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Arrested at St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Baton Rouge?

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Baton Rouge can be a very fun day for many. However, it can turn ugly quick as the day grows longer. The more drinking taking place, generally, the more criminal issues arise. Police patrol the Southdowns area arresting and ticketing citizens with various criminal charges, but mostly, drinking-related charges such as DWI and disturbing the peace by intoxication.

There are many provisions under disturbing the peace in Baton Rouge. For instance, an individual may be charged with disturbing the peace by intoxication, disturbing the peace by using profanity, disturbing the peace by fistic encounter…getting into a fight. Disturbing the peace is a misdemeanor according to Baton Rouge and Louisiana laws. However, it can tarnish your criminal record for potential employers to see.

When a fight occurs, the individual(s) may be arrested or receive a summons for simple battery if the officer feels that someone has received physical force. The battery can be a punch or even a slight push. The victim does not need to suffer serious injury for the defendant to go to jail for 6 months. If the victim gets knocked out or suffers serious injury, the charge becomes a second degree battery which is a felony. These are serious charges.

Sometimes an officer may write a summons or arrest someone for assault. A simple assault in Baton Rouge occurs when the defendant threatens the victim and the victim reasonably believes a battery will occur or the defendant attempted to hit the defendant, but did not. This type of assault in Louisiana and Baton Rouge is a misdemeanor that carries up to 6 months in jail.

DWI, driving while intoxicated, is also a common arrest after St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Baton Rouge. First offense DWI is a misdemeanor. Recent law changes have made even DWI first offense a burdensome charge to have, resulting in license suspensions, community service, classes, and court dates. A DWI arrest in Baton Rouge should be taken very seriously to protect your future and minimize costs.

Other common charges at the St. Patrick Day Parade may include urinating in public, resisting an officer, obscenity, theft, hit and run, DWI, interfering with an officer, entering or remaining after being forbidden, criminal trespass, criminal damage to property, and many more.

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