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Contributing To Child Delinquency in Louisiana

What Is Contributing To Child Delinquency?

The offense stated as “contributing to child delinquency” is clearly defined in Section 14:92.1 of the Louisiana Statutes. Basically, contributing to the delinquency of a child is when the offender commits a crime with a minor, which is a person under the age of 17. For instance, if the offender and the minor are together and they break into a vehicle to steal items from the vehicle. They could both get charged with auto burglary but the adult offender would also get charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

According to the Louisiana State laws, contributing to juvenile delinquency is the conscious or intentional aiding, enticing, soliciting or permitting by anybody who is above seventeen of a child under the age of seventeen.

As regards this, anyone who persuades or encourages a child to behave or live in a manner that makes the child be a delinquent or a dependent is guilty of contributing to child delinquency.

To prove that someone is guilty of the offense of contributing to child delinquency in Louisiana, the prosecution needs to establish any one of the following:

  • That the defendant intentionally, knowingly or consciously engaged in an act which aided, enticed and encouraged the child to become or remain a delinquent.
  • That the defendant acted upon threat or command to make the child perform his or her biddings and in the process caused the child to become a delinquent or remain a delinquent.

A delinquent act is a violation of the laws of the state and it could either be a misdemeanor or a felony which is punishable by law. Now, there are several juvenile delinquents in the states and each of them must have been found guilty of the following crimes:

  1. Begging, singing or playing musical instruments in a public place with the intention to receive alms from passers-by.
  2. Associating and getting in contact with vicious people or going to places where such people can be found.
  3. Going to places where beverages of alcohol content are sold or just given out.
  4. Associating with gamblers or frequenting areas where gambling occurs.
  5. Using inappropriate or vile language.
  6. Performing a sexually immoral act.
  7. Going away from home without the consent of parents and staying away from home. It could also be truancy.
  8. Violating the laws of the state he resides.
  9. Going to or visiting places where there is a display of sexual and inappropriate materials.

Note that for it to be termed “juvenile delinquency”, it has to be an act performed by a child of seventeen and below.

Penalties For Contributing To Child Delinquency

As earlier mentioned, every crime is punishable by law and contributing to child delinquency is not an exception. Every state has its rules guiding them on child delinquency. Same also does Louisiana have its rules.

Contributing to child delinquency in the state is seen as a first-degree misdemeanor. The penalty for such an act is usually a jail term of up to one year or 12 months of probation. There could be other penalties in addition to the jail or probation term such as fines, community service, court costs or any other thing suggested by the court.

Here are the Louisiana State penalties for contributing to child delinquency:

  • Whoever commits the offense or crime of contributing to child delinquency will be fined not more than 500 dollars or imprisoned for not more than 6 months. It could be both.
  • Whoever is charged & then convicted of contributing to child delinquency will be fined not more than one thousand dollars or imprisoned with or without hard labor for not more than two years or it could be both.

The thing is that there are different offenses under contributing to child delinquency under the state law and the jail term of each may differ. The court looks upon a case, notes the severity of the crime and acts upon it as stated by the law. Another thing is that the lack of knowledge of the juvenile’s age cannot be and is not a defense.

Defenses to Contributing To Child Delinquency

There are several defenses in place according to the Louisana state laws to contest charges of contributing to child delinquency. To prove that one is guilty of the offense, it should be clear that the offense was highly intentional and done knowingly. In this case, a complete defense to the charge could be a lack of knowledge.

Another defense mechanism is the lack of causation. Here, the actions of the accused may not be an induced or forced one that could encourage or coax the child to be delinquent. Conduct could be another defense. Whichever one it is, getting a good criminal defense lawyer should be the best decision the accused will make.

Lawyer for Contributing To Child Delinquency In Louisiana

If you have been accused of contributing to child delinquency in Louisiana, then you reach out to the Barkemeyer Law Firm to help you handle your case. Always bear in mind that a charge does not mean a conviction and so you have every right to follow up your case with a criminal defense attorney.

Mr. Barkemeyer has been helping clients in Louisiana with their cases and he can do a good job with you too. First things first, a good child delinquency lawyer will try to reduce your charges and also let his client know the severity of his offense. Your lawyer will help you with defenses to contest your charge. This is for your penalties to be reduced.

Reach out to us if you have a contributing to child delinquency case.


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