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Can You Receive Theft Charges if You Forgot To Scan an Item at Walmart In Louisiana?

If you are reading this post you may be wondering can you receive theft charges if you forgot to scan an item at Walmart? If you are caught shoplifting at Walmart, it is one of the worst situations to be in. People enter this store to steal daily. However, they are unaware of the practices put in place to prevent shoplifting and theft. This means that even if you were to take a candy bar, odds are that the loss protection agent would notice it and look at the cameras. 

PRO TIP: Learn how to get shoplifting charges dropped before you continue! This will be super helpful if you’ve been falsely accused of stealing!

walmart shoplifting
Shoplifting at Walmart

Can You Really Get Charged With Theft If You Forget To Scan Merchandise At Walmart?


As you know by now, Walmart has integrated to mostly self-checkouts. This was designed to help customers get in and out quicker by avoiding long lines. It has been a successful practice for many years. These checkouts are open as long as the store remains open to allow customers easier checkout methods. With that said, many people abuse self-checkouts. 

Abusing Self-Checkouts 

You will find that self-checkouts are abused daily. People believe that if they pretend to scan items or put them in other items, they do not have to pay for them. Or they believe that they simply do not have to pay for that item. Some people will do this by avoiding scanning but bagging anyway. 

Walmart Self-Checkout Arrests

 Walmart is very proactive about ensuring that theft does not occur in their stores. In fact, there are many of these cases seen in the courtroom. 

When Walmart catches you “forgetting” to scan an item, they will arrest you. They will likely also press charges against you. 

In many cases, people believe that they will get a slap on the wrist for their shoplifting. However, Walmart has a policy that allows them to press charges. 

walmart self checkout
Shoplifting at Walmart Self-Checkout.

Thinking You Can Get Away With It 

Many people steal from Walmart. It is a known fact. However, many people believe they got away with it until they are ratted out by those pesky cameras. 

Once this is found, you will be arrested and prosecuted. Walmart shoplifting cases are serious in general. If you are being charged with shoplifting at Walmart, your best bet is to hire a shoplifting lawyer. This is true even if you forgot to scan an item. Your lawyer will be your best bet. 

Walmart Theft – What You Need To Know

Theft in Walmart is described as stealing any merchandise from the store. You can expect to be charged with larceny and treated as such within the state of Louisiana. 

Keep in mind that you can only be charged if you have taken a product without paying for it or you take it with the intent to deprive the merchant. Often, you will have cameras showing everything. However, they must prove that these were the intentions. 

*If you are not intentionally concealing an item with the intent to deprive or steal, you should hire a lawyer. 

Shoplifting at Walmart 

When you are caught, you will be approached by Loss Prevention Agents. They are not allowed to touch you or prevent you from leaving the store. They are also not allowed to chase you. However, they are told to call the police. 

These policies were put into place to keep everyone safe. This also was put into place to avoid lawsuits if violence were to occur during an interaction. 

Remember that if you are approached and you run, the police will be called and you will be arrested. 

You Can Be Arrested Without Attempting to Take Items Out of the Store 

You can break the law by simply consuming or using an item and leaving the empty box or bottle behind. You will often see this occur when people grab a drink while they shop and then don’t pay for it before they leave with their other products. 

You can also be charged with theft by not paying the full price for an item. For example, you purchase a T-bone steak but pay for one bell pepper. 

Other Issues with Walmart Theft 

While you are facing criminal charges, you will also likely be banned from all Walmart stores. This is something that can’t be monitored closely but if you are caught in the store after being banned, you can face more charges. 

The Charge Can Turn Into a Felony: Walmart’s New Strategy

walmart felony

Walmart has recently implemented a new strategy to attempt to deter shoplifting at the self-checkout. Typically, a shoplifting charge is a misdemeanor because the value is under $1000. However, the law states that multiple instances of theft can be added it to turn the charge into a felony. For instance, if you go to Walmart and steal $100 of goods 10 times, Walmart could attempt to use the camera footage to prove all ten thefts. Then, the prosecutor would file a formal charge of felony theft because the total value of the aggregated distinct acts is $1000 or more.

Wrapping Up: Can you receive theft charges if you forgot to scan an item at Walmart?

While forgetting to scan an item may not seem like a big deal, it is. Walmart does not take theft lightly. The best thing that you can do if you are facing theft charges from Walmart, is hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. This defense attorney should be experienced in Walmart theft cases specifically.

If you want to find a great defense attorney for Walmart theft charges, contact Carl Barkemeyer. Call today to set up a consultation! We hope you now understand and have the answer to your question: can you receive theft charges if you forgot to scan an item at Walmart and we wish you all the best.


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