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Examples Of Criminal Mischief

Examples of Criminal Mischief In this post we will explore examples of criminal mischief. Read along to learn everything about these types of charges and what the term actually means. Defining Criminal Mischief The term criminal mischief refers to a crime that damages the property of another person. Crimes regulated by state law also include […]

Which Is Worse: A DUI or DWI?

Which Is Worse: A DUI or DWI? Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is often referred to as DUI or DWI. There are some differences between a DUI vs DWI. Keep reading more to learn what the differences are between these two and the various state laws and penalties for each of them. […]

Louisiana Gun Laws 2024: What You Need To Know

Are you wondering about Louisiana gun charges 2021? Well here’s all you need to know on Louisiana gun charges and gun laws in 2021!

Louisiana Marijuana Laws in 2024

Louisiana Marijuana Laws in 2024 The marijuana laws in Louisiana as of 2024 are discussed here. This has been a hot topic for legislatures in every state, especially Louisiana. I will discuss the most recent and relevant changes to the marijuana laws. In 2024, marijuana is still illegal. However, it seems that Louisiana lawmakers are […]


Arraignment What is an Arraignment? An arraignment is a court hearing in which the defendant in a criminal case enters a plea. The arraignment is the first court date after the prosecution has filed the formal criminal charges against the defendant or the grand jury returned a true bill indicting the defendant. When is the […]

Hit and Run: Avoiding a DWI

Hit and Run: Avoiding a DWI No one wants to be involved in a car wreck because they were intoxicated or have to go to court because they didn’t make other plans for their ride. Hit and run charges are often the result of the driver trying to avoid getting arrested for a DWI. Judges […]

How to Manage CDS Drug Possession Charges

How to Manage CDS Drug Possession Charges Drug Info Portal Adderall College Students & Drug Charges Cocaine & Crack Creation of Meth Lab Distribution Drug Paraphernalia DWI and Drugs Fentanyl Firearms & Drugs Heroin Louisiana Drug Charges Marijuana Laws in Louisiana Manufacturing Obtaining CDS by Fraud Possession Possession With Intent Possession of Legend Drug Steroids […]

Arrested for Possession With Intent to Distribute Drugs in Lincoln Parish?

Arrested for Possession With Intent to Distribute Drugs in Lincoln Parish? Getting charged for possession with intent to distribute can impact yourself and others very negatively, and it is something that many Americans are facing the consequences of.  This is not only for legal reasons but also for health reasons. At least 129 Americans die […]

How Will a DWI Affect Getting Into Graduate School?

How Will a DWI Affect Getting Into Graduate School? As a DWI lawyer, I get asked this question frequently. College is a common period of time to catch a DWI or DUI.  One mistake as a young college student can jeopardize an entire future career. The consequences for a DWI first offense in Louisiana vary. […]

Theft at Walmart Self Checkout in Covington, Louisiana

Theft at Walmart Self Checkout in Covington, Louisiana Are you wondering about theft at Walmart self checkout? Or perhaps you are a Covington, La resident concerned about a theft charge for stealing from Walmart? Whatever you may be facing, we are here to better help you understand the seriousness of these charges and what to expect. […]


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