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Getting your license suspended in Bienville Parish simply means that you cannot drive to your place of work or even get around Louisiana. DWI arrests are so serious that you really need very serious assistance to be able to get out of it. Barkemeyer Law Firm remains the best DWI law firm that possesses lots of years of experience and the scientific knowledge that is needed to stand in for you with regards to the charges and get your penalties minimized.

In Arcadia and the entire state of Louisiana, driving while intoxicated is seen as an enhanceable offense. What this implies is that the exact crime of being found driving under the influence involves fines and consequences which will continue to increase as you commit additional offenses. Apart from getting your license seized and getting to pay severe fines, it could, also, involve you being strictly monitored, installing an ignition interlock right inside your vehicle, getting to do community service, losing your commercial driver license may be forever, and in very severe cases getting to be sentenced to jail with a criminal record being established for you.

Spending time behind bars in Bienville Parish no matter how little it is remains one of the biggest dents that could ever appear on your records. It is sad that as a responsible drinker you get caught up in a DWI case. Just one mistake can haunt you for many years as your records will be accessible to every public employer and this could hinder you from either getting promoted or even getting hired by the company of your choice. A bad reputation is something that no employer wants to be associated with. Therefore, doing everything possible to ensure that you or your loved one who is caught up in a DUI case is adequately represented by best attorneys in Louisiana who have been in and out of courtrooms and have recorded lots of victories is paramount.

DWI Attorneys in Arcadia, Louisiana

On no account should you take a DWI conviction for granted. The consequences as mentioned earlier are extremely hard to bear and you need to work fast to get a lawyer that will aggressively battle your case in the courtroom and get you a favorable outcome. Mr. Barkemeyer is a very highly rated DWI defense attorney serving Arcadia and the entire Bienville Parish.

For more than 14 years, our Arcadia DWI attorney has provided extensive guidance, counsel, and has represented hundreds of persons with DWI cases on their plates. He has continued to help DWI offenders by coming up with superb courtroom strategies that have helped to win victory is by detecting loopholes in the scientific test results of the accused. With superior training and expertise in handling DWI cases, Arcadia DUI attorneys are your best bet in the event that you get accused of alcohol-related DUI cases in Bienville Parish. Barkemeyer Law Firm serves the entire state of Louisiana and is ready to come to your rescue at any point in time. All you need to do is place the call and you will get a team of professional attorneys who are ready to go to any legal lengths to defend you and get you victory.

In the state of Louisiana, driving while intoxicated is a criminal offense. On a daily basis, even responsible drinkers get caught up in DUI cases as the officers in the state of Louisiana are very aggressive when it comes to picking out offenders. If you get involved in a DUI charge, this means that you will get to lose your license and if you have a commercial driver’s license, you will get to lose that too. If you get convicted, you will stand the risk of spending some time in jail, carrying out compulsory community service, or get extremely monitored at home. Being administratively suspended means that your license will be taken away from you before you get to show up in court to face the charges against you.

Apart from the personal consequences that come with drunk driving, the penalties attached to driving while intoxicated will strain your loved ones emotionally and physically and can, also, result in a rise in your insurance premium. If you, also, have a professional license you could get to lose that too. Your job is not safe either and for college students, the disciplinary board at your college will set up a panel for you and you stand the risk of losing any scholarships that you have, as well as, grant money.

Now that you see that a DWI charge is something that you shouldn’t joke with, you must take steps to find a highly rated criminal attorney to ensure that your rights are protected and that you put up an aggressive fight in the country in other to reduce the charges against you or even get them this means. Barkemeyer Law Firm is here to provide you with legal help that you need in Arcadia and the entire Bienville Parish.

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Our Bienville DWI lawyers are set up with the sole purpose of working to the goal that clients do not get convicted and get sent to jail, the criminal records of our clients stay protected because of the future, and our clients retain their driver’s licenses so that they can keep driving.

For you to get the strong DWI defense, you need proven attorneys that have experience and dedication. As the best DWI law firm in the state of Louisiana, Mr. Barkemeyer tailors his practice to mostly DWI related defense and has been doing this for more than 14 years. Over hundreds of clients have been represented by our Bienville DWI lawyer and he is very much grounded in all of the essential legal, as well as, technical strategies that are involved in a DWI arrest and what the prosecution processes involve. This has helped him to adequately stand up for DWI offenders and get them the best outcomes.

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