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We provide legal representation to contractors who have been accused of crimes as well as licensing issues in Louisiana.  There are a variety of crimes that can be alleged against contractors relating to the business of residential and commercial contracting. Many of the charges carry harsh sentences as felonies.  Prosecutors take these charges very seriously since there is usually an angry victim involved who may feel that they have lost money.


Why Barkemeyer?

Mr. Barkemeyer has unique knowledge and understanding of criminal contractor cases because he has been a general contractor for years.  As the owner of his own construction company, he has completed many projects for customers including the building of new construction, remodels, and additions.  His company is licensed and insured for residential and commercial building.  He has also done subcontract work as well.  He was not a paper contractor. In fact, he grinded doing framing and trim carpentry, Hardie siding, flooring, drywall, tile work, or whatever needed to be done to keep the job progressing smoothly.

Because he has actually been in the trenches contracting with homeowners, he understands all the many issues that contractors face when contracting a job, most of which can only be learned by doing the work.  These are not issues learned by going to law school or reading law books. 


Common Contractor Crimes

The following are some of the crimes commonly charged regarding construction contracting operations:


Defenses to Contractor Crimes

We have handled contractor crimes for over a dozen years. Every case is different because every agreement between homeowner and contractor are different. The scope of work in the agreement and the work completed are always different. Also, the status of the contractor with the Board of Contractors is always important. We understand all the issues involved in defending contractors. Therefore, we know how to defend contractor cases on the facts, if plausible, as well as negotiate resolutions between all parties.

If you are a contractor in Louisiana and have been charged with a crime relating to contractors, feel free to contact us at 225-964-6720.

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