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For a defense attorney to be highly trusted in handling a DWI case in Claiborne Parish, experience, as well as, commitment is very necessary requirements. Located in Louisiana, Barkemeyer Law Firm is a highly renowned and reputable DWI defense law firm boasting more than 14 years of active service in helping clients in Homer and entire Louisiana handle cases of driving while intoxicated.

DWI offenses are highly frowned at in Louisiana and the consequences that come with breaking the law by driving under the influence are immense. As the best DWI attorney in Claiborne Parish, Mr. Barkemeyer takes pride in defending the rights of citizens that are involved in a DWI charge. It is clearly understood that being charged with a DWI offense does not necessarily point to the fact that you are guilty as charged. In the state of Louisiana, there are lots of responsible drinkers that get caught up in situations like this simply because they found themselves in the presence of alcohol.

In Louisiana, driving while intoxicated is seeing as an enhanceable offense. What this implies that if you are a second time offender, the punishment that will be meted out to you will be more severe than the punishments received by first-time offenders. At Barkemeyer Law Firm, we know how tough this situation can be because a lot of people get caught up in DWI issues multiple times unintentionally. This is the reason that we are dedicated to applying all our legal, as well as, technical defense strategies to help our esteemed clients in Claiborne Parish get a positive outcome.

Consequences of DWI in Homer, Louisiana

In Claiborne Parish, driving under the influence is highly frowned against. In fact, the punishments that are involved if you get charged with DWI is very severe and tough to bear. The law will come down hard on you. This is, especially, painful if you happen to not really be guilty but, yet, have no experienced DWI legal support to back up in a situation like this. First of all, you will have your driver’s license suspended. This implies that, subsequently, getting to your place of work will be a big challenge. Worse still, you stand the risk of losing your job since your record will be accessible to your employer, especially, if you bag jail time.

A criminal record is a stain that you really want to avoid no matter what and this is the reason that you need our Homer DWI lawyers to provide you with the best DWI attorneys to argue your case aggressively in court and turn the odds in your favor. The punishments for offenders who are caught by the officers driving under the influence include -.

    You will have all your driving privileges suspended in the state of Louisiana

    You will need to acquire the hardship license

    You will be imposed with fines and every single cost that is imposed by the courts will be on your head.

    The risk of having a hike in your insurance premiums

    Compulsory community service

    You might be asked to enroll in a program

    Compensation if there were any victims

    Be monitored at home strictly

As mentioned earlier, the worst-case scenario is getting sentenced to jail. Spending time in prison will automatically result in your having a bad reputation in Homer and entire Louisiana. This means that finding employment will pose great difficulty since your criminal record will be made public at all levels of government.

No two cases are ever the same with regards to DWI charges. Just as individuals differ, so do the facts differ too. Everything that has to do with getting stopped, getting tested and all the chemical tests that are involved will always yield varying information for different cases. Then again, our Homer DUI attorney understands that DWI offenders still have their personal lives which will be negatively affected if they get sent to jail. In developing the best strategies to adequately defend our clients, we put all of these vital pieces of information into consideration. Then again, our attorneys get into an in-depth conversation with the client to get to hear their side of the story. With this, we can get to build a winning strategy for your case that works perfectly for you.

Homer DWI Attorney

The penalty is that you get to face for driving under the influence in Homer or the entire Claiborne Parish will depend on what the facts are. However, regardless of whether you are a first time offender or multiple offenders, it is important that you get the best hands working for you and that is why Barkemeyer Law Firm is here in Louisiana. Protecting your reputation is highly paramount if you get charged for DWI.

Act now in order to save a livelihood. Enlisting the services of a renowned and highly reputable DWI defense attorney who has gained lots of valuable years in the defense of persons like you that have been charged for DWI. Barkemeyer Law Firm has a long history of defending lots of clients in Claiborne Parish that have been charged for driving while intoxicated at different levels. We have the best Homer DWI attorneys in Louisiana and the in-depth training and expertise that they possess ensure that we put up the best defense strategy to help you win in court.

You can get a free consultation today by simply reaching out to us. Were you involved in a driving under the influence charge? A free consultation is what you need and we are ready to provide it to you. Our commitment is centered on ensuring that we keep you out of jail in Claiborne Parish or wherever you are in Louisiana. Our defense attorneys are full of compassion for you and will never judge you. We know that everyone is prone to making mistakes and when you hire our Claiborne DUI lawyers, you’ll get to enjoy standardized fees and exceptional service.


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