Crime Against Nature by Solicitation Lawyer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Louisiana is known all over the world for its laws and harsh penalties associated with it and that is the case for a crime against nature by solicitation. Crime against nature is taken as a serious criminal offense and other associated crimes related to it just as an aggravated crime against nature and crime against nature by solicitation are also handle accordingly especially if it has to do with a minor, child or trafficking amongst other things.

Crime against nature by solicitation under La RS 14:89.2 is considered a serious offense in the state of Louisiana and involves harsh penalties and fines to them especially if they include minors. Crime against nature involves having any form of intercourse excluding the one deemed natural such as penile to vaginal intercourse. Any other form of intercourse including animals and incest falls under this law. Although a few adjustments have been made from when the law came about, it still goes by the name and according to the statute, people found guilty of this kind of crime can be charged if they are going guilty of any of these crimes:

  • Crime against nature by solicitation is when a human being engages in copulation which is deemed unnatural by man or law and anyone doing guilty of this law shall be fined a total of not more than $500 and also be imprisoned from a total period of not more than 6 months.
  • Anyone who violates other related laws can also be fined nothing less than $250 and no amount more than $2,000. People found guilty can be imprisoned with hard labor or not for a total of not more than 2 years.
  • If the crime committed involves a person under the age of 18 years can be fined nothing more than $50,000 and also imprisoned for a period of nothing less than 15 years or more than 50 years. They can also be fined and imprisoned.
  • If the person being solicited for is below the age of 14 years, offenders would be fined a total of not more than $75,000 and/or be imprisoned for a total of not less than 25 years or more than 50 years which could include hard labor or not. There might not have a chance of parole or probation.

Getting a good lawyer would explain all this accurately to you. You might also want to understand that the lack of knowledge of the victim's age when the crime takes place shall not be used as a defense and as such, respectable lawyer would know this and not make use of it when representing you in the court of law. It shall also not be of defense if the offender suggests the victim consented to this action and that would be explained to you as well.

Other things that shall not be used for defense involves if the person being solicited is a law enforcement officer or if they are a peace officer who was acting on official obligations. All this makes it a lot more difficult to decide to defend yourself alone in court as you might not have enough knowledge of the law and as such would be completely incapable.

If the person being solicited for is discovered to being a victim of trafficking then they are assumed as victims and there shall be actions that would be taken for both the prosecutors and the defense. All these are well explained in the Louisiana jurisdiction and are handled accordingly.

Penalties of these crimes as you can see are very strict, which can make a person lose their jobs, make it harder for them to get a job, make them lose a scholarship and even lead to a divorce and dissociation of friends and family. This is why hiring a good criminal defense lawyer to defend you in court can help your sentence the best way possible that choosing to defend yourself or not going to court. The law allows a person, even an offender as well as a victim, the right of an attorney.


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The case of crime against nature by solicitation can be very tricky to handle and would require a good legal team with years of experience to give an accurate representation in court. This is why we here at Carl Barkemeyer would represent you the best way with our years of experience and knowledge.

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