do I need a lawyer if I'm caught shoplifting at Walmart in Louisiana?

Do I Need a Lawyer for Shoplifting at Walmart in Louisiana? 

Do I Need a Lawyer for Shoplifting at Walmart in Louisiana?

Are you wondering Do I need a lawyer if I’m caught shoplifting at Walmart in Louisiana? Walmart is a large target for shoplifting. There are many items that are shoplifted daily at Walmart. With that, Walmart does not take shoplifting lightly. This means that you will need a lawyer if you are facing shoplifting charges with Walmart

What is Shoplifting?

Shoplifting is where someone intentionally steals goods or items from Walmart without intention to pay. They may also try to take or conceal items in other ways. Any way that you would cause the company to lose money could be considered shoplifting. We will talk about a few types of shoplifting that occurs commonly at Walmart next. 

What happens If i'm caught shoplifting at Walmart
What happens If i’m caught shoplifting at Walmart

Types of Shoplifting Charges And Considerations To Be Aware Of

There are many types of shoplifting charges that can occur. Some people may not even realize that what they are doing is considered shoplifting. Here are a few examples of shoplifting from Walmart. 

You Have Intent 

When you walk into Walmart with the intent to shoplift, you are going to be charged. However, intent to shoplift is hard to prove in courts. 


Many people will put an expensive item in a less-expensive box. They are paying for something, but they are not paying the correct amount. This is considered shoplifting. Keep in mind that this may also include putting many small items into a larger container and only paying for the large container. 

Moving Items 

If you are utilizing an item such as a soda and you drink it and put it back on the shelf somewhere else, you are shoplifting. Many places advise that you do not open packages or items until they are paid for because of this reason. If you must take a drink or consume something in the store, make sure you bring the empty container to pay for it.

Price Tag Alterations 

This is where you take a cheaper item and put the tag on the more expensive item. For example, you want Ribeye Steaks for dinner, and you cannot afford it. You decide to punch in the number for bananas. This means that you will pay less for the steak than it is marked for. This is also considered shoplifting. 

How Shoplifters Are Caught At Walmart

Shoplifters are caught in many ways. Walmart does not mess around when it comes to loss of items and money. Unbelievably, Walmart has high-tech security systems in place to avoid shoplifting. We are going to talk about a few ways that Walmart enhances security to catch shoplifters. 


These wraps are known as spider wraps. They will be added to an item that has a high price tag. You can expect to see these on televisions, computers, and more. These are the items that will make the detectors go off when you leave the store. Leaving you, caught red-handed. 


This allows Walmart to monitor busy aisles and aisles that theft is commonly occurring in. The doors, registers, and main aisles will have CCTV cameras

Asset Protection

These are the people who will sit at the door and check receipts. This is especially true if you are not bagging items. They will be able to determine if you have paid for all items in the cart or not. 

Customer Service 

While an associate may come and ask if you need help, they are watching you closely because you are acting suspicious. They will report you or any issues to loss prevention. 

Police Involvement With Walmart Shoplifting

While you may think you have stolen from Walmart, you are going to get caught. As you can see, Walmart has many ways to catch you. The police will become involved if Walmart has seen you shoplift and you were approached by loss prevention and ran. You will also be expecting a visit from police if you are on camera shoplifting and have left the store. 

Keep in mind that shoplifting can be a felony charge if enough goods or items were stolen. Therefore, you must hire a lawyer for shoplifting charges regarding Walmart. 

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer for Your Case 

You will need a lawyer for your shoplifting case. This is because Walmart has a policy, and they are going to peruse you to the full extent. Having an educated and experienced lawyer by your side can help reduce sentencing and punishment. 

You should ensure that your lawyer has experience dealing with shoplifting cases regarding Walmart. If you need to hire a lawyer, contact Barkemeyer Law Firm. They have experienced defense lawyers that can help ensure that all the grey areas are covered. While it can be a black and white case, there are grey areas that a lawyer can help you with. Take the time to find the best defense today and contact us for a consultation! 

You should now know the answer to your question: Do I need a lawyer if I’m caught shoplifting at Walmart in Louisiana?


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