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Can You Really Get in Trouble for Adderall? The Truth About Adderall Possession

As you know, Adderall is a controlled substance. It is also a Schedule II drug. These are drugs known as controlled dangerous substances and getting caught with them should not be taken lightly. Adderall belongs in this class because it is considered an amphetamine. In most instances, you will see physicians use Adderall to treat people who have ADHD and other diseases. 

penalties for possession of Adderall
penalties for possession of adderall

Adderall And Misuse At College

You can see people abuse Adderall quite often. It can be seen in many different universities and college campuses. Students will use Adderall to help them study better and for fun. Ritalin and Adderall are similar drugs in the same schedule. 

Possessing Adderall with a Script 

You know that Adderall is a drug that your doctor prescribes. When someone is prescribed Adderall or Ritalin, it is for medicinal use. This means that they are told to take it a certain way. This is the way that is going to be beneficial to them for their ADHD. You will have no problem having this on your if the prescription is in your name and you are not selling the drug. You also must be taking the medication as prescribed on the bottle in order to fall under legally obtaining and possessing Adderall.

Possessing Adderall Without a Script 

If you are caught with Adderall and do not have a script, you are in some big trouble. Drug laws are going to vary based on how much you have and if you were intending to sell. However, possessing adderall is a pretty serious drug crime.

Here are some of the repercussions you can expect from possessing Adderall illegally

You can expect up to two years behind bars if you have less than two grams of the drug.

You can expect to pay a fine of up to five thousand dollars. 

If you have more than two grams of the drug on you, but you have less than 28 grams, you are going to face at least one year behind bars if not five years.

A fine can also be expected. This fine can be up to five thousand dollars.  

Felony Charges 

There are many reasons why you should never have Adderall on your without a prescription. As you can see above, there are several. Along with the reason above, you are also going to want to know that an Adderall drug charge is a felony. This felony becomes worse if the person has the intent to sell. Even if you were to give away an Adderall at a party, it is considered a felony.

Let us take a look at the charges for Adderall that are felonies. 

If someone is charged with intent to sell and has under 28 grams of the substance can face prison.

Prison can include hard labor. 

No less than a year behind bars. No more than five. 

A fine of up to 50 thousand dollars can be issued. 

If there is a weight larger than 28 grams, you will face prison.

You can face hard labor. 

You will receive a minimum of one year behind bars and a maximum of twenty years behind bars. 

A fine of up to 50 thousand dollars can be given. 

If You Are Caught With Adderall 

If you are pulled over and you know that you have Adderall, it is best to keep to yourself. You should avoid talking to the police. Before you just stop talking to the police, let us look at how Police work. 

When you are pulled over or arrested, police are often going to be one of two ways. They are going to be blunt and fierce or calm and nice. Also, you do not have to talk to them no matter what they say. Police try to use tactics to scare individuals. If you do not talk to the police, there is nothing they can do. 

Often, you will see police trying to get you to confess under the belief that it will help you. It does not. You should avoid believing what the officer says. However, this does not allow you to disrespect the officer. Always treat the officer with respect. 

Wrapping Up: Can You Get In Trouble For Adderall

You want to ensure that if you are caught with Adderall, you remain silent. Ensure that you contact a drug charges lawyer to avoid having a felony conviction on your record. A felony conviction can make it difficult for you to live the rest of your life after a small mistake. Take the time to get a trusted criminal defense attorney at the Barkemeyer Law Firm. Contact us today for a consultation. Let us help you better your chances in the future. 


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