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Can a Lawyer Get You Out of a Shoplifting Arrest 

If you want to know if a lawyer can get you out of a shoplifting arrest, you are in the right place. We are going to talk about the laws surrounding shoplifting and how a lawyer could be beneficial to you. 

Shoplifting Laws 

In Louisiana, you will hear shoplifting and theft used interchangeably. Shoplifting is the act of taking goods from any merchant without the intention to pay. This is also seen as the intention to deprive the merchant. If you take any type of goods from any retail shop in the state of Louisiana without the intention to pay, you are going to be found guilty of shoplifting. 

We are now going to talk about the laws surrounding theft and shoplifting. Those who are caught can expect both civil and criminal punishments. Those who are facing criminal punishments may see time in jail, fines, and even restitution. 

  • Restitution is paying back the merchant what was taken. This can include added expenses due to the inconvenience of the item being taken without being paid for. 

Punishments For Shoplifting

If someone has taken less than 1000 dollars of items from a merchant, they may face up to six months in prison. They may also face a fine of up to 1000 dollars. In many cases, people will see both fines and prison. 

If someone has stolen more than 1000 dollars in goods, they are going to serve a sentence of up to two years and be subject to a fine of up to 2000 dollars. Again, in many cases, you are going to see both punishments administered. 

Those who are punished civilly, are going to have criminal punishments from above. They are also going to face being sued by the merchant. They are going to be ordered to pay the merchant or retail store the value of the item and the damages. Keep in mind, this only goes up to 450 dollars. Anything more than that will be handled in criminal court. 

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Getting Shoplifting Dropped Off Criminal Record 

If you want to remove shoplifting charges from your criminal record to improve the quality of your life, you will need a lawyer. This does not happen on its own.

Hiring A Lawyer To Get Charges Dropped

The first step to try to get your charge dropped is to hire a lawyer. They are going to be the person representing you. Keep in mind that the matter will not be discussed without a lawyer present to represent the defendant. 

In some cases, the charge can be dropped if you return the stolen item. Other merchants will want to take you to court even if the item was returned. Each retail store and the merchant has a policy. Your lawyer can look at this policy and create a deal to help get the charges dropped through negotiation. 

A lawyer can often get a deal set for you that can leave you free from criminal charges. This means that it will never go to court or appear on your criminal record. This also means that you need to hire a lawyer as soon as possible. If you hire a lawyer soon enough, it makes it easier to negotiate with the retail store or the merchant. A lawyer can often negotiate where you will not have charges pressed. 

Hiring a Shoplifting Lawyer 

You need a shoplifting lawyer if you are being charged with shoplifting. You should hire a lawyer as soon as possible. As stated, a lawyer can help discuss this with the retail store or merchant. They can come to an agreement that leaves your record clean and clear. 

Even if you do not believe that you need a lawyer, they are going to be the one foot in the door that helps your case. They are going to be the backbone of the case. Plus, if you are unable to talk the merchant/retail store out of dropping charges, you will need someone to represent you. Someone who has experience representing those who have been charged with shoplifting. Lawyers are going to do their all to try to drop the charges. If charges cannot be dropped, they are going to try to lessen the punishment so you should seriously consider at least consulting with one.

Conclusion: Can a Lawyer Get You Out of a Shoplifting Arrest?

By now you know that in many cases a lawyer can help you get your shoplifting charge dropped. This means that it is not going to become part of your record. However, in cases where a criminal lawyer cannot get the charges dropped, they are going to do their best to reduce the punishment. This will often result in a plea deal. 

Take the time and hire a lawyer that can help you with your shoplifting arrest. Barkemeyer Law Firm is an experienced criminal attorney. We represent many different practice areas, including shoplifting charges, DWI and drug charges in Louisiana. Our firm can help show you how a lawyer can help you with your shoplifting offense. 


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