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At the Barkemeyer Law Firm, we have criminal lawyers that have a high level of dedication and bring their experiences into any case to provide people in Calcasieu Parish that are charged with criminal offenses with an immediate legal backing that is personalized, as well as, aggressive and effective. We have a high-level work ethic that makes us stand out as reputable criminal attorneys and we take pride in the fact that our results are unmatched in entire Louisiana.

If you reside in Lake Charles and have been recently charged for a criminal offense, you need to have a very experienced attorney working for you to get you out of this bad situation. Of course, being under the grip of the law can be very tiresome and depressing. Most persons always feel that there is no way out of a criminal charge once they get caught up in one and they tend to lose hope. However, at the Barkemeyer Law Firm we bring together our capabilities which have being honed into high level legal skills through building a history of success in trials, being effective at negotiating legally, and having an intricate knowledge of how the justice system works when it comes to criminals and we channel it all into every individual case. This has helped us to arrive at results that are always favorable for our clients.

So, we urge you not to lose hope but trust us to aggressively argue your case and provide you with options that will get you out of a criminal charge. You can be sure that our criminal lawyers will do everything in their power to ensure that you get very satisfying resolutions which could be a dismissal, a negotiated plea, or even a favorable trial. If you have a loved one in the Calcasieu Parish Jail, click here for more information.

Top-Rated Lake Charles Criminal Defense Lawyers

At the Barkemeyer Law Firm, one of our key practice areas is in the field of DWI Defense in Lake Charles and entire Louisiana. We are based in Louisiana and we have continued to represent clients for many years who have been put under arrest for any of reason.

Our Lake Charles Criminal Defense practice categories

We are a top-rated Lake Charles criminal defense agency and coming to the legal aid of individuals involved in a criminal charge is one of our practice areas. As a legal agency based in Louisiana, our criminal defense lawyers have handled a lot of cases all through the years and we have helped clients who have been caught up in situations such as:


Bank Fraud


Contractor Fraud

Criminal damage to property


Drug Charges

Drug Distribution

Drug Possession


Flight from an Officer


Gun Charge

Hit and Run

Illegal Carrying of Weapons

Illegal Use of Weapons

Malfeasance in Office




Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon

Possession of Firearm with drugs

Possession with Intent to Distribute


Resisting an Officer


All of these and more are the areas that we have successfully built our practice on and this has earned us the trust of our clients in Calcasieu Parish, including Lake Charles and Sulphur. We know how difficult it can be for anyone charged with a criminal offense and having an attorney that gives you the best criminal defense which puts your mind at ease is much important in trying times like these. All our criminal lawyers in Lake Charles are trained and experienced to do just that. Rest assured that when you have us on your team, we will work together with you and will aggressively uphold your rights using winning strategies that have helped us over the years to get great results for our clients. Your case does not have to be any different and we are willing to do the same for you.

How we can help you in Calcasieu Parish

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14th Judicial District Court in Lake Charles

The trauma that comes with an arrest over a criminal offense is usually overwhelming. The period where you get wind of the fact that you are to face an investigation for criminal offenses usually weighs a lot of persons down. The only way out is to find a criminal defense attorney that has all the qualifications and experience needed to handle your situation. Working early enough is very essential in salvaging your situation and is important that you reach out to the Barkemeyer Law Firm and our lawyers will intervene as we have access to any prosecuting authority presiding over your case. We will put our negotiation skills to work and will battle hard to get your charges dropped or even reduced significantly.

The Barkemeyer Law Firm entered into the field of criminal Defense due to the fact that he cares about the rights of individuals and is willing to help them out whenever they face very difficult situations in their lives. Our lawyers will take very detailed steps to guide you through the process of a criminal case and will put in all their best efforts to ensure that the outcome of your criminal case does not disrupt your life, your job, or your family. Our dedication to the practice of criminal Defense stems from the fact that everyone deserves the right to live free.

If you reside in Calcasieu Parish or anywhere else in Louisiana and are faced with criminal charges, all you have to do is contact us and our criminal lawyers will explain your rights to you and your role in the entire process. Then again, after a careful analysis of all the facts related to your case, we will use all the findings gathered to build the best techniques and strategies that will help to ensure a favorable result at the end of the process. We have an open communication system that ensures that all our clients are carried along and that they do not feel lost. By educating you on what the options are and by enlightening you and how each option affects your case, you will be able to make the best decision as you progress in your criminal case.

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The Barkemeyer Law Firm provides a criminal defense that is very aggressive and that helps our clients who were arrested in Calcasieu Parish to stand a chance. Whether you are resident in Calcasieu or you are just visiting, we will stand in for you and fight aggressively no matter what the allegations are.

Look no further than the Barkemeyer Law Firm if you need the services of criminal attorneys that have the experience, the personality, and the effective skills needed to help you out of a criminal case. Simply contact us today at 337-761-3121.

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