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Carl Barkemeyer is Among the Best DWI Lawyers in Baton Rouge

Carl Barkemeyer is Among the Best DWI Lawyers in Baton Rouge The website, ThreeBestRated, has determined that Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney is among the top three best DWI lawyers in Baton Rouge for 2023. Expert recommended Top 3 DWI & DUI Lawyers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. All of our DWI and DUI lawyers actually […]

What Happens When You Violate Probation

Are you wondering: what happens when you violate probation in Louisiana or anywhere else? This post will answer all of your questions.

What Are My Rights During a Traffic Stop in Louisiana?

“What Are My Rights During a Traffic Stop in Louisiana?” Arm yourself with knowledge to be prepared for any situation you might face when on the road.

When Can Theft Charges be Dropped? 

When Can Theft Charges be Dropped?  If you are accused of theft, you may be wondering when can theft charges be dropped? We are going to go into detail about how the charges can be dropped, what instances, and when you should hire a criminal defense lawyer. Let us dive in and answer the question […]

Will I Go To Jail For Shoplifting?

Will I Go to Jail for Shoplifting?  Are you wondering: will I go to jail for shoplifting? Perhaps you have already been caught and you’re wondering what to expect. Or maybe you’re planning on stealing something from a store such as Walmart or Target and want to know what could happen to you. The bottom […]

Examples Of Police Abusing Power

Do you want to know some examples of police abusing power? This post will outline 4 abuse of power examples you should know.

How to Get a Possession Charge Dismissed

How to Get a Possession Charge Dismissed You should know that laws concerning drug possession are different in Louisiana than other states. Therefore, there are different ways to get a possession charge dismissed in every state. We will discuss the common ways. Knowing and Intentional Possession of Drugs The prosecutor must prove that the defendant […]

Will A Lawyer Lie For You?

Are you wondering will a lawyer lie for you? Read on to learn the truth about what happens if lawyers lie!

DNA Evidence in Court: The Pros and Cons

Using DNA evidence in court has its pros and cons. This article outlines everything you want to know about using DNA as evidence.

How To Get Shoplifting Charges Dropped

How To Get Shoplifting Charges Dropped If you are wondering how to get shoplifting charges dropped, this post will answer all your questions regarding retail theft charges and more. Maybe you recently got caught stealing at Walmart. Or perhaps you accidentally walked out of a store without paying for an item. Things like this happen […]


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