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Calcasieu Correctional Center Information for Family and Friends of Inmates

Calcasieu Correctional Center

If you have a family member or a friend who has been arrested anywhere in Calcasieu Parish, then he or she will be detained in Calcasieu Correctional Center, which is located in Lake Charles, Louisiana. This is a maximum to a medium-security facility that is used to detain inmates and offenders of various crimes. Annually this correctional center has lots of bookings and the average number of inmates and staff. The inmates who are detained in this Correctional Center are those of either misdemeanor of low levels to those who are being detained and waiting for trials relating to violent crimes like murder, rape, robbery as well as more minor offenses such as DWI. Thus, making security in this facility quite high. 

The officers present in Calcasieu Parish Jail have themselves armed with mace and they have been trained to make use of physical force to shield themselves, inmates and guests from any form of violence that may begin to take place in this Correctional Centre.

Both men and women who are detained in Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center have either been sentenced to this Correctional Center for a year or less than 12 months.

This Correctional Centre also takes in detained inmates which have been arrested by the county’s municipal departments of police.

The address of this Correctional facility is 5410 East Broad Street, PO Box 2017, Lake Charles, LA 70602. And this facility can be contacted through 337-491-3800 or 337-491-3805

In this article, the Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center will be abbreviated as CPCC.

Also, in this article, our criminal defense lawyer Carl Barkemeyer will help in answering these frequently asked questions:

1. How do I locate a CPCC inmate?

2. Can I phone an inmate?

3. What are the visiting hours?

4. How do I send mail?

5. How can I put money on an inmate’s books?

6. Does CPCC have a commissary?

7. How do I bail out an inmate at the CPCC?

8. Does CPCC have doctors?

How do I locate a CPCC inmate?

If you have a loved one and you are sure your inmate is detained in Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center, or close like at the Calcasieu Parish County, then you should contact 337-491-3800. Calcasieu Parish Jail would help you in locating your detained inmate or visit their website.

Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Whenever you give them a phone call, you give the staff member the name and the birthday or the age of the detained inmate if you have that information. Then they would let you know whether your detained inmate is there or not.

At least to locate your detained inmate, you need to know their last and first name. If you can provide an initial or even a middle name, more luck to you.

For most cases. If you have an inmate that has been detained for a felony or a misdemeanor but has not yet been convicted, then there is a high possibility they are being kept in Calcasieu Parish County in the state where the offense happened. Felons at times are kept at Calcasieu Parish Correction Center till a means of transportation comes which takes them to the Louisiana states Prison. Most inmates who are convicted and sentenced to less than 12 months in prison serve their time in the Calcasieu Parish Jail.

Can I phone an inmate?

Oh yes, you can phone an inmate at Calcasieu Parish Correction Center, but as you know making phone calls with anyone in jail is very expensive. In this facility, inmates can make phone calls with pre-approved family and friends by making calls with collect.

But with this way apart from the expense, it requires approval with a credit or you would have to deposit to a third-party phone company which has already made a contract with the correctional center.

Direct calls can also be made with the use of a third-party service (which has its costs) this is not as expensive as collect calls and this lets the inmates use the phone system of the third-party service to make straight phone calls to either your cell phone or your landline number. 

For questions relating to phone calls to Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center, call 337-491-3800 and get your answers. These questions could also include you asking the correctional facility about policies employed while dealing with inmates and phone calls.

As time goes on, Correctional facilities keep on reducing the time in which inmates can stay on the phone talking to loved ones and family. To it would be best if you do not call your inmate and finish all the time they have on the phone with you at the beginning of the month.

It is best to plan the time you engage in a phone call with your inmate because Correctional facilities limit the time an inmate can spend on the phone. Planning works best here.

If you’ve planned with your inmate and the call doesn’t come, don’t stress about it. Lockdowns and long phone lines could be a result of your call not coming in when it should.

With phone calls, it is one of how inmates can escape perhaps from being lonely and incarcerated. So, on a phone call simply be happy and be positive all through as best you can.

Don’t forget about being careful on the phone when conversing with a detained inmate. This is because all your calls and conversations are recorded and what you say could be used against you and your inmate in court. Try to never discuss an inmate’s criminal case that is pending.

What are the visiting hours?

Visiting hours, the feeling the inmates and their loved ones feel when it is visiting hours. Well before visiting you have to make sure you contact the correction center through 337-491-3800 so you would be sure your visit was not canceled by your inmate.

The visiting hours are different as a result of factors like the day of the week, the house of the inmate if the inmate is a man or a woman if it is a holiday or not.

The inmates are only allowed visits once or twice and the time they are allowed is between 15 minutes to an hour weekly. Some inmates who have special privileges are allowed more visits.

If coming to visit your inmate from a far distance then Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center could allow you to stay for an extended amount of time during your visit. To ask for special consideration call 337-491-3800. You could also call this line to know the normal visiting hours and how to plan a visit with an inmate in Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center.

For you to be able to visit your inmate, Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center requests for everyone willing to visit to complete an application which refers to your desire for visiting an inmate.

If your application is not filled, it would be denied and your visit canceled.

Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center also lets loved ones make use of at-home video visitation with their detained inmates. With the use of smartphones, computers and IPads.

At the privacy of your own home, you could make a video visit to a detained inmate in Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center. And with this, you could even take your detained inmate places like to Church, a park, the doctor or any place you would like. As long as you sign in and take the device where you are going to.

With video visits, no need to get prepared, gather your kids and start driving to Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center. No stress with security checkpoints and others to see the inmate.

More and more correction centers in the US love the process of video visitation. With this, a lot of money is saved and a lot of risks involved with physical visitation are prevented and reduced.

For physical visitation, you have to be over the age of 18 and you should not be on probation as a result of a felony. The presence of a government valid ID is needed to visit an inmate in this correction center.

Background check for people who would like to visit is necessary. People who have warrants are not allowed to visit and if they visit by force they shall be arrested.

For people less than the age of 10, you need to be accompanied by either your legal guardians or your parents.

Co-defendants are not allowed visits to detained inmates.

The Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center can as a choice to accept or deny anyone from visiting the facility for whatever reason it decides.

How do I send mail?

To send mail to your family or wrongdoer, the mail ought to be despatched to the inmates via the address Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center, PO Box 2017, Lake Charles, LA 70602. Don’t forget to feature the name of the inmate and the range booked on the envelope. Don’t forget to feature your call and it ought to be at the left top nook of the postcard or the envelope. If you don’t do this, your mail may not attain the perpetrator and it can be destroyed. The Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center only lets inmates receive postcards like the easy type which could without difficulty be gotten at the post office. Violent postcards are not allowed. Envelops too are allowed but they’re checked before they get into Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center thoroughly before going into the facility. Other matters that can be mailed include items like newspapers, magazines books. But these must be mailed by way of the publisher or else the mail could now not be obtained using the detained inmate. Because they could be thrown out of not sent by the publisher. Care packages also can be sent as mail to inmates at Calcasieu Parish Jail. They could include seasonal gadgets, garments, and snacks. Items that aren’t allowed to be mailed include musical greeting cards, stamps, stickers, news clippings, paper with grease stains, crayon felt tip or hand painted drawings. To recognize the entire listing of mail that is prohibited, contact 337-491-3800. Whilst emailing snapshots, they must no longer be more than 4 inches excessive x 6 inches huge. The highest wide variety of images that can be mailed is 5. Extra than five might be rejected. Polaroid photos can’t be sent because they would be rejected. You cannot mail images of weapons, pills. Make sure not anything is written about the inmate’s court docket case which you would now not need to say in court docket. The reason they may be scanned on access. If any violations are caught, the inmate might lose the possibilities of ever getting mail.

How can I put money on an inmate’s books?

Money, very important for everyone including detained inmates. One of the critical parts of our people going through a period where they are detained is us having to send them funds as a means of support. Internationally, a lot of people have at least a person or two who has been detained in the prison facilities of the world. A lot of money goes into these facilities from outside as a means of support to the detained inmates as a means of their upkeep.

Half the things that are necessary and needed for detained inmates are not provided for them as the public are meant to believe. Things such as shaving sticks, toothbrushes, soaps for bathing and even blankets to protect them from the cold must be bought from the commissary. Goodies like drinks and food could also be purchased from the commissary. For inmates who are going to be detained for a longer amount of time have prison stored where things like MP3 players, small televisions and radios can be purchased.

So, to put money on an inmate’s books, there are approximately four distinct picks that you could use to position money in the books of a detained inmate. You may either convey the funds for the inmate to Calcasieu Parish Correction Centre by yourself. This cash might be utilized by the inmate to purchase what they need at the self serve kiosks. You may also deposit cash to the inmate via the web. With help from an employer that cost you a bit, you could ship funds to an inmate through the organization. And the cost of this sort of switch is not a great deal. It is a little bit cheaper than going to the correction center to drop the funds. You may also mail the funds to the inmate but this takes up extra time to reach the detained inmate than the other methods stated earlier. However, that is the first-class way to send finances if you live at a far distance and you do not have a credit/debit card to pay online. This is done using making the cash order and then sending it out to the inmate and then they are called with the ID kept by you to locate the detained inmate. The Calcasieu Parish Correction Centre may be called at 337-491-3800 to make sure your funds get to your detained inmate. You may also deposit to an inmate via the smartphone. With the usage of credit or a debit card. For this, you need to get the offender’s full name and their inmate identity. The month-to-month limit that a detained inmate can spend in Calcasieu Parish Correction Centre is around $300 and $400.

Does CPCC have a commissary?

Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center has agreements which are bound by using a contract with commissary groups which are not affiliated with this facility. These commissary groups resource in shipping care applications which are predetermined with snacks and other goodies to Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center.

With these companies, you may want to order gifts and presents for your loved ones/offenders and they would be gotten through these third-party companies.

A lot of materials can be bought by the inmates of the Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center. These items include playing cards, artwork supplies, clothing, candy, snacks, razor blades and different essentials.

With the use of the accounts that have been created for inmates, they use the funds there to purchase items from the commissary. As stated earlier, things like personal hygiene products, snacks and stationery materials from the keep at the correctional center. 

How do I bail out an inmate at CPCC?

For bail requests, it is best to call either the court or Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center directly after a defendant has been booked in. Then on the call, ask either the court or the judge these questions

1. Can the defendant go out on bail?

2. What is the cost of the bail?

3. Where do I have to go to pay for it?

4. Are there times when I cannot post bail?

5. What sort of payment is allowed? Money order? Cash? Credit card?

If after the phone call you feel the amount of the bail is so much you can’t handle alone, feel free to contact Carl Barkemeyer who is a great attorney for the job.

Ways in which you could post bail include the following;

Posting bail with money at hand as an option, with cash, you could pay the full amount of bail. Or money order or cashier’s check. But not with personal cheque because they are not accepted.

The amount of bail could be from $100 to $75,000 or more which depends on the crime the inmate has committed.

If you want to make use of money orders, then Post Office, MoneyGram or Western Union should be visited.

You would have to be over the age of 18 to be able to post bail for an inmate who is detained in Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center. With the use of a valid government identity card, you can post bail. These valid ID cards include passport, motor vehicle issued ID card, Driver’s license too. If the defendant also has the resources at his disposal, they could paste their bail in cash from jail.

Does CPCC have doctors?

Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center has security officers who make sure with the provision of constant supervision that the inmates behave properly. They try their best to prevent prison riots that would prevent and reduce the need for these inmates to need a doctor. Even without carrying weapons they do not fail to move around with pepper spray.

With the use of surveillance cameras, which is present around Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center in places apart from where the inmates run their showed and special prison cells.

If the safety of an inmate is threatened, Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center would place these detained offenders in protective custody for their safety.

One of the services the Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center can provide is to meet an inmate’s medical needs and also with the prescription of drugs.

Calcasieu Criminal Defense Attorney

calcasieu criminal lawyerIf you or a loved one or anyone you know has been booked at the Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center, call our Calcasieu Criminal Defense Attorney Carl Barkemeyer for a phone meeting by calling 337-761-3121. He will help you understand the entire situation relating to the Calcasieu Parish Jail and would do everything and anything possible to negotiating and litigating a great outcome to your case.


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