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Can I Go to LSU With A Felony On My Record? 

Are you asking yourself – can I go to LSU with a felony charge or a criminal record? If you have a criminal record, a felony to be specific, you may be wondering if you can go to college. The answer in short is yes. You can go to college with a felony. However, we are going to tell you how to increase your chances. It is important, as a felon, to pay attention to the programs you are applying for and what degree you want. There might even be a special process in the application process. However, it is possible to go to school and enhance your life with a felony. 

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can I get into college with a criminal record

College and Felonies 

You can go to college with a felony. However, your chances are going to be decreased. This is a true fact. With that said, many schools are still going to accept felons. There is no law that states a criminal cannot attend college. Again, it is up to the school to make that decision. 

Going to College with a Felony 

It is always best to be honest on an application. Honesty is always the best policy. However, it might be best to meet with someone such as a guidance counselor or academic advisor to help with your application process. We are going to talk about the steps for getting into college with a felony. 

Remember If You Have A Criminal Record

In Louisiana, all public colleges are not allowed to ask you about your prior felony or criminal convictions. This means that you are not required to disclose this information. However, if the application asks, it is best to disclose and be honest. It will not decrease your chances of acceptance by being honest in the state of Louisiana. 

Looking For The Right College

You can look for college anywhere. Decide where you want to go and search. You can search locally, online, or out of the state. Just make sure that the schools you are applying for or thinking about applying to are accredited. 

You may also want to think about what programs the schools have for what you want to study. Also, keep in mind your conviction and what you want to study. Some areas of study will not work for those who have a criminal background. 

Finances And College

College is expensive. There is no way around that. However, there are affordable options available. Especially for those who are getting out of being incarcerated. There are federal loans that you can qualify for. However, you will not be able to qualify for all of them because of your conviction. 

It is best to meet with a financial aid provider before you decide what path to take. A financial aid advisor will ensure that you are getting the most that you can so that you can further your education. 

Enrolling w/Felony 

Enrolling in school with a felony is no different than enrolling without. It is best to apply to a few schools so that your odds are better for getting in. Make sure that you are putting your application in before deadlines are due. Be sure that you are applying to schools that have your best interest in mind. 

Make It A Great Experience 

When you get accepted, join clubs, and make the most of the experience. Make sure that you are working hard. It would be best to get a job or an apprenticeship if possible. Take the time to fill yourself with education. 

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can I get into college with DWI

Wrapping Up: Can I Go To LSU With A Felony

While it may be a journey, college is worth it no matter who you are. Take the time to apply without judgement. If you are worried about your criminal history, try to get it expunged. This can help your chances of getting into other colleges outside of the state. Due to criminal records, you can attend LSU without having to worry but other colleges may look differently. That is why you should contact Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney to see what they can do for your criminal record. Who knows, an expungement of your criminal record could be the difference between your future and your past. Without an expungement, you could be facing discrimination and not be accepted into certain schools. Call Carl Barkemeyer or contact him from this page here discuss your options when it comes to college as a felon and possibly getting an expungement

You should now have a better understanding of your question can I go to LSU with a felony and we wish you the best of luck!


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