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Arrested for DWI: How Long Does it Stay on Your Record in Louisiana?

If you want to know how long a DUI will stay on your record, you’re going to learn a lot from this post. Read more here!

Article 892.1 in Louisiana: How to Protect Your Driving Record from a Traffic Ticket

Article 892.1 in Louisiana: How to Protect Your Driving Record from a Traffic Ticket Article 892.1 in Louisiana gives you a way to get a traffic ticket off your driving record but the judge must sentence you under the provision. Driving offenses are not a light matter. Almost 1,000 Louisiana residents died in highway collisions […]

Article 893 in Louisiana

Article 893 in Louisiana You are not your worst mistake.  Unfortunately, if you have a past felony conviction, you can often feel like it defines your life. Depending on your conviction, you might be barred from voting, specific jobs, getting public housing, receiving welfare, or going to college.  We all make mistakes, but it’s scary […]

Is Getting An Expungement Worth It?

Is Getting an Expungement Really Worth The Cost? Are you wondering: is getting an expungement worth it? Having a criminal record can hang over your head and make life difficult. It may hinder you from getting a job or even finding a decent place to live. Having a criminal record can even allow you to […]

Can I Get Into College If I Have A Criminal Record

Can I Get into College if I Have a Criminal Record?   Are you wondering – can I get into college if I have a criminal record. Well this post will answer all your questions on the topic. Louisiana is the first state to make it illegal and prohibit any public university from asking about criminal […]

How Louisiana Arrest Records May Be Affecting Your Life and What to Do About It

There is an arrest made every three seconds in the United States.  Louisiana arrest records can impact your ability to get or maintain work, your ability to find housing, establish credit, and more. If you are arrested, you will want to contact a Baton Rouge Defense Attorney.  You may not be aware, but even if […]

Having Arrest Records: Will They Affect Your Future Employment?

Having arrest records can affect your future employment. Let’s talk about it. You have been eyeing on this one certain job for quite some time, and you think the time has come for you to grab the opportunity to get that dream job. Because of that, you have already prepared the necessary requirements – personal […]

How Long Does a DWI Stay on Your Record?

Each year, more than one million Americans are arrested for driving under the influence. Have you been arrested for a DWI?  If so, you probably have some questions about how this affects your record now and in the future. After a DWI case is over, how long does a DWI stay on your record? Learn more […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Try to Get Your Criminal Record Expunged in Louisiana

It’s no secret that having a criminal record can make it difficult — sometimes even impossible — to find a steady job. Why let one mistake that you made in college dictate the course of your entire life? If you’ve been convicted of a crime in Louisiana, especially wrongfully, we know that you wish you […]

Expungement Laws Change Today

In Title XXXIV of the Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure, Articles 971 — 986, the Louisiana expungement laws have undergone extensive amendments beginning today. The new expungement statute is It provides for more detailed provisions in an attempt to make the process more functional and homogenous throughout the various parishes in Louisiana. If you need to clean […]


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