Burglary Defense in Louisiana

Burglary Defense in Louisiana

Burglary Defense Lawyer in Louisiana 

When you hear about burglary, you will often hear the words robbery interchanged. Burglary is when there is usually no confrontation taking place. There are usually no personal witnesses to this crime. In Louisiana, burglary is defined as someone who enters any building without prior authorization with the intent to commit theft or a felony. On the other hand, robbery is when the defendant uses force to take something from someone directly.

Burglary in Louisiana explained including penalties and elements of the offense.

Different Types of Burglary 

There are a few distinct types of burglary. All burglary charges are felony charges. 

  1. Simple Burglary 
    • This is where someone enters any type of vehicle, structure, or water vehicle without prior authorization. This also includes entering a cemetery. Access is gained to these areas to commit a felony or theft. 
  2. Simple Burglary – Inhabited dwelling
    • This is when someone enters an apartment or any place where someone is living. The person has entered this area to commit theft or felony. 
  3. Aggravated Burglary
    • This is where anyone enters a building or vehicle when someone is present. This is done with the intention to commit a crime. The person will be charged with aggravated burglary if they fall under one or more of the items on the list below. 
      • There is a dangerous weapon on the person entering without authorization. 
      • Upon entering, the person arms themselves with a dangerous weapon around them. 
      • The person entering commits battery against anyone in the dwelling. 
  4. Entering Critical Infrastructures 
    • This is where someone will enter a premises that belongs to someone else. This is when there are barriers to keep people out. Some places include oil refineries, water facilities, and chemical plants. 

Charges for Burglary 

As seen above, there are a few distinct types of burglary. Each type is a felony. We will now talk about what charges you may face if you are charged with any of the above. 

  1. Simple Burglary 
    • A person who commits this crime shall face a fine of up to two thousand dollars. They may also be imprisoned for up to twelve years. The sentence may include hard labor. It is also important to note that both a fine and imprisonment is possible. 
    • Keep in mind that if someone is armed, the sentence will differ. If someone commits a simple burglary but has a firearm, they may face at least three years behind bars. However, they cannot be sentenced to more than twelve years. 
  2. Simple Burglary- Inhabited dwelling
    • A person who commits a simple burglary with someone present may face at least one year behind bars. However, they can face up to twelve years behind bars if they receive a maximum sentence.
  3. Aggravated Burglary
    • If someone commits an aggravated burglary, the person may face at least one year behind bars. However, they can face a maximum of thirty years behind bars. 
    • Those who commit aggravated burglary may be sentenced with hard labor while they are behind bars. 
  4. Entering Critical Infrastructures 
    • A person who enters these buildings may face up to five years behind bars. They may also face a fine of up to one thousand dollars. This sentence can include hard labor. Remember, this person may also receive both a sentence and fine. 

What To Do 

If you are facing burglary charges of any kind you need to contact a lawyer. All burglary offenses will be a felony. You want nothing but the best lawyers on your side. That is why you need to contact the Barkemeyer Law Firm. At our criminal defense law firm, the focus is you. 

Finding a Burglary Defense Lawyer 

There are a few things you need to do to find a burglary defense lawyer. The first is to make sure that they are reputable. Check and make sure that they have honest reviews and their individual employees do as well. Just because a firm has complimentary reviews, does not mean that the entire company has the same reviews. Look into your specific lawyer to determine if you are in the right place. That is why we believe that contacting Barkemeyer Law Firm is your best bet. Our team is highly experienced at what we do because this is all we do. Here to help those who have fallen on challenging times and have made mistakes. Take the time to give us a call today so we can explore your options. 


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