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Caddo Correctional Center: Information for Family and Friends of Inmates 

Caddo Correctional Center

The Caddo Correctional Center is a detention center with medium security located at 1101 Forum Drive PO Box 70110, Shreveport, LA, 71137-0110. Caddo Correctional Center is operated by the Sheriff of Caddo Parish. You can contact Caddo Correctional Center through 318-677-5254. At Caddo Correctional Center, inmates who are either awaiting trial or at a point of being sentenced or both are held here. But most of the inmates who are sentenced at Caddo Parish are at this Parish Prison for about two years. Inmates who are held at Caddo Correctional Center are obtained from either surrounding town, boroughs, the Shreveport department of police and the US Marshal’s Service. Caddo Correctional Center helps these places with inmates because they do not possess a means in which their inmates would be locked for a long time.

With a bed capacity of a thousand and five hundred, the Caddo Correctional Center is known to be of full service. It is created to graciously take care of inmates with the least number of security personnel. The Caddo Correctional Center is known to be the largest prison at the Ark-La-Tex and one which has the only “direct supervision” in the whole state of Louisiana.  Making use of how direct supervision works, basic needs required for the population of the inmates are provided by the Detention Bureau. The skills of the inmates are also developed with the help of programs and services provided by Caddo Correctional Center for these inmates to turn into productive members of the community.

In this article, Caddo Correctional Center would also be abbreviated as CCC.

Also, in this article, our Shreveport criminal defense lawyer Carl Barkemeyer will help in answering these frequently asked questions:

1. How do I locate a CCC inmate?

2. Can I phone an inmate?

3. What are the visiting hours?

4. How do I send mail?

5. How can I put money on an inmate’s books?

6. Does CCC have a commissary?

7. How do I bail out an inmate at the CCC?

8. Does CCC have doctors?

Caddo Correctional Center in Shreveport, Louisiana.


1.     How do I locate a Caddo Correctional Center inmate?

You have a family or a friend who has been detained in the Caddo Correctional Center. The first thing for you to do is to search with the locator present with Caddo Correctional Center. This is because Caddo Correctional Center makes sure they publish the names of the inmates detained in their facility in the state of Louisiana.

After the first locator box. The next box is known as the Inmate Aid search. This database has been created for utilizing and accessing all or any of the Inmate aid needs. If you want help while making your profile for an inmate, you could keep in touch with the Caddo Correctional Center through the email aid@inmateaid.com and you trust you’ll get the help you need as you find the inmate you are looking for.

If you try all of that and it doesn’t work, it would cost you to get the information you need. That is in case they do not have it. But it is a small amount you’ll need to pay. This is because the data available in the Arrest Record Search comes up immediately anyone gets detained. That’s why you would have to pay to get these services.


2.     Can I phone an inmate?

Oh yes, you can contact an inmate, but it is very expensive this is because either you are receiving a federal inmate calls, a Caddo Correctional Center’s inmate’s calls even the state inmate’s calls, it has to be expensive. And the cost is paid by you the outsider who is conversing with those detained in Caddo Correctional Center or from the inmate’s commissary account.

You could make a phone call to an inmate in Caddo Correctional Center with the use of a prepaid/debit account. This would help you reduce the costs of the calls in check. With the use of these cards, you’ll be able to budget the amount of money you can spend on calls to your inmate detained in Caddo Correctional Center for a particular period. With this plan, you decide how much cash you are willing to spend on calls to inmates via the amount of money you put in your debit account.

There are other services such as Securus Inmate Debit and also IC Solutions Debit Telephone Account, and these let you put a particular amount of money to your prepaid/debit account and from this amount you make calls to your inmate in Caddo Correctional Center.

Do not forget that all the minutes you spend talking to a loved one on the phone, everything is being recorded by the Caddo Correctional Center. You have got to be careful while conversion, so nothing incriminating can be obtained from your voice, calls with your loved ones in Caddo Correctional Center.

3.     What are the visiting hours?

You want to go and visit a loved one who is detained at Caddo Correctional Center, it would be best for you to make sure you are on the approved visitation list of your loved one. And the best way to do this is for you to contact Caddo Correctional Center and check-up if your request to visit has been granted.

The Visitation hours of Caddo Correctional Center are;

On Sundays: 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM

On Mondays: 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM

On Tuesdays: 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM

On Wednesdays: 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM

On Thursdays: 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM

On Fridays: 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM

On Saturdays: 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM

As a visitor, you can’t be one who has had a felony before, and you can’t have a means of identification from the government that is out of date. Your age must be more than 16 and if you are less than 16 you would have to visit with a legal guardian or else you won’t be accepted in.

You need to know the do’s and don’ts of inmate Visitation before actually planning a visit to Caddo Correctional Center. This is because Caddo Correctional Center has a set of rules which one has to follow to prevent being banned from visitations. You have to check with your loved one/the inmate to know the appropriate visiting day and time so you’ll know when you should go and visit. Because Caddo Correctional Center has a particular date and time which has been set for every one of their inmates. For security reasons, all inmates are searched thoroughly before and after any/every visit. As a loved one, it is best you simply respect how you are told to dress while visiting. Without this, you would not be allowed to visit your loved inmate. And your valid ID must be presented while visiting.

From the rules it is warned that no form of nudity should be displayed, no illegal activity should be done, no visiting with knives, objects that are sharp, tobacco products and lighters. No electronic devices would be allowed at the Main Lobby or other places for visiting. For example tablets, handsets and others. Food, drink, chewing gum is not allowed at the housing unit visitation areas. All visitors must make sure they are wearing shoes. They should not put on clothes that are related to any gang, either shoe hats or any form of wares. 

Children cannot be left without the supervision of a person who is either 17 years or older. And this person must have a valid Driver’s license or valid government identity card.

 Without following these rules, you stand a chance of being banned from visiting an inmate in Caddo Correctional Center.

4.     How do I send mail?

These are ways in which you would be able to send your mail to an inmate in Caddo Correctional Center. Mails including letters, magazines, postcards, photos and greeting cards.

Be fully aware that mails which are going to Caddo Correctional Center and coming out of the prison are inspected to make sure the facility is safe and secured. To make sure the staff and other inmates are also secure. The inmates could only receive mails that are either unstamped, metered or plain white postcards that are smaller or a 4” x 6” size as mail. And while writing, it has to either be in black or blue ink and it must be done with a pencil. If these rules are not followed, the mail would be sent back to the sender and in the absence of a return address, the mail would be kept in a locker for the inmate up until the point the inmate is released from Caddo Correctional Center.

More rules while creating mail for an inmate in Caddo Correctional Center. The mail cannot in any way have either a threat to someone detained in prison, information about incendiary devices, show how to make weapons, bombs, or any means to aid the inmate in escaping which could be a danger to the security of Caddo Correctional Center. The mail should not in any way advocate any means of violence, talk about any particular race being higher than another, or even discuss issues relating to ethnic purity.

To get your mail sent, check out the inmate mailing services of Inmate Aid. This has a means which automatically sends your inmate your mail. Thousands of mails are sent with the use of Inmate Aid without any problems from jails or prisons.

Mail like Greeting cards is important and awesome for birthdays and holidays. While sending these types of mail, you have to make sure that there is no form of nudity or any material that may be sexually suggestive. Glittered materials are not allowed, things with stickers or any form of decoration are not allowed. Your mail has to simply be plain and simple.

Magazines and books could be sent to your loved one/inmate to the address Caddo Parish Correctional Centre at 1101 Forum Dr, Shreveport, LA

Books and magazines must be sent to your inmate from the publisher. You can’t simply send magazines the way you would like. With your inmate’s name affixed to the addressed label above, your inmate would be able to get it as long as it is sent via the publisher. To do this, inside a magazine, there are cards that could be filled out by you if you purchased the magazine at a grocery store. Then you simply fill the name of your inmate, their identity number and the address of the facility. From here you can drop it in the mail and with time, your inmate would get the mail.

5.     How do I put money on an inmate’s books?

Oh, money with its endless uses. One of the critical parts of our people going through a period where they are detained is us having to send them money as a means of supporting them. Worldwide, a lot of people have at least a person or two who has been detained in the prison facilities of the world. A lot of money goes into these facilities from outside as a means of support to these facilities.

Half the things that are needed and necessary for inmates are not provided for them as we are meant to believe. Things such as razors, toothbrushes even blankets to protect them from the cold must be bought from the commissary. Goodies like drinks and food could also be purchased from the commissary. For inmates who are going to be detained for a longer amount of time have prison stored where things like MP3 players, small televisions and radios can be purchased.

So, there are different ways used in sending money to an inmate in Caddo Correctional Center.

Concerning the state and the type of prison facility your loved one/inmate is being detained ranges between these two things. For some states, you might want to transfer $100 to an Inmate but it would cost you about $120. Families who are vulnerable most times are exploited by this so it is best to choose the services of your inmates wisely.

Inmates could also use their money in making calls to loved ones outside the prison. And to send your inmates money for calls, you would need to give out the inmate’s information properly. This information includes:

Their complete legal name, the name of the prison facility they are detained in. In this case “Caddo Correctional Center”, the ID number of the inmate.

It is very important to make sure you can send money to an inmate in Caddo Correctional Center. Because there are times where not everyone can send money to their inmates in prison. For example, there might be a particular amount of money that you cannot put more than that into the account of your inmate.

6.     Does Caddo Correctional Center have a commissary?

Commissary, inmates call these their canteen because this is where they can get household materials and items which they need but are not provided with by the prisons. The commissary has things that are needed like hygiene products for ladies, magazines, utensils for writing and others which are needed by the inmates.

With the use of Caddo Correctional Center inmate’s Commissary, inmates are sure and secured that money deposits sent to them by loved ones would get to them without any issues. These funds can be obtained either through Western Union or MoneyGram. And these funds are deposited in the commissary accounts of the inmates from their families and friends. You have to contact Caddo Correctional Center before you send any funds to an inmate to make sure if your inmate has arrived and has been detained in Caddo Correctional Center.

Canteen services are owned by Caddo Correctional Center and this is a place where inmates can buy things with the use of their commissary account for inmates. And this account as stated earlier can be funded by friends and families. It can also be funded with the use of products that were earned by the inmates through wages. These funds can be put into the commissary account either via kiosk, mail or by the Internet or making phone calls to the executives. If you want to send funds to an inmate at Caddo Correctional Center, you should contact them for the inmate’s ID which was registered with their full names.

Items sold at the commissary include shoes, snacks, food, shampoo, soap, shavers and other necessities that the inmates may need.

Other services that allow you to get inmate commissary from the Internet. Providers who are trusted and approved and they also share the amount of money earned with these prisons from the sales of these items to the inmates. They include Access Securpak, Walkenhorst’s, iCareGifts, Supply Direct, CareACell and others.

7.     How do I bail out an inmate at Caddo Correctional Center?

For bail requests, it is best to call either the court or Caddo Correctional Center directly after a defendant has been booked in. Then on the call, ask either the court or the judge these questions

1. Can the defendant go out on bail?

2. What is the cost of the bail?

3. Where do I have to go to pay for it?

4. Are there times when I cannot post bail?

5. What sort of payment is allowed? Money order? Cash? Credit card?

If after the phone call you feel the bail is too much, you should get a lawyer to come to your aid. Carl Barkemeyer is a great attorney for the job.

 Ways in which you could post bail include the following

First option—Posting bail with cash Option

With cash, you could pay the full amount of bail. Or money order or cashier’s check. But not with personal cheque because they are not accepted.

The amount of bail could be from $100 to $75,000 or more which depends on the offense committed. 

If you want to make use of money orders, then MoneyGram, Post Office or Western Union should be visited.

You would have to be over the age of 18 to be able to post bail for a defender who is detained in Caddo Correctional Center. With the use of a valid government identity card, you can post bail. These valid ID cards include passport, motor vehicle issued ID card, Driver’s license too. If the defendant also has the resources at his disposal, they could paste their bail in cash from jail. 


8.     Does Caddo Correctional Center have doctors?

 Caddo Correctional Center has security officers who make sure with the provision of constant supervision that the inmates behave properly. They try their best to prevent prison riots that would prevent and reduce the need for these inmates to need a doctor. Even without carrying weapons they do not fail to move around with pepper spray.

With the use of surveillance cameras, which is present around Caddo Correctional Center in places apart from where the inmates take their showers and cells for single inmates.

If the safety of an inmate is threatened, Caddo Correctional Center would place these inmates in protective custody for their safety.

One of the services the Caddo Correctional Center can provide is to meet an inmate’s medical needs and also with the prescription of drugs.

Caddo Criminal Defense Attorneys

caddo criminal defense attorneyIf you or a loved one or anyone you know has been booked at the Caddo Correctional Center, phone our Caddo Criminal Defense Attorneys for a phone meeting. He will help you understand all the processes relating to the Caddo Correctional Center and would do anything and everything possible to negotiating and litigating a great outcome to your case. Contact us at 318-716-3441 if you need to hire a lawyer.


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