the state is a serious offense but over the years most people have overlooked it for several reasons. One of the many reasons most people overlook this is because they do not have an idea of what a bench warrant is and how it should be handled. In this piece, we’ll take a look at some of the things you should know about a warrant in Baton Rouge.

  1. Why Do I Have A Warrant?
    While the type of warrant you have will determine your cause of action, you will receive a warrant if you’ve committed wrongdoing. This simply means that there has been an investigation into your affairs and they have been deemed illegal by the laws of the state. When you’re accused of committing an offense, the police officer or other law enforcement officers will need to have an arrest warrant that has been duly signed by the presiding judge with the illegal activity committed plainly written on it.

In situations like this, you’d be needing a lawyer to handle the case to ensure that you do not get to spend time in jail. You’d be issued a bench warrant if you fail to appear before a presiding judge in court. In addition to this, you’d be made to return to court once the bench warrant is issued to you. While the circumstances and situation have to be taken into consideration, Carl Barkemeyer a well-trained and experienced criminal defense attorney is capable of representing you in court. A criminal defense attorney with a couple of year’s experience in the industry would know the right steps to take to ensure that the bench warrant is recalled at the same time ensuring that your exposure to bench warrant is reduced to the barest minimum.

  1. What Are Warrants in Baton Rouge?
    Basically, warrants are tactics to get people to appear in court after they must have been charged with a crime. While it is important that offenders appear in court for trial, oftentimes, offenders that live far away from the court or those that are unable to make it there for any reason may require somebody to fill in for them during the court appearance. Unknown to most people, it is important that you have someone represent you in court if you can’t make it for any reason whatsoever. The failure to present yourself in court or have someone represent you will attract more penalties. To be on the safer side, it is important that you hire a criminal defense attorney who’d represent you in court.

Carl Barkemeyer one of the leading criminal defense attorneys in the country has extended his services to individuals in Baton Rouge. Over the years, he has helped quite a number of clients avoid bench warrant in other parts of the country.

  1. The Baton Rouge Arrest Warrant
    In Baton Rouge and in most parts of the country, there are two main types of warrants – the active arrest warrant and the bench warrant. The active arrest warrant has been identified to be the most serious of these warrants. If an individual is issued an active warrant, it means that they have been found wanting in one aspect or that they have committed a punishable offense against the state. For an active arrest warrant to be made, an offender will be issued a warrant that has been duly signed by the presiding judge. In addition to the signature of the presiding judge, an active arrest warrant must also contain an affidavit of the cause of illegal activity that the offender has been charged with.

It is important that you bear in mind that that arrest will not handle itself. You have to handle it as if you try to escape arrest, you be me given more punishments. In the event that you decide to skip your court appearance for any reason, it increases your chances of being convicted of more crime that you originally committed.

  1. Why You Should Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney?
    Most people have learned the hard way when it comes to hiring a defense attorney for your case. Some have had their lives ruined because of one simple mistake. To ensure that this does not happen to you, it is advised that you hire the services of a well-trained, experienced, and professional criminal defense attorney to represent your case in court once you are issued a warrant.

These criminal defense attorneys have spent a couple of years in the industry, thus, making them the best fit for handling all your criminal cases. These defense attorneys have been well-trained and are familiar with the criminal laws in the state. This knowledge of the various criminal laws will put them in a better position to handle your cases. As clearly stated earlier on, when it comes to hiring a well-trained, experienced, and professional defense attorney, it should be done as early as possible because it increases the chance of having your case presented in court.

  1. Getting the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Louisiana
    While there are a number of these criminal defense attorneys who claim to offer their clients professional service, only a few of them have lived up to that claim. One of these very few attorneys is Carl Barkemeyer. Currently one of the best defense attorneys in the country, Carl Barkemeyer has extended his defense practice and expertise to individuals in Baton Rouge. He has gathered a team of well-meaning, well mannered, professional, and experienced defense attorneys that are capable of representing you in court.

These defense attorneys are familiar with the various criminal laws in the state and are capable of exploiting tiny loopholes that may make the difference in your case. While we do not guarantee our clients 100% wins when it comes to handling their criminal cases, our team of experienced attorneys will ensure that they do all in their power to overturn your situation for the better.

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Arrest Warrant in Louisiana

Question and Answer

What is a bench warrant?

Bench warrant in Louisiana is an order by a judge authorizing law enforcement authorities to arrest the defendant, bring him/her to court, and have the defendant answer to the bench warrant. Bench warrants usually are ordered for failure to appear to court.

Can you check warrants online?

Yes, depending on the specific city or parish of the bench warrant. You may be able to check to see if you have a Baton Rouge bench warrant online here. You can check the specific court for other Louisiana bench warrants by going to clerk of court’s website for that court. For instance, if you received. A bench warrant in Livingston Parish, you’d want to know if the bench warrant is in the City of Denham Springs or Livingston District Court. As a general rule, if you have a bench warrant Louisiana for a felony, you will be in a District Court, not a City court. City courts only have misdemeanor bench warrants.

What are the types of warrants?

There are bench warrants and arrest warrants in Louisiana. Bench warrants usually are ordered for failure to appear to court. Judges can also issue bench warrants when the defendant fails to abide by bond conditions. Notice of the court date must have been given to the defendant for the court to appropriately issue a bench warrant. For a misdemeanor summons, notice of the court date is given on the bottom of the ticket where the defendant signed accepting notice of the court date. Sometimes, the Sheriff will give you notice of the court date by coming to your house and serving you.

Can a bench warrant be dropped?

Yes, bench warrants in Louisiana can be recalled by the judge in the judge’s discretion. Many times, clients will hire us to go to court for them in misdemeanor cases and ask the judge to recall the bench warrant. In felony cases, the defendant usually must appear before the judge along with his attorney to get the Louisiana bench warrant recalled.

How long does it take for a warrant to be issued?

Bench warrants in Louisiana are issued immediately in open court while the judge is in the bench. They may take some time before it hits the system so that law enforcement officers throughout the country will see it. Once they can see the bench warrant, if you get pulled over, even in another state, you could be arrested for the bench warrant Louisiana. You would then be detained and held for weeks in that state before Louisiana decides to come get you. This is a bad-case scenario. Therefore, don’t get bench warrants in Louisiana. If you do, be sure to hire a criminal defense attorney to help you get it recalled.

If you have a warrant, can you just pay it?

If you have a warrant for missing court, some jurisdictions will allow you to pay to recall the warrant. For instance, if you have a bench warrant for missing court in Ascension Parish District Court, you may pay the extra bond at the Sheriff’s Office to get the warrant recalled and a new court date set. However, most jurisdictions do not operate this way. Usually, you or your lawyer has to go to court and ask the judge to recall the warrant in open court. This is especially the case if it a felony charge. If you have a misdemeanor charge in Baton Rouge City Court, we are usually able to recall the warrant without your presence. The judge may order a contempt fine for failure to appear at the initial court date. To summarize, you usually cannot just pay to get a warrant recalled.

How do I look up East Baton Rouge Parish warrants?

Here are the various agencies you can check with to see if you have a bench warrant in East Baton Rouge:

Are you notified when a warrant is issued?

It depends on the jurisdiction as to whether you are notified. The City of Baton Rouge will sometimes send out a little card to your last known address informing you of an active new bench warrant. That is very convenient. Most other times, you will not get notice of the bench warrant in Louisiana. The reason is that the court already gave you notice of the court date. So, you should know you have a bench warrant since you knew about the court date but failed to appear.

How to clear a bench warrant without going to jail?

The best way to increase your chances of not going to jail for a bench warrant in Louisiana is to hire the best lawyer for bench warrants that you can to assist you. We know how to talk to judges and what to focus on to try to get the bench warrant recalled without you going to jail.

How to find out if you have a bench warrant?

Besides looking online at the clerk’s websites for a bench warrant in Louisiana, you can call the courthouses directly. Sometimes, you’ll have to call multiple courthouses to find your specific bench warrant, especially if you’ve never been to court there and are unfamiliar with it. Give us a call if you need help finding a bench warrant in Louisiana.

How long does a bench warrant last?

Bench warrants can last forever. Unless the clerk decides to purge old bench warrants, the bench warrant could last forever. There is no time frame in which they must go away.

How long does an arrest warrant last?

Arrest warrants are similar to bench warrants in that they last forever, unless the police officer who obtained the arrest warrant decides to withdraw the arrest warrant in Louisiana. He could do that in his discretion if in accordance with his departments’ policies.

What is a bench warrant for a Louisiana failure to appear?

Bench warrant fora Louisiana failure to appear is a warrant for the arrest of the criminal defendant for not appearing to court on the date he was given notice to appear. In misdemeanor cases, some judges allow the lawyer to appear for a defendant. Having the lawyer there can be like the defendant being present. Therefore, we can avoid the client getting a warrant for failure to appear in Louisiana.

Baton Rouge city warrants

If you have a Baton Rouge city warrant for a traffic violation or any other misdemeanor such as theft, DWI, hit and run, disturbing the peace, domestic abuse battery, assault, etc., then you can call 225-389-3889 or visit their website here.

Do warrants show up on background check?

Yes. Bench warrants usually show up on background checks. However, sometimes they do not. It just depends on the specific jurisdiction and their procedures for sending out the bench warrant.

How to get a warrant lifted?

To get a bench warrant lifted in Louisiana, we have to physically go to court and ask the judge to recall the bench warrant. The judge must recall the bench warrant on the record in open court. The help of a criminal attorney can go a long way with getting a warrant lifted.

Can you pay off a warrant without going to jail?

Some jurisdictions will allow you to make a payment to the Sheriff or court to get the bench warrant lifted without going to jail. It is basically giving the court reassurance you will make it to court next time, and the court makes a little money.

What happens when you turn yourself in for a bench warrant?

You’d probably never want to turn yourself into jail for a bench warrant. It is best to go to court on a day the judge will be on the bench and ask him to recall the bench warrant.

I have out of state warrants for misdemeanors, now what?

If you live out of state but have a bench warrant for misdemeanors in Louisiana, our criminal lawyers in Louisiana can help. We are constantly going to court for our clients recalling misdemeanor warrants for clients out of state so the client doesn’t even need to come to Louisiana. Just give us a call at 225-964-6720 or fill out the form here. You do not even need to come here to hire us. We can do it all over the phone and email.


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