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In recent times, the arrests for offenders who are caught driving while intoxicated have become aggressive as the Louisiana police are cracking down on them seriously. Being caught in a DWI case is usually very disheartening as there are responsible drinkers who get arrested simply because of alcohol. As responsible citizens, if you get arrested and slapped with a DWI charge, the repercussions could haunt you for many years and you may even risk going to jail.

The fact that you got arrested is not proof that you are guilty of driving under the influence. The harsh punishments that will be meted out to you by Louisiana state may be unfair and this is the reason that you must present the best arguments in court if you hope to stand a chance.

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The consequences that come with a DWI charge range from a simple suspension of your driver’s license and getting slapped with a fine to performing compulsory community service and jail time which could be anywhere from a few weeks to lots of years. Think about what this will do to your reputation and your livelihood. Your loved ones that depend on you will, also, be put through emotional trauma if you get to go to jail. Also, you stand a chance of losing your promotion at your job simply because of a criminal record. Expungements in Louisiana are not easy to come by and if you fail to present your case and get a victory, your criminal record will impact your future in very negative ways.

This is the reason that you need a winning law firm with valuable years of experience and the required advanced training to stand up for you in court. Barkemeyer Law Firm provides you with the best option when it comes to DWI defense attorneys. Mr. Barkemeyer has the credentials and the expertise combined with a passion for seeing justice served which makes him the best defense lawyer that can get you the positive results that you desperately want.

Yes, no matter how bad the situation is and even if all the evidence presented against you seems to prove your guilt, our Avoyelles DUI attorney is highly experienced in working the system in order to get you a positive result. When it comes to all the testing methods that are involved in drug and alcohol-related cases, he possesses the knowledge which has helped him to detect faults and discrepancies in lab test results over the years. Why not reach out to Barkemeyer Law Firm today to receive the best DWI help you can get in Avoyelles Parish?

Tough consequences in Marksville, Louisiana

In the state of Louisiana, the legal consequences that come with a DWI charge are usually tough to bear. Since DWI is considered as an enhanceable crime, this means that the more DWI offenses you commit, the more the grave consequences that you get to experience. You will get to lose your license, have an interlock device for your car ignition installed, be placed on strict monitoring through an ankle monitoring device, get to enroll in a program that is meant for substance abusers, and at most, spend a lot of years behind bars

Getting to spend some time in prison in Avoyelles Parish does not have to be your case because the repercussions, in the long run, are tough. Virtually everyone can get to see your record of arrest. If your criminal record is made public, your reputation could be ruined forever and any chances you have of either getting promoted or employed will be put at risk because employers are privy to your records at any point in time. Therefore, getting convicted for driving under the influence will negatively affect you for many years.

If you are in Marksville, Louisiana and are currently involved in a DWI case, then, you must do everything necessary to ensure that your good reputation stage protected. This is where getting the professional help of a highly renowned criminal defense attorney comes to play. Our Avoyelles DWI lawyer possesses all the know-how and training that is required to aggressively defend you no matter what. A DWI case requires top attorneys who know their job and will do everything in their power to ensure that you obtain the best foreseeable outcome in court.

Protect your reputation with the tough Marksville DWI attorneys

Getting slapped with a DWI charge simply means you can’t do simple things as getting to work on your own. Never take a DWI charge for granted. The truth is that you need serious assistance to help you fight in a DWI case. Barkemeyer Law Firm is arguably the best Marksville DWI attorney that you will find in Avoyelles Parish and entire Louisiana.  With his quality experience in fighting DUI charges over the years, our Marksville DWI lawyer will help you in the courtroom to fight towards the penalties which are meted out to you are minimized or that you walk out totally free.

As an enhanceable offense, driving while intoxicated implies that committing this crime multiple times will only lead to more and more penalties as your offenses add up. And the worst part is that whatever expenses are made while serving your punishment will be on you. If you happen to possess a commercial driver’s license, you could get to lose it forever.

Barkemeyer Law Firm boasts the gritty DWI lawyers in Marksville, Louisiana. The consequences that accrue to being convicted for driving while intoxicated is something you cannot afford to bear. Reach out to Barkemeyer Law Firm today and get the help of a highly rated lawyer that will stop at nothing in fighting for you to ensure that you get a positive outcome. Barkemeyer Law Firm has the powerful criminal defense attorneys serving all of Avoyelles Parish and the entire state of Louisiana.

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Hesitating in a situation such as a DWI charge can prove to be the deciding factor between your getting a victory or you’re getting punished unfairly. Talk to us today and let us discuss the solutions that exist and how we can assist you with the best defense.


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