A Drug attorney can fight your case if you are arrested for any charges related to various drugs. In Louisiana people generally get arrested for possessing legend drugs. They then contact a drug attorney who helps them by defending them in court. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), some drugs can be dispensed to the public. However, these drugs are required to have a “legend drug” that prohibits the sale of the drugs without prescription from a valid doctor. That means if you buy or sell these drugs you’ll be arrested.

legend drug is also known as a prescription drug. Legend drugs are those drugs that can only be dispensed to the general public by a licensed physician. Hence it is a crime to possess a legend drug without a prescription from a licensed doctor. You can end up in jail for simply possessing a legend drug. Hence it is very important to understand what these legend drugs are and the laws surrounding them. If you get arrested with a legend drug case, immediately hire a drug attorney to defend yourself. 

Remember dentists and medical practitioners can prescribe you a legend drug. But medical assistants, nurses midwives, and psychologists have no authority to do the same.

Legend Drug Charges:

There are a number of charges that are related to legend drugs and you’ll need to hire a drug attorney if you get charged with any one of them. Remember people are punished severely for possessing legend drugs in Louisiana. Here are some examples of prescription drug charges that can get you arrested:


  •    Possessing a legend drug with no prescription.
  •    Selling a legend drug without a prescription.
  •   Using a fake prescription to obtain a legend drug.
  •   Selling and distributing legend drugs without a prescription.
  •    Writing a prescription as a non-licensed doctor or physician.
  •    A licensed physician writing a prescription to someone who does not need it.

What to do if Charged with Possession of a Legend Drug?

Remember if you are arrested in Louisiana for possessing legend drugs you’ll be fined as well as imprisonment. You can also be arrested if you forged a prescription to try to get the legend drugs illegally. You can also be arrested if as a doctor you prescribe drugs to a person who does not need it. If you ever get arrested as a physician or doctor for a legend drug case, make sure you hire a drug attorney. A physician and doctor can easily be charged with a felony that will result in harsh punishment. Hence it’s recommended hiring a drug attorney.

There are a lot of people who end up in possession of legend drugs because of the carelessness of the owner. Such people are unaware of any legend drug charges. They bewildered for getting arrested over medicinal drugs. Such people also take it easy and try to defend themselves on their own in court. This is a bad idea. You’ll need to get help from a drug attorney in any case.

A competent drug attorney like Carl Barkemeyer will defend you in court and come up with a strategy to prove you totally blameless. Immediately contact Carl Barkemeyer if you are ever charged with a legend drug case in Louisiana.




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