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Disturbing the Peace in Louisiana

Is Disturbing the Peace a Crime? Disturbing the peace is a crime that is visible on a criminal background check. It is prosecuted in criminal court with a prosecutor and judge. The Disturbing the Peace law under La. R.S. 14:103 is a broad statute that gives the arresting police officer a lot of leeway in […]

Ultimate Guide to Disturbing the Peace Charges in New Orleans

Ultimate Guide to Disturbing the Peace Charges in New Orleans Have you or any of your loved ones recently been charged with disturbing the peace in New Orleans? Are you looking for a way to peacefully get yourself out of court and out of trouble? Are you aware of exactly what disturbing the peace really […]

Public Drinking During Mardi Gras

Public Drinking During Mardi Gras This post will break down public drinking during Mardi Gras and the laws you should be aware of. Read more below! Public Drinking During Mardi Gras: Laws You Need To Know Are you wondering about public drinking during Mardi Gras? Great! This post will explain everything you need to know. […]

What Constitutes Louisiana Disorderly Conduct and How Can You Fight It

What Constitutes Louisiana Disorderly Conduct and How Can You Fight It Sometimes it’s easy for things to get out of hand. When this happens, if you’re on the wrong side of the law, you may find yourself facing charges of disorderly conduct. What is disorderly conduct, and how big of a deal is a disorderly […]

What You Should Know About Public Intoxication in Louisiana

While most people do not know, public intoxication is a huge offense in Louisiana and also in some of the other states of the country. Depending on certain factors that are taken into consideration, offenders may be required by the presiding judge to either spend a couple of months in jail or pay a huge […]

Been in a Bar Brawl in Louisiana? What You Should Know About Bar Fights & the Law

One minute, you’re enjoying an ice cold beer or perhaps your favorite whiskey while shooting some pool or just shooting the you-know-what with your friends. All of a sudden, some joker insults your manhood, makes a pass at your girlfriend, or otherwise crosses a line. The next thing you know, you’re both out in the […]

What You Should Do After Being Arrested for a Bar Fight In Baton Rouge

Unfortunately, sometimes the bar can become more of a wrestling ring than a watering hole. We’ve all seen the people who get belligerent when they drink, drawing those around them into their personal anger. Some of us have even been that person who is a little too tipsy for their own good. When things get […]

What to Do After You’ve Been Arrested for Public Intoxication

Students of LSU don’t have to search too hard for something fun to do. Whether it’s attending an LSU Tigers football game or partying with friends, the college experience is always in full swing. Unfortunately, sometimes students get a little carried away and end up behind bars for public drunkenness. Even though this is only […]


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