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Mr. Barkemeyer represents clients who have been arrested or received a summons/ticket and have court in Baton Rouge City Court. The case will be in Baton Rouge City Court, as opposed to District Court, only if the charge is a misdemeanor and the arresting agency was the Baton Rouge Police Department. The distinction is important because charges in Baton Rouge City Court are prosecuted according the Baton Rouge Municipal Code. Although the laws are similar to the state laws for misdemeanors, there are some differences regarding the elements of the offenses and sentencing provisions.

Mr. Barkemeyer is experienced and knowledgeable regarding the Municipal Code and how to successfully represent someone in Baton Rouge City Court. He can help with any charge you may have. See below for some of the misdemeanor charges in City Court.


5 Things to know about Baton Rouge City Court 

Baton Rouge is a beautiful city in the State of Louisiana, and like every other state where there is an already established constitution and statutes, this beautiful city has many reservations for people who are brought before its court. While most are aware that doing something illegal will expose them to the chastisement of the law, they know little or nothing about the baton Rogue city court reservations for offenders within its province. As a result, most people wind up with convictions that they don’t deserve, and at the end of the day, they lose their freedom and rub their good names in the mud.

That is not you! unbeknownst to most people in the city, Baton Rouge City court has many reservations for offenders and a strict guideline to how evidence should be obtained by a law enforcement officer. Should a law enforcement officer obtain the shreds of evidence filed against an accused illegally, the court may be forced to overlook such evidence. This goes without saying that the accused must have an aggressive and experienced attorney with sound law acumen to prove to the Baton Rouge city court judge that the accused was arraigned on false accusations. That’s why you should have Carl Barkemeyer, a criminal defense attorney on speed dial. What are the 5 important things you should know about Baton Rouge City Court?


1. The evidence may affect the sentence

The state of Louisiana and the effervescent city of Baton Rouge, are committed to keeping their citizens and residents safe from dangerous individuals. Therefore, if a person is perceived to be a danger to the community, such a person will be reprimanded in prison or a mental institution (depending on the circumstances surrounding the case). But then again, whether a person is sentenced to prison, a mental institution or discharged and acquitted of the supposed crime, will depend on how detrimental the evidence filed against such person is. For instance, if you are caught with a DWI (drinking while intoxicated) arrest in the state of Louisiana, your sentence will increase based on the circumstances surrounding your arrest. If during the time of the arrest, the arresting officer caught you with a firearm, a minor, or narcotics, your punishment will be direr than it would if you were only charged for DWI. What chances do you have? The only chance you have when you are filed for a crime in Baton Rouge city court is to have a lawyer who is well-versed in Louisiana laws with you. That way, your attorney can scrutinize the pieces of evidence filed against you and explore every option that is open to you.


2. You have a right to an attorney

Many accused persons in Baton Rouge city have unintentionally forfeited their chances of walking out of the courtroom free of all charges because they failed to secure a lawyer for their hearing in court. Whereas a lawyer cannot guarantee the outcomes of your court hearing, having an aggressive attorney for your court hearing is the best chance you have at securing a favorable outcome for your court cases. Yes, Baton Rouge city court has strict laws against offenders, especially those whose cases are surrounded by highly incriminatory evidence. But the judges are not unreasonable. If anything, Baton Rouge city court is a great place to get a fair trial; if you have an attorney that can spin the case in your favor. That’s why you have to exercise your right to an attorney immediately you are being filed for a crime in the state of Louisiana. Whether you are being arrested for a felony or a misdemeanor, ask for Mr. Carl Barkemeyer because anything you say from that moment onwards may push you further away from your favorable outcome. Mr. Carl Barkemeyer is always ready to help, regardless of how incriminatory the evidence filed against you is.


3. Not all evidence is admissible in Baton Rouge City Court 

if you don’t know this before, then, consider yourself informed. Many accused persons have fallen victim to this hoax: evidence filed by an officer of the law is a surefire ticket to jail. That my friend is a big lie. Baton Rouge city court is all about fair judgment and prosecution, and as such, the court will give your attorney and the prosecutor, equal chance to go through the shreds of evidence filed against you before your hearing. Thus, giving your attorney the chance to spot errors and inaccuracies in the admissibleness of the evidence filed against you. That’s why it is recommended that you invite experienced and aggressive attorney, Mr. Carl Barkemeyer, to work on your defense. Since the potential sentence for your court case is highly dependent on the evidence filed against you during the arrest, it bodes well for you to employ an attorney that knows what to look for in a case. Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal defense attorney will leave no stone unturned when scrutinizing the pieces of evidence filed against you to render them inadmissible in court.


4. Different crimes, different consequences 

If you think the potential sentence for a DWI is the same for a battery in Baton Rouge city court, think again. The state of Louisiana has made provisions for every possible crime that may be committed within its province. So if you are arrested for a crime, your potential punishments will depend on the provisions made for the said crime.


5. Your Attorney’s aggressiveness can influence your outcomes

When it comes to securing a favorable outcome in Baton Rouge city court, it is imperative to hire an aggressive and experienced criminal defense attorney. Because, after all, is said and done, the verdict for your case will be derivative of how well your attorney fights the evidence filed against you.


So who do you call for help?

All things considered, there is but one person to call when filed for a crime in Baton Rouge city. Mr. Carl Barkemeyer may be the ideal attorney for your court hearings; he is well equipped, aggressive, and experienced to take on any case in Baton Rouge city court. So don’t hesitate to call Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorney, when you have a criminal charge in Baton Rouge city court.


Misdemeanor Criminal Lawyer in Baton Rouge City Court

A misdemeanor is a crime that is generally considered as lesser by the city, the county or the state. These lesser sorts of crimes are generally considered punishable by a year or even less in jail with not more than a thousand dollar fine. People who are charged with a misdemeanor are liable to serve out their sentence in a city or a county jail and not a state penitentiary which is reserved for people who are charged with felonies.

It is important to note the difference between a misdemeanor charge and a felony charge. Where a misdemeanor charge would be faced with serving limited jail time and a fine, a felony charge could be faced with serving a jail sentence that can be up to a lifetime and fines that can go up to millions of dollars. A misdemeanor charge would not deny a person voting rights or the right to hold any sort of professional license even though some professions would consider misdemeanor charge grounds to revoke a professional license, however, a felony charge would result in the loss of voting rights as well as the revoking of some certain professional licenses. Lastly, where a misdemeanor charge can be expunged from a person’s records, a felony charge cannot be expunged and it stays on record for life.

In the case of a misdemeanor charge, it usually begins with a ticket being written by a law enforcement officer or by the officer signing an affidavit to swear to being a witness against the person committing a crime. In most cases, the accused would be arrested on the charges of a misdemeanor and would have to be taken before a judge where bail would be set. If the bail conditions are met, the person can be released from jail but would be required to appear in court where they can either plead guilty or not guilty. If the person pleads not guilty, then a trial would be set by the court for another date.

In the event of a trial, the accused person has the right to confront and cross-examine all the witnesses to the alleged crime. The accused also has the right to either testify or not testify. The refusal to testify does not give the court a right to infer that the person is guilty. The accuser also has the right to call witnesses on their behalf using the court subpoena. During a trial, the court can choose to either use a jury or to simply conduct the trial in front of the judge. The use of a jury by the court would allow the accuser the right to give the jury instructions as to what the law is to the jury.

In as much as a misdemeanor charge is a lesser charge and the penalties are minimum and the cases hardly ever go to a jury trial, the fact that the cases are more often than not referred to a city court can prove to be rather devastating for the accuser. This is because, unlike other judges in other levels of the judiciary, the city court judges do not have to answer to the voters. This means that they answer to the city council and as such, they are vulnerable to pressure from the political office. This pressure can come as a result of the need for the city to raise revenue through the number of convictions and that would make a city court more liable to give out a harsher sentence to a misdemeanor charge.

There a lot off real-life and real-world consequences that can come from having a misdemeanor charge tried in a city court and because of this, it is important to get a seasoned misdemeanor criminal lawyer city court especially in Baton Rouge where trials in the city court and trials in the district court follow different rules.

A misdemeanor case goes to city court when the arrest is made by the Baton Rouge Police Department and in this the Baton Rouge city court, charges are prosecuted using the municipal code of Baton Rouge rather than the State law which is used in the district court. It is because of this distinction in codes of prosecution between the courts that a lawyer Baton Rouge city court for a criminal misdemeanor is important.

Carl Barkemeyer is a seasoned criminal misdemeanor lawyer Baton Rouge city court. Mr. Barkemeyer has gathered a wealth of experience with representing clients who have either receive a summons, a ticket or have been arrested and are meant to have court in the Baton Rouge city court. His years of experience as a criminal misdemeanor lawyer city court has led him to become very knowledgeable and very experienced when it comes to the Baton Rouge municipal code. Mr. Barkemeyer also has experience when it comes to the successful representation of someone in the Baton Rouge city court.

Charges that would require the need of a criminal misdemeanor lawyer Baton Rouge city court include domestic abuse battery, simple battery, aggravated assault, simple assault, criminal mischief, battery of a police officer, theft, simple criminal damage to property, underage drinking, unauthorized use, prostitution, resisting an officer, urinating in public, possession of marijuana, disturbing the peace, improper telephone communications, drug paraphernalia, trespassing on BREC parks, possession of firearms and drugs at BREC parks, operating a vehicle while intoxicated and public drinking prohibited.

These charges are all classified as a criminal misdemeanor in the city court and as a criminal misdemeanor lawyer city court, Mr. Barkemeyer is on hand and ready to take on the case of a criminal misdemeanor which has been charged to the Baton Rouge city court.

If you or anyone you know has been arrested with the charge of criminal misdemeanor and charged to the city court, then you are in need of the best criminal misdemeanor lawyer city court to effectively represent you. Do not wait any longer, contact Carl Barkemeyer today and get yourself the representation you deserve.

Contact Carl Barkemeyer at (225) 964-6720 if you need a criminal lawyer for a misdemeanor charge in Baton Rouge City Court.

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