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The Consequences of Not Completing DUI School

The Consequences of Not Completing DUI School It’s not easy being at the receiving end of a DUI conviction. Given the increasingly intensified campaign against drunk driving by state governments, becoming a DUI offender now has its fair share of rather harsh penalties. Jail time, hefty fines, driver’s license suspensions, and community service are among […]

What Are Your Rights At DUI Checkpoints In Louisiana?

Are you wondering what are your rights at DUI checkpoints in Louisiana? Than read this post!

How to Beat a DUI: 16 Tips from the Highest-Rated Baton Rouge DUI attorney near me

If you want to know how to beat a DUI, these sixteen tips for avoiding a DUI conviction should be a great help.

Caught Selling Legend Drugs?

Caught Selling Legend Drugs? Drug Info Portal Adderall College Students & Drug Charges Cocaine & Crack Creation of Meth Lab Distribution Drug Paraphernalia DWI and Drugs Fentanyl Firearms & Drugs Heroin Louisiana Drug Charges Marijuana Laws in Louisiana Manufacturing Obtaining CDS by Fraud Possession Possession With Intent Possession of Legend Drug Steroids Synthetic Cannabinoids Trafficking […]

Understanding Improper Lane Use in Louisiana

Understanding Improper Lane Use in Louisiana Imagine you’re driving through Livingston or Ascension, LA and you see flashing lights behind you. This is the last thing anyone ever wants to see. The officer tells you that you made an improper lane change. Do you even know what that means? How much will the ticket cost? […]

Careless Operation Charges in Louisiana

Careless Operation Charges in Louisiana Reckless drivers are everywhere. In the state of Louisiana, there were more than 40,000 accidents resulting in an injury in 2020. 98,000 others resulted in property damage only.  There were many different causes for these accidents. Most of them shared one thing in common: they led to careless operation charges. […]

Extortion: Examples & Explanation

Extortion: Examples & Explanation Extortion Definition The criminal charge of Extortion in Louisiana is a felony offense. It is a very serious charge that prosecutors and judges provide harsh sentences for. Extortion is the communication of threats to another with the intention thereby to obtain anything of value or any acquittance, advantage, or immunity of […]

Is Stealing A Car A Felony

You may be wondering is stealing a car a felony. This post will go over some important info about car theft and whether stealing a car is a felony.

Is Simple Criminal Damage to Property a Felony in Louisiana?

Is Simple Criminal Damage to Property a Felony in Louisiana? Things got a little out of hand, and now you’re facing a charge of simple criminal damage to property. What does this charge mean? Is it a misdemeanor or a felony? Most importantly, what should you do now? Find the answers to your questions here. […]

What is Bank Fraud? Understanding Your Charges and What Steps to Take Next

Are you wondering, “What is bank fraud?  Is bank fraud a felony?”  Don’t worry.  We are here to answer your questions and more.


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